Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 13
Bayan, 60 minutes
23rd March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 13

Our life rotates around fear. We work all day long due to this fear of, "Where will I eat from?" If it wasn't for this concern or fear, we wouldn't perform any work. This fear overwhelms a person to the extent that he is prepared to perform any action and in doing so, he breaks Allah ta'ala's orders.

Allah ta'ala has told us to convert this fear of the world to the fear of Allah ta'ala. When we have fear for Him, all our problems will be solved and our affairs will be rectified. Until the fear for Allah ta'ala is absent from our heart, we will definitely disobey Him. Thus, Allah ta'ala has ordered us to fear Him so that we may implement His orders.

A disobedient person, is he who has no fear of Allah ta'ala within him, or it has been decreased within him. Due to the fear of his worldly issues, he begins engaging in wrongdoing.

Instead, we should develop the fear of Allah ta'ala so that we are enabled to implement His orders and so that our world and Hereafter can become improved. Allah ta'ala rewards such a person, eliminates his difficulties in his life and makes all his affairs easy for him. What a great promise by Him!

Our biggest fear is regarding our stomach and this is where we fail despite our worship. We have extreme concern over earning wealth and fear of remaining hungry.

In reality, those who develop fear of Allah ta'ala, will be provided with sustenance from unimaginable sources. The reason for our distress and depression and concern over wealth and lack of enjoyment in worship, is due to the overwhelming fear of sustenance.

When a person develops fear of Allah ta'ala, then Allah ta'ala will eliminate the fear of the world from him and Allah ta'ala will forgive all sins. He will be given a great reward for having this fear.
In a Hadith, it is mentioned that there is a special Palace which Allah ta'ala has constructed in Paradise made of green pearls and there are seventy thousand palaces within that palace. In this palace, there are seventy thousand doors and this palace is for that person rejects the sin due to the fear of Allah ta'ala after Shaytan presents it to him.

It doesn't matter how much loss a person faces, he should leave the sin and this is when he will be granted this palace. This is the first stage of a Muttaqi.

Very soon we will return to Allah ta'ala but our desires and Shaytan have deceived us in to thinking that we won't die. A person who has conviction in death doesn't even feel hungry. Their bodies are very light and they do not concern themselves with the luxuries of this world. They have the concern for the Hereafter.

Nowadays, our actions bear testimony to the fact that we don't have certainty regarding death. We claim to fear Allah ta'ala but all our actions oppose our claim. This shows that we are hypocrites.

If we were to develop the belief that we will die, then our entire lives will be transformed. Those who have certainty in Allah ta'ala's words, his morning and night is unique. He doesn't worship simply to get over and done with it and then consider himself destined for Paradise. He works hard.

Shaytan makes us lose concern over ourselves and our Hereafter and he makes us free of worry in this world. He makes us complacent with our worship and destined for Paradise.

When a person's fear of Allah ta'ala is removed, he become weak and he has conviction in the wrong things. For example, he thinks death won't come to him so he lives without fear. All his actions are against fear, as well as his worship. His life is merely a series of following habits and traditions. He never compares himself to the Shariah. He only follows his desires and deceives himself which causes him to lead a fearless life.

Deen is easy if we practice the Deen and Paradise is very near if we truly wish to attain it.

We are only required to instil fear within us and thereafter, we will be granted Paradise where we will have full freedom and zero restrictions. We won't be punished or distressed.

However, in this world we will be tested first, to see if we forget or remember Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala provides us guidance and help in this world through the Prophets and the Awliyah Allah and they inform us of unique things.

A person should go to a Wali Allah for the sake of his guidance and rectification. If we do not have a Wali Allah in our life, then we lead a life of zero worry and concern for the Hereafter. Furthermore, if we do not have the fear of Allah ta'ala, we cannot become a good human being. We cannot become closer to Allah ta'ala and we cannot become a proper observer of prayer.

Shaytan increases the fear of the world and he removes the fear of the reality of death. All sins become a minor thing for such an individual and this is the plan of Shaytan. He helps our nafs to become accepting of wrongdoing and this is why we sin.

