Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 26
Bayan, 57 minutes
6th April, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 26

After making the universe, Allah ta'ala gave the kalimah as a gift to us. The greatest human beings are those who accepted the kalimah and the Prophet ﷺ. We should be thankful of this blessing of Imaan.

Anything connected to the Prophet ﷺ will not end. Rather, Allah ta'ala will spread it and elevate his name. Allah ta'ala has protected the Quran from alteration until Qiyamah. His Sunnah has been kept existent and protected until Qiyamah. His Sunnah is everlasting and the one who implements it is also everlasting.

When the Shariah of the previous Prophets ended, the Shariah of the Prophet ﷺ remained and his actions are everlasting.

An incomplete believer has incomplete worship because every act of worship is connected to his faith. His faith is incomplete hence, his worship is incomplete. Every individual should be wary of completing his worship without deficiencies. Only when our faith is complete, our actions will become completed.

Faith is developing fear and concern that we will be held accountable to Allah ta'ala in the Hereafter for our actions.

How is faith completed?
Light is what completes things. When there is light within your faith and your worship, then it will be accepted.

Nabi ﷺ supplicated to Allah ta'ala for light in his limbs and body although he was the guidance and source of light. He did this to teach the nation to also supplicate for this. If our faith isn't illuminated, then our actions will be in darkness which means they are incorrect and it will lead us towards wrongdoing and sins. This is a sign that we have faith but we have no light in our faith.

اللّهُـمَّ اجْعَـلْ فِي قَلْبـي نُوراً ، وَفي لِسَـانِي نُوراً، وَفِي سَمْعِي نُوراً, وَفِي بَصَرِيِ نُوراً...
"O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light.." [Tirmidhi Shareef]

A believer should be a complete example of light. We should recite this dua in the morning so that we can spend the rest of the day with proper Imaan. This is complete faith.

Whenever we lack in our actions, for example, we recite the Quran but fail to act upon it, or if we fail to benefit from our worship, then it is a sign that our faith has no light of guidance within it.

Hadhrat Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه narrated that a person has no good attributes within him if he has no light of faith within him.

Love is what demonstrates our faith. The light of Imaan is love. Whoever does not possess love, does not possess the light of faith.

Faith and love draws others closer to a person and does not distance others from him. The sign of complete faith in a person is that others love him and he loves other people.

Islam is the religion of peace, so we should demonstrate peace. Nowadays, we are devoid of peace and a guiding light which shows us right from wrong. If we had concern for others, our society would become excellent.

Hadhrat Anas رضي الله عنه mentioned that a person cannot be a true believer until he loves for others what he loves for himself. This is a sign of faith. What you dislike for yourself, you should dislike for others. For example, you should avoid swearing and oppressing others as you would dislike someone oppressing you. If you oppress others, it means that you are devoid of the light of faith. With such faith, we cannot attain forgiveness.

There will be intense darkness on the day of Qiyamah, but those who had enlightened faith, will guide others with their light. The greater the light of faith, the more light to guide others. We should have so much light that we become illuminated on the day of Qiyamah and become successful.

We must take full advantage of our faith. In this way, we may benefit and give others benefit too.

When your faith is illuminated, it makes you a brilliant peaceful individual. If you have no light of faith, you'll beg from others and you'll become shameless.

A believer is a pillar of love. He should love his relatives and also strangers. He should feed others before eating himself. Such were the examples of the pious predecessors.

All the students who arrive to the Khankah are patients who have come to seek a cure. The Sheikh addresses the patients and he treats his students equally. However, he gives more priority to the sinful people. He fulfils the desire of his students without complaints. This is an example of love and light of faith. This is a sign of a kaamil Sheikh.

The kaamil Wali Allah doesn't show his miracles and visions. Rather, he hides his high rank out of modesty and Allah ta'ala hides his reality.

We should love everyone and even those who are not related to us. If we favour someone then, we shouldn’t expect them to repay us. Our heart should be so tender due to the light of our faith. We should not be able to rest until we assist a Muslim in need.

Unfortunately, we use Islam in the wrong way to promote our advances. Peace refers to regard, compassion, love and concern towards each other and not trampling over the rights of others. This is the definition of Islam. The Prophet ﷺ treated everyone so well. He even treated the prisoners fairly and made excuses to release them.

Allah ta'ala has given us faith and we have abused and exploited our faith. We will soon face punishments on Qiyamah for this. We should stand for the truth and not oppress our own people and imprison them.

Sins are what diminish the light from our faith. The more we save our self from sins, the more our light is strengthened and we become a bulb of light like the Awliyah Allah.

Faith is connected to nearness of Allah ta'ala. There's no limit to faith and no limit to Allah ta'ala's nearness. With faith, we must attain Allah ta'ala's nearness.

Imam Shafiee Rahmatullahi alayh complained to his teacher regarding his weak memory. His teacher responded with a poem mentioning that knowledge is light and this light emerged from the Prophet ﷺ. Light and darkness cannot be mixed. The light of knowledge can not enter a person whilst he possesses the darkness of sins. Sins take away the light away of our worship and causes us to commit wrongdoing.

If we protect ourselves from sins, all our issues will be solved. We will become practicing scholars and Huffadh which we are in need of today.

The biggest evil today is the sin of the eyes which is widespread today. It destroys the light of a persons faith to the extent that when he dies, he will pass away with disbelief. Even a woman in niqab should lower her gaze. One who controls his gaze, will have complete faith and he will taste the sweetness of faith.

If we desire the light of faith, we must stop sinning. Even if we fulfil the Faraaidh without implementing any voluntary actions and we save ourselves from sins alongside, we will rise as a Wali Allah.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
7th Apr, 2024