Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 23
Bayan, 62 minutes
3rd April, 2024

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Kind request for summery for episode 22...jzk khair
5th Apr, 2024
Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 23

When a person acknowledges his sins in the court of Allah ta'ala, then a light is developed within him and it allows him to submit to his Lord.

We are at fault and we are disobedient, but Allah ta'ala loves the one who seeks His forgiveness. Thus, one should keep submitting to Allah ta'ala and seek His forgiveness. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala opens the doors of mercy and He distributes the reward.

A person amasses Allah ta'ala's rewards on selected nights of Ramadan. No other nation were rewarded with these ten nights. We should be alert in these last ten days and strive to receive the reward. We should focus on all odd nights and not just the twenty seventh night.

There was a pious man called Sham'un Gazi from Bani Israeel. He made effort on the path of Allah ta'ala for one thousand years and he continuously fought in Allah ta'ala's path. When the noble Sahabah heard about his story, they began to cry saying, "He must've worshipped for one thousand years!?" When the Sahabah became upset, Allah ta'ala revealed the verse of Surah Qadr.

This concern of the Sahabah has given us enjoyment today, for this night is better than a thousand months for earning the Hereafter.

The Sahabah had no other desire in their heart besides the Hereafter and this was developed by their teacher. They were reformed in such a way that they saw no benefit besides the Hereafter.
Allah ta'ala has created the system to attain such a desire and that is to adopt the company of the Sheikh to get rid of the sins and love of the world.

One's actions demonstrate his love for the world. He earns the wealth and can never have enough of it. He has greed for the world up until he reaches his grave. To extract this love, we must visit the deputies of the Prophets. We must create the desire to seek them and make effort to travel. We should seek them with the intention of the Hereafter.

A person cannot attain the closeness of Allah ta'ala and attain the Hereafter until the love of the world has been removed from him. With this sole objective, a person should visit his Sheikh.

Nabi ﷺ provided the best development for the noble Sahabah. The first effect of Tazkiyah upon the Sahabah was that they loved poverty and simplicity. They loved voluntary fasting. They had no desires. If a person has no desires, he will not chase after the world.

When you visit a Wali Allah, you should first develop the genuine desire and then request to have the love of the world removed from you.

We must study, work and earn to raise our family. It is not prohibited to adopt the means to live in this world. At the same time, we must extract the love for the world from our hearts. We shouldn’t have the desperateness of the world within us.

If you extract the poison from a snake, it becomes useless. In the same way, when the poison of the world is removed from a person's heart, then a man wanders around the world and the world does not affect him. The wali Allah doesn't prohibit working, he simply extracts the poison of the world.

When the poison is removed, you wont chase the world. You will only seek to fulfil your needs. In this way you wont lie or commit fraud. You wont chase unlawful things. You wont be depressed due to your worldly affairs. You will be given a great reward in return and that is reliance upon Allah ta'ala. Furthermore, you will be satisfied with whatever Allah ta'ala grants you.

The greatest thing the Awliyah Allah possess is trust in Him. They teach you that Allah ta'ala will certainly deliver your sustenance to you.

One does not become great due to his voluntary worship. Rather, it comes down to how much of the world he has abandoned. He will be successful once he removes the world from within him.

This is the high class development which the Prophet ﷺ performed. A man who removes the poison of the world within him, is recognised by everything in the world. Even the animals submit to him.

When you go to a Wali Allah, then be careful because he can reads your intentions. Allah ta'ala has given him insight.

The biggest desire of a Sheikh is to protect his student from the hellfire. This was the same desire of the Prophet ﷺ for his Sahabah - that they are given a high status and they don't fall into danger.

When you want to become pious, then become cautious of your company. If you adopt bad company, you’ll never be successful. You should distance yourself from the wrong people, otherwise your emphasis will be upon the world. You should take hold of good company and befriend those who have removed the poison of the world within them and they are working hard.

Unfortunately, we have no regard for these odd nights and have no idea when laylatul qadr is, yet we desire Paradise. We think that we will succeed through our worship. In reality, every night is laylatul qadr.

We should weep and have certainty that we will attain this night. Allah ta'ala gives to those who have certainty and those who yearn for it.

There are two things which you should perform during this night. Adopt proper seclusion and engage in dhikr. Remove the poison of the world and Allah ta'ala will grant you laylatul qadr.

When you spend your night in such a way, then Allah ta'ala grants you the Quran which rectifies and improves you. Allah ta'ala rewards us on this night.

We should engage in dhikr during this night and ask for nothing as Allah ta'ala is going to grant us anyway during this night.

We tend to ask for worldly things from Allah ta'ala. Rather, we should ask Allah ta'ala in the way that we should ask and He will grant us.

We should be concerned over the oppression we have committed against ourselves. We should be desperate and humble in front of Allah ta'ala. Then, seek forgiveness from Allah ta'ala through the means of a Sheikh.

We should ask Allah ta'ala for that thing which He desires to grant us as He knows best what we are in need of.

If Allah ta'ala has placed a partner in your destiny, then accept her without complaining about her appearance otherwise, decades will pass and you will still be searching for the beauty you're looking for.

Itsitkhara is to be happy with Allah ta'ala's choice. We perform Istikhara and then complain about our partners outward defects. What's the point of istikhara if you're not happy in the first place?

We should live our lives according to Allah ta'alas choice. We should not supplicate based upon our own choices, otherwise there's no point of supplication. This is the night of receiving from Allah ta'ala. It is not the night to ask.

This night is not connected to finishing the Quran. Finishing the Quran has its own glory and laylatul qadr has its own glory.

Sit in seclusion even if it is for one hour and ask Allah ta'ala to remove the world from your heart. Have no thought apart from this. Make dua to Allah ta'ala saying, "Oh Allah, grant me less and make me Yours." Supplicate from the bottom of your heart.

If you've been granted this, then you will have attained laylatul qadr. Layatul qadr is a night of reward wherein fortunes will change.

Present a clean heart to Allah ta'ala as He isn't in need our worship. The one who has a pure heart has no sins attached to him and he will have no delay in being granted. He will be given Paradise.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
4th Apr, 2024