Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 11
Bayan, 35 minutes
21st March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 11

Allah ta'ala has selected this month as His month. We are blessed to be granted this month and to engage in those actions which are pleasing to Allah ta'ala.

During this month, our good deeds are multiplied by seventy times. If we sin and fail to engage in good deeds, then we are very unfortunate individuals.

Allah ta'ala is enabling us to perform such a deed regarding which Nabi ﷺ said, "If a person engages in dhikr for a short while after Asr and Fajr prayers, then Allah ta'ala will suffice him during the intervening periods."

What a great reward and guarantee from Allah ta'ala. If we desire security and Allah ta'ala to take responsibility of our affairs, we should take hold of this small action.

Despite knowing this reward, we fail to remember Him and we waste the opportunity. This reward is given to us on a normal day, however, in Ramadan, the rewards are multiplied many times!

In another Hadith, Nabi ﷺ said, "If there is a group of people sat in the Masjid after Asr engaging in Allah ta'ala's remembrance with no other purpose, then I wish to sit with them and engage in dhikr with them and this deed is more beloved to me than the whole world and what it contains." Imagine the status of this deed and imagine how valuable these people are to Allah ta'ala!

There is definitely great benefit in this deed which we have been encouraged to perform.
We listen to these Ahadith and continue to hear, but we don't take heed because our hearts have been sealed with locks.

We fail to sit in these Gatherings. We abandon them for the sake of small excuses, like, relaxation and chit chat.
If we make a habit of performing a good deed in Ramadan, then Allah ta'ala will enable us to become habitual in that deed for the rest of the year. Thus, we should try our best to take hold of these opportunities and never consider any good deed to be minor

We should try our utmost best to leave our sins during this month, for example, we should promise not to lie, not to smoke, or use our phones and laptops unnecessarily.

These such actions cannot be stopped by anyone else besides you. If another person tried to stop you, it wouldn't be beneficial unless you accept it in your heart and are willing to refrain from it. You'll continue to do it until your own conscience tells you to stop.

Ramadan is teaching us to develop our own self control and to influence and strengthen ourselves. We should try to abandon sins and ask Allah ta'ala to release us from sins. We should make a firm resolve to leave sin and keep in mind that nothing is too difficult for Allah ta'ala to enable us to do.

The nature of Ramadan, is that if we seek from Allah ta'ala even a little and we create an intention to perform a certain good action, then Allah ta'ala will instil the love of that action within our heart due to the blessings of Ramadan.

We should sit in dhikr for ten minutes or engage in Muraqabah after prayer for ten minutes, because one moment of Muraqabah is equivalent to seventy years of worship.

These are great routes which Allah ta'ala has enabled us to attain Paradise through. This dhikr doesn’t take long and it does not tire us out physically. All we need to do is mentally connect ourselves to Allah ta'ala.

We must develop a passion to perform these great actions during Ramadan. These two timings of Fajr and Asr are beloved to Allah ta'ala and Allah ta'ala has selected these timings for His dhikr.

We may not be capable of engaging in many good deeds, however, these small deeds take a person to a high level in Paradise.

We shouldn't consider these deeds as insignificant and we should never think negatively because these actions are great in Allah ta'ala's eyes. One does not face any difficulty engaging in these deeds, nor do they take a lot of time to perform.

We perform Asr Prayer and we fail to pray the four rakat Sunnah before the four Fard. We give the excuse; "It is not Fard or Wajib."

In a Hadith Nabi ﷺ prayed, "Oh Allah, send Your special Mercy upon that person who performs four rakat before Asr prayer."

When you make this a habit, you will receive this Mercy and be included in this prayer. Imagine how valuable these four rakat will become!

We should try to be punctual in this and make an intention to become regular. After you intend to perform these voluntary four rakat, Allah ta'ala will give you determination to perform them. This is because, when a person listens to something and then intends to fulfil it, this action is very beloved to Allah. Allah ta'ala is aware that we have our desires which attack us, but when we intend, then Allah ta'ala helps us to fulfil that action. If we start these good habits in Ramadan, Allah ta'ala will transform our lives.

We should make a habit to rise half an hour earlier in the morning and pray Tahajjud. As a result, even after Ramadan we will be habitual in this action.

Ramadan has come to program our mind and help us set good intentions for the rest of the year. After we make an intention, Allah ta'ala ta'ala will help us to fulfil the good actions. Thus, there is no loss in creating good intentions, because when we make them, Allah ta'ala will perfect them for us through His encouragement.

We don't have to exert ourselves too much in performing good deeds. There is definitely reward in it, however, by leaving sins, a person also receives seventy times reward.

We engage in many sins. Nowadays, there is a severe sickness of the eyes which has spoilt our vision. If a persons gaze is spoilt, his entire deen is spoilt.

If a person fasts, but he failed to control his gaze, then his inner state will be spread with dirt. We should be most cautious with our eyes this Ramadan and practice this for the rest of our lives. The eyesight and the tongue are the foundation of sin, so we should control them the most.

We should promise Allah ta'ala to protect ourselves from these things. We should not even come close to indecency and immodest things. Evil is such a severe thing that if a person even comes close to it, it sucks a person in. We should not even go close to the root of sins and cut off the sources otherwise, Shaytan will lead us in. We should distance ourselves from those who engage in these sins as a precaution so that we can save ourselves from getting sucked in.

We should make a list of all the sins and wrongdoing we commit. Thereafter, we should make a promise to put a stop to these sins and ask Allah ta'ala to protect us from them, otherwise we will be accounted for not taking advantage of this month.

Thereafter, we should make a list of small good deeds which we may perform, such as dhikr.

We should seek Allah ta'ala for a teacher who will teach us dhikr and if we learn dhikr in Ramadan, we will receive seventy times more reward due to the blessings of Ramadan. We shouldn’t waste this opportunity otherwise, we will regret it in the afterlife. We will realise that, had we learnt dhikr, we would've attained so much from it. Our hearts would've been alive through dhikr.

A person learns how to drive. After learning, he passes his test and then he instantly develops the desire to purchase a car. Similarly, when we learn dhikr, we will instantly have more passion and determination to engage in dhikr.

If Shaytan doesn't allow you to learn it, then how will you attain dhikr? Those who have learnt it, will certainly become steadfast on it. They will perform dhikr individually and in the gathering.

Allah ta'ala has placed points within our body through which we may easily remember Him and recognise Him. In turn, when a person recognises Allah ta'ala, he will stop his bad deeds and engage in good deeds and become closer to Allah ta'ala. Thus, our sins shed very quickly with the dhikr of the heart. Such is the greatness, that the sins automatically shed, even if a person doesn’t try.

Allah ta'ala says that we should remember Him always, standing, sitting and sleeping. The dhaakir will never be deprived of anything.

We shouldn’t have fear in learning dhikr, for Shaytan makes a person fear when performing a good deed.

In reality, no-one can compete against the rewards and ranks of those who learn dhikr. The one who does not have the determination now, can never be successful in his life. Allah ta'ala elevates the people of determination and we should never give up with regards to the Hereafter.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
22nd Mar, 2024