Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 22
Bayan, 51 minutes
2nd April, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 22

Taqwa is attained when a person rejects sins and fulfils Allah ta'ala's orders completely. Allah ta'ala does not oppress us and He knows that we have the capacity to leave sin.

Unfortunately, we consider practicing deen to be difficult, but we are courageous in exhausting all means to achieve our worldly targets and gains. We take the biggest risk to achieve more, however, we struggle to fight our desires and Shaytan.

If we are failing to meet our targets pertaining to Deen, it is because we are co-operating with the criminality of our desires and we obey our desires. Whatever Allah ta'ala orders us to do, we are certainly able to fulfil that order. This is because Allah ta'ala has created us and understands our capacity just like manufactures understand the function of their products.

In reality, difficulty in practicing deen is due to Shaytan's delusion and consequently, a person travels the path of destruction.

In fact, we are highly capable individuals and it is not impossible for us to practice. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible. The one who considers it impossible, is need of destroying Shaytan's influence and his desires.

When a human being reaches a high level, even the angels become ashamed in his company.

Nabi ﷺ mentioned,

فسددوا وقاربوا

"..So, follow a middle course (in worship); if you can't do this, do something near to it..." [Bukhari Shareef]

Allah ta'ala gave us Ramadan to prove our capabilities. We are able to achieve so much in Ramadan, so it shows that we are capable. Thus, we will be given severe punishments for making excuses not to practice the Deen. We are all able to practice and it is in our control, so we shouldn’t say, "I can't leave sin and I can't pray Tahajjud." Rather, we should make a plan of how to fulfil these actions.

It may be difficult, but we should at least initiate the act and Ramadan teaches us this mind-set. Whoever makes a start, he will leave Ramadan as a Muttaqi. He will attain a certain level of Taqwa as he has embarked on that journey even though he may have found it difficult.

Each of us celebrates Eid and are rewarded which is why we are happy. Ramadan gives us encouragement that we should at least make a start on all those actions which Allah ta'ala has commanded us to. If you deem it difficult and fail to initiate it, then you'll always struggle to perform that action.

Whenever you are faced with a difficult action regarding deen, you should initiate it with the trust of Allah ta'ala and eventually, it will become completed.

For example, if a person wants to attend the dhikr gathering but doesn't feel like it, if he pushes himself to perform wudu anyway, he eventually attends the gathering and it is made easy for him to attend. Thereafter, he won't desire to leave the gathering. On the other hand, if we give in to our desires, then we will regret the lost opportunities.

Allah ta'ala hasn’t made anything difficult for us. It is our desires which make actions difficult. Allah ta'ala grants us enjoyment through our worship to the extent that we don't desire to eat anything whilst we are fasting.

When a person makes an intention and pushes himself to take the first step and he attends the dhikr gathering, then he becomes a Wali Allah and will be given a high rank in the Hereafter.

Allah ta'ala has given the reward for initiating, so we should maintain our practice and keep moving. We shouldn’t give up. A person does not reach the heights and become a Muttaqi in one day, so we must keep striving to meet our target.

There is nothing easier than deen. We find it hard only because we follow our desires. This causes us to break Allah ta'ala's commands. As a result, He will punish us and this punishment will never cease.

It is better that we begin practicing now, instead of making excuses, obeying our desires and accepting the punishments of the Hereafter. We should make a firm commitment of leaving sin and advancing towards good. This is how Ramadan is developing us.

Allah ta'ala has given us the Prophet ﷺ as a role model. We should emulate his ways. It may be difficult to follow him, but it is certainly possible wherever we may be in the world. We are expected to crush our desires in the earth and we will be given Paradise in return.

If we consider the difficult aspects of an action, our desires will never enable us to fulfil it. Instead, we should look for a solution in attaining our destination. Whenever we are in two minds about fulfilling a good deed, we must overcome the negative whispers of Shaytan which prevents us.

We should protect ourselves from evil environments, lest we also fall into evil. We should avoid the hurdles which prevent us from entering Paradise. Our desires will consider it fine, but we should crush our desires by not advancing towards those places. Negative whispers are hurdles and will prevent us from attaining Paradise.

We should have hope that it is totally possible to shun the bad, abandon sins, acquire lawful earnings and become a pious person.

If we make a little bit of an effort, Allah ta'ala begins to travel with us on that journey and He assists us on this path. Our duty is to have courage and determination and not to give up by thinking that is difficult.

We will definitely commit sins in this world, so we will never be pious and pure always. Our desires will always try to drown us. However, we should never lose hope and complain. We should always think about the positives and focus on our destination ahead instead of looking back at what we have left behind.

We should place our target in front of us and know that Allah ta'ala has made Paradise for us. It is certainly possible to attain it!

Allah ta'ala has given us the help to achieve success. The first step to attain success is repentance. We should not repent with the intention of becoming a Muttaqi. Many people do not repent as they will have to give up sins.

In reality, even after a person repents, he will sin because it is in his natural disposition to do so, but the meaning of repentance is to try and Allah ta'ala's mercy will save you. You should try and then leave the rest to Allah ta'ala. If you die in such a state, Allah ta'ala will do everything in your favour. It is our duty to repent and it is Allah ta'ala's duty to help us and give us the shortcut.

Never think that repentance makes you closer to Allah ta'ala and makes you His beloved. Repentance doesn’t make you a Wali Allah. Rather, repentance purifies you.

Allah ta'ala gives us the means of attaining His nearness and that is the company of the Sheikh. Repentance is what purifies you and the company of the Sheikh is what grants you Allah ta'ala's nearness and success. Allah ta'ala delivers you to the company of his Sheikh and this is Allah ta'ala's assistance due to our intentions.

When we meet the Sheikh, the path lights up and the destination becomes clear. The direction of the wind changes and one's life is transformed.

Allah ta'ala has given us the company of the Sheikh so we must make a connection and immerse our self in his company.

Our target is to achieve Allah ta'ala's pleasure and we have the capacity to achieve this. We should do everything in life for the sake of attaining His pleasure and we will only achieve this status once we immerse our self in the company of our Sheikh and assign ourselves to him.

We should encourage our families to take Bay'ah. We must repent through our Sheikh and immerse ourselves in his company by fighting with our desires.

When we fight with our desires and we follow the journey to our destination, then the deen will always become victorious and we will never lose that battle.

We should continuously clash with our desires and we will certainly win.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
5th Apr, 2024
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5th Apr, 2024