We should keep purifying our inner selves and seek the paths to Allah ta'ala's nearness. We should have determination and work hard day and night in order to attain this.

The more a person develops the fear of Allah ta'ala, the more he becomes closer to Allah ta'ala and then the veils are removed between him and Allah ta'ala. This is the example of the Prophets and the Awliyah Allah who have worked hard and become closer to Allah ta'ala.

Our stomachs have made us heedless and we are stubborn. Allah ta'ala has given us the entire month so that we can recognise the objective of this month and attain Taqwa. We learn from this month that our duty of life is to develop the fear of Allah ta'ala within us, for a life without fear of Allah ta'ala is a waste.

Allah ta'ala has granted us fasting so that we can develop fear of Him within us. Allah ta'ala has ordered us to rise for suhoor, eat and then fast until the evening, regardless of the weather conditions we are facing. This rule applies to everyone globally no matter how long or short their fasts are and no matter if they have food or not - they must obey the laws of Allah ta'ala.

All lawful things such as food and drink and relations with the spouse have been prohibited for this duration of Ramadan. Ramadan is based upon these prohibitions and it applies to everyone no matter where they are.

We are being trained to fear Allah ta'ala during this month. If we had fear of Allah ta'ala within us, we would recite the Quran with flowing tears instead of reciting it like a storybook.

We engage in the same sins which the previous nations were destroyed for and yet we recite the Quran with no fear. When a person has Taqwa and fear within him, then he will be immersed even by one verse of the Quran and he may attain Paradise through this one verse. Thus, it all depends on our level of fear.

Allah ta'ala is training us by ordering us when to eat and when to break our fast and Allah ta'ala gives us the spiritual strength to fulfil these orders. The blessing of this month is that Allah ta'ala transforms us without any effort from our part. He has instilled that fear within us through our fast which is why we observe our fasts with the conditions.

Allah ta’ala has assisted us during these thirty days but after they pass we must work hard ourselves to develop the fear within us so we can continue our lives in the same way.

During Ramadan, we have become accustomed to upholding Allah ta'ala's commands even though we would engage in all sins before Ramadan and reject Allah ta'ala's orders. Allah ta'ala has transformed us during Ramadan and has instilled the fear of Allah ta'ala within him. This is the driving force which helps a person fulfil Allah ta'ala's commands.

Here, we realise the difference in our lives with and without the fear of Allah ta'ala and we should aim to spend the rest of our lives with the fear of Allah ta'ala alongside.

Nabi ﷺ was once asked, "How shall we acquire Taqwa and which worship will grant us Taqwa?" He replied, "Fear is in here" and he indicated to his heart.

If your heart is rectified, then you will develop Taqwa. Thus, we should focus upon our hearts and rectify it first so that we may be succeed and our lives may be a reflection of the fear of Allah ta'ala

Where to find Taqwa?
In order to gain the fear of Allah ta'ala and keep it existent, we should join the company of the truthful who already have the fear of Allah ta'ala.

We should seek the means to attain it otherwise we are wasting our lives. We must seek a Wali Allah and sit in his company with the intention of reformation and to attain taqwa. This is the way to become successful in this life and the hereafter.

Rectification of the heart can be performed at any age and is gained by two things.

1) Attain taqwa through a Wali Allah and he will rectify your heart and create taqwa in your heart.

2) Attain dhikr of Allah ta'ala in his company.

This is what we must attain and if you have attained it, then you are following a beautiful path for the Hereafter and you're making a great effort which Allah ta'ala will make easy for you.

If we have abandoned at least one sin in Ramadan, then we have attained Ramadan. We should not focus on worship. Rather, we should focus on leaving sins, otherwise we will be cursed for sinning alongside worship and our worship will hold no value. We should aim to fulfil the Faraaid and stay away form sins and in this way, we will earn a high level Paradise.

We should repent to Allah ta'ala and make a promise to leave wrongdoing. If we repent today, then nothing can compare to this repentance performed in Ramadan. If we promise to leave a sin today, then nothing can compare to this great promise. We should promise to adopt a Sunnah, and revive a Sunnah. This is the spirit of deen.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen.
24th Mar, 2024