Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 19
Bayan, 49 minutes
30th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 19

When Allah ta'ala says, "Oh you who believe," then it refers to those people who have bought faith in Him solely. They shun all other deities besides Allah ta'ala and reject everything beside Him. They acknowledge that He is the one in control and He is the one who created us. They hold trust in Him and know that He is the provider of wealth. These are the qualities of the believers and this is faith which Allah ta'ala has defined in the Quran.

The believers bow down to Allah ta'ala. They request from Allah ta'ala and rely upon Him. If they make mistakes, they seek forgiveness from Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala is so merciful that when a person sins, He looks at His mercy and not the servants sins as He loves it when a servant accepts his mistakes. Thus, Allah ta'ala elevates his faith to a high status.

We have been given the ability to repent, yet we still fail to repent. When Allah ta'ala addresses the believers, then it is good news for them. He informs them that He will test them and they should bear these tests with patience. We should not lose hope and give up on this journey as we have Allah ta'ala's support. There is nothing to be worried about.

The formula of a peaceful life is to strengthen your relationship with Allah ta'ala and live your life in a good way. If your connection with Allah ta'ala breaks through your sins, then you should reconnect. You should seek forgiveness as soon as you make a mistake so there is no gap in between. This is the method of life we should follow and we will receive Paradise.

Allah ta'ala didn't ask us to become a Muttaqi. He commanded us to be sinful people who constantly repent to Him. Despite our sinning, we will enter Paradise due to our certainty and belief that Allah ta'ala will forgive us.

Allah ta'ala expects us to be sinful slaves. Even if we sin, we will be purified through Hellfire and then entered into Paradise eventually as we are believers.

Paradise is for the believers but it is up to us which level we chose. We can either chose the highest level which is the nearness to the Prophets or the nearness to the Awliyah Allah, or the nearness to the noble companions.

Whilst we are in the world, we must work hard to strengthen our nearness with Allah ta'ala.

The easiest way to gain a high class Paradise is to take the hand of a person who is already high class. We should take his guidance and techniques and adopt his company. By taking his hand, Allah ta'ala will instil love in your heart for him.

You should work hard to form a strong connection with your teacher so that you may benefit. This is the path of guidance which Allah ta'ala has formulated to attain the ranks in the Hereafter. The way to Paradise is developing faith and the way to elevate faith is to have manners for the teacher.

If Allah ta'ala has allowed you to take the hand of a Sheikh, then it is a massive favour from Allah ta'ala. You should use this means at your disposal to elevate your ranks in Paradise.

We become complacent with the Faraaid. We belittle the Sunnah and forget that whoever practices the Sunnah, will be with the Prophet ﷺ in Paradise. These are the deeds which we should focus on and in the Hereafter, we will see the value of the Sunnah.

We should ask ourselves the question - Do I want to please my desires or the Prophet ﷺ?

It is necessary to adopt a Sheikh. By taking the hand of the teacher with love, it revives your deen and your passion. The love and connection you have with your teacher in this world, will be multiplied in the Hereafter. The one who takes the guidance from his teacher, will be with him in a higher Paradise.

Allah ta'ala rewards us for every good deed. The more righteous deeds we perform, the higher we will ascend in status. When a person implements voluntary worship, then he becomes closer to Allah ta'ala. Those who work hard, are elevating their ranks in the Hereafter.

My Hadhrat Sheikh used to say, "Why are you dying for the money which will perish in this world? You should give your life for those things which are alive and will make you alive in the Hereafter." We should work hard to implement those deeds which will grant us rewards in the Hereafter.

The practices of the Sunnah are the greatest practice in the world because the Prophet ﷺ has the highest level in the Hereafter. Thus, if we try to emulate him, then we are working the hardest. The highest status of the greatest Wali Allah, is he who practices the most Sunnah in his lifetime. If he is immersed in practicing the Sunnah, then we should follow that person.

