Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 16
Bayan, 57 minutes
27th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 16

Allah ta'ala has immense love for His servants despite their sins. His mercy descends to the lowest heavens and Allah ta'ala calls out to His servants every day in the middle of the night so that we can be saved from Hellfire. Sadly, we have sealed our ears from the announcement of Allah ta'ala. 

Tahajjud time is very beneficial so those who seek forgiveness at this time are very fortunate. They have answered Allah ta'ala's call of love and this is why Tahajjud prayer has a lot of virtues.

My Hadhrat Sahib used to say, "Even if you rise and remain in your bed, you should close your eyes and recite 'SubhaanAllah wa-alhamdulillah wa laa ilaha illallahu wallahu akbar', ten times and thereafter, recite durood shareef and seek forgiveness. Allah ta'ala will forgive you and include you amongst the observers of Tahajjud.

Allah ta'ala wakes you up in the middle of the night through His Mercy, in order to save you from Hellfire. The value of this time is not related to the prayer. Rather, the greatest worship at this time is to seek His forgiveness.

Allah ta'ala has prescribed our daily schedule - when to worship and when to sleep and if we stick to it, we will be given blessings in our earnings and in our work.

Only when we perform those actions during the times they were prescribed for, we will attain success.

We should try our best to perform every action according to the Sunnah because every deed performed in such a way, makes a person beloved to Allah ta'ala and His Rasul ﷺ. There is no other action besides this for which a person will be rewarded immediately. Moreover, we are complete human beings once we live in accordance to the Sunnah.

This is a month of love. Allah ta'ala has given us this month so that we can attain His nearness. He gives us chances to become closer to Him.

We should adopt good habits and leave sins, even if we think we won't remain steadfast after Ramadan. In this way, we will attain Ramadan and have left our sins temporarily. Likewise, we should perform sincere repentance during Ramadan even if we believe we are not able to sustain it afterwards. In this way, at least we have valued this month which Allah ta'ala gave to us. Whoever tries to improve now, Allah ta'ala will enable him to practice after Ramadan as well.

Allah ta'ala has filled Ramadan with good deeds in order to allow the servants to come close to Him. This is how much He loves us.  He has given us treasures and gifts and the objective is that we focus on Him and draw closer to Him.

We complain that it is difficult to leave sins, but we should at least have love within us. Allah ta'ala has created this month so that we can attain His love. It wasn't given to us for worship. Rather, we must demonstrate our love for Allah ta'ala. He has gifted us faith, so we must demonstrate our faith and this is our love for Him. We must implement this faith.

Supplication is the greatest action and the soul of Ramadan. When a person engages in supplication in normal circumstances, then three doors are opened up for him. The doors of mercy, divine response and Paradise. Whoever has not supplicated, has not performed anything.

Supplication is a sign of love, faith and certainty. We believe in the unseen and our faith attests to it when we supplicate to Allah ta'ala. What a great testimony of faith that a person supplicates to Allah ta'ala whilst He does not see Him! This is a sign of a person's faith and certainty and this action is very beloved to Allah ta'ala.

When a person supplicates, he becomes close to Allah ta'ala and Allah ta'ala certainly responds to his supplication. Although the servant is sinful, this act proves his faith in the sight of Allah ta'ala. 

We are stingy with supplication and the root of our distress, is our lack of supplication. Allah ta'ala becomes unhappy with a person who doesn't supplicate to Him due to his lack of faith in Allah ta'ala. If he had true certainty, he would turn to Allah ta'ala in times of distress. Those who have true certainty, turn to no one else besides Allah ta'ala and they have belief that Allah ta'ala is present.

We face distress and difficulties due to our lack of supplication. It cannot be possible that a person supplicates to Allah ta'ala continuously and he falls into difficulty or becomes disobedient, abandons prayers and falls into Haraam. Those who do not supplicate, disobey Allah ta'ala and pride is developed within them.

Nearness is attained via supplication because supplication defines a person's certainty in Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala does not like it when His servant diverts his attention from Him even for a second. Allah ta'ala is our creator and has the most Hayaa. He does not like it when we submit to others. He expects us to turn to Him even when our shoelace breaks, so that He can replace it. He doesn't like it when His servants turn elsewhere.

Allah ta'ala showers His mercy upon the one who supplicates. We should supplicate at all times even if our hands aren't raised. We should ask from Allah ta'ala in Arabic even within our prayers.

Nabi ﷺ asked Allah ta'ala for everything within his supplication and he has demonstrated this. We should ask Allah ta'ala for safety within our sujood and not rise hastily from it. If one prostrates in tahajjud prayer with tears and seeking forgiveness, then Allah ta'ala will certainly accept.

Those who do not supplicate, are full of pride and drowned in sickness. They have lost hope as Shaytan has made them despondent. This is the challenge we must fight. Our certainty should be such, that we believe that Allah ta'ala will certainly grant us. Thus, we should keep beseeching Allah ta'ala without questioning when He will grant us.

Allah ta'ala enjoys it when His beloved keeps asking from Him. If He was to grant us immediately and solve our problems, we may not come back to Him, so, through delay in granting, He has kept a person close to Him. Eventually, Allah ta'ala will grant a person in abundance due to his constant supplications.

Some people will have their requests answered in the Hereafter and not in this world. In the Hereafter, we will wish some of our supplications were not accepted in this world  due to what Allah ta'ala has in store for us there.

We supplicate, but we give up very easily. We want quick solutions to our problems, although we should remain beseeching Allah ta'ala with patience.

We should recite Surah Yasin if we wish to get married and we shouldn’t give up this prescription easily without trying.

Prescriptions are based on certainty. We may receive our request immediately due to having solid certainty and we may have to keep asking due to our weak certainty.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
28th Mar, 2024