The easy route to Paradise is to take hold of the Prophet ﷺ's lifestyle. You will be superior to everyone else and you will be successful. Following the Sunnah doesn’t require much effort or pain as it is the path of love for the Prophet ﷺ. You are travelling on this path with love and enjoyment so there is no anxiety or pressure. People may mock you, but you will enjoy it, as you are proud of practicing his lifestyle.

When you ask Allah ta'ala for nearness to the Prophet ﷺ, then you are actually seeking to emulate him so that you can become closer to him ﷺ and in turn, closer to Allah ta'ala.

We should abandon the world and take hold of the Sunnah with love, desire and without complaints. When we implement a Sunnah, we should thank Allah ta'ala for allowing us to practice it through His mercy. We should hold on to the Sunnah firmly and be bold in our target and have a high aim. In this manner, even the angels will be envious of you.

Nabi ﷺ said to his noble Sahabah, "Whoever adheres to my Sunnah during the corruption of my Ummah, will gain the reward of one hundred martyrs." [Al-Bayhaqi]

The Sahabah asked about this corruption and Nabi ﷺ explained that the greatest corruption is that the people will seek to destroy the deen from the blessed lands through which a person should be attaining ranks. They will desire status in the world and to construct tall buildings. They will desire assets and wealth and worldly status. They have concern over the world and their worry for the Hereafter will diminish. They compete in wrongdoing with others. There will be no sign of the Sunnah and the deen through which a person may attain Allah ta'ala's nearness and forgiveness. They will abandon the Sunnah practices over fear of their status and position being jeopardised. They will mock those who are practicing and will not dare to advise someone regarding deen. The one who rejects and criticises the deen, will be considered the most intellectual person. They will openly speak against the Sunnah and people will consider them the most knowledgeable of the Quran and Ahadith. They will present excuses to justify abandoning the Sunnah and they will have millions of followers. This is the generation we are living in today.

The earth will curse such people and it will seek refuge from Allah ta'ala for such people to be destroyed. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala will send Imam Mahdi عليه السلام to the world to combat the corruption of Dajjaal.

The corruption will be severe which has been generated in the hearts for quite some time. The evil forces in our heart which prevent us from practicing the Sunnah are from the corruption of Dajjaal.

Dajjaal will be the enemy of those who imitate the Prophet ﷺ. Dajjaal's mission will be to eliminate the Sunnah but there will be no one practicing the Sunnah at the time.

The effects of our heart prevent us from implementing. They make us go towards immodesty and unlawful things. This corruption of Dajjaal is enabling us to transgress the limits of Allah ta'ala and abandon prayers. Dajjaal is overwhelming us and this corruption is gradually penetrating within us. Imagine how much corruption there will be when Dajjaal actually comes!

We should seek protection from Dajjaal to eliminate his effects after every prayer as Nabi ﷺ prescribed.

The solution is that we should not abandon the Sunnah practices, otherwise the corruption of Dajjaal will penetrate within us and within our generations. Thus, this imamah and this beard will protect you. This niqab and purdah will save you, otherwise, you wont be able to save yourselves from these fitna.

We should make an intention to save ourselves from this corruption through emulating the Sunnah.

Whoever has certainty on this path, then consider that the fitna has not really penetrated his heart. He has accepted the message and accepted the Sunnah. The more the corruption penetrates his heart, the more he will flee from the Sunnah.

We should read about the Sunnah, learn the Ahadith and teach our children. We should implement with the intention to save ourselves from this big corruption which has already penetrated us. If it penetrates us further, it will make us disbelievers, hypocrites and open sinners. It will make us rejecters of Ahadith and disrespectful of the Prophet ﷺ.

If we wish to attain the status of the Messengers, the Truthful and the Martyrs, then we should take hold of their actions and if we cannot practice, then we should seek the company of the pious people.

If we are not able to worship and be pious like our Sheikh, then we should at least have love for him. We should take hold of his company and we will arrive to his destination.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
31st Mar, 2024
31st Mar, 2024