Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 10
Bayan, 61 minutes
20th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 10

Allah ta'ala's Mercy outweighs His punishment and anger. This is the Sunnah of Allah ta'ala. Despite our disobedience and sins, His Mercy overpowers everything. When a servant sins, Allah ta'ala instructs the angels not to record that sin immediately, rather, to delay it, so that a person may repent. However, when one performs a good deed, the angels are instructed to record it immediately.

The state of our death depends on the way we lead our lives. Our death can occur anytime and this is the reality of life which we often forget. Allah ta'ala has given us free will in this world but we will be accounted for our actions in the Hereafter.

If a person desires the harvest of the Hereafter, Allah ta'ala will grant an increase in his harvest. If a person desires the harvest in this world, he may be given something, but he will have no share of the Hereafter. Allah ta'ala has left it for the human being to decide.

For the one who desires a harvest in the Hereafter, Allah ta'ala will increase his harvest, not just in the Hereafter, but in the world too and Allah ta'ala will assist him.

A person who prepares for his Hereafter, his actions will be in accordance to this preparation and this will dictate all his acts of life.

Allah ta'ala hasn’t prevented us from getting a house and getting married. However, if a person desires harvest in this world, his world won't increase. Rather, he will only be given what is in his destiny, no matter how much he tries to earn more. In fact, he will incur loss in some way or another whilst trying to earn more. Allah ta'ala creates circumstances in his life where he is not successful with earning more. His Hereafter will also be destroyed as his mind-set is incorrect.

Those who prepare for the Hereafter have very few losses in this world. When a person desires more in this world, it shows that he doesn't want the Hereafter. He only wants the world.

We should focus on this point and reflect, that it is better to live our lives according to Allah ta'ala's desire, for we will return to Allah ta'ala one day and we wont live here forever. With this mind-set, we will become successful. Shaytan may try to deceive you, but Allah ta'ala promises that He is your friend (Muhsin) and He is with you.

A Muhsin is not only a friend, he is a friend who is your supporter and is with you in your hard times. He helps to removes your distress.

We shouldn’t be afraid of making friendship with Allah ta'ala, as He will remove us from the traps and difficulties. Those who live their live according to Allah ta'ala's pleasure will be given a great death as they have made friendship with Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala descends every morning whilst we are asleep. In reality, this is not the time of laziness or sleep. Those who have a desire for the world and their occupations, feel drowsy at this time. They sleep well, yet, still feel tired upon rising. They become greedy for more in every aspect of life. Those who are preparing for their Hereafter, find it easy to rise. For them, Allah ta'ala places the whole nights worth of sleep within fifteen minutes of sleep. He is able to do the work of the hereafter and he will feel well rested upon rising. Such people are grateful even with little as Allah ta'ala places blessings in their life. Therefore, we should make friendship with Allah ta'ala and He will make us perform everything with ease. He will grant us good health and save us from sickness.

We complain about not getting enough time to fulfil our daily tasks. This is because we follow our own timetables. Those whose sleep are fulfilled in a short amount of time, are given blessings in their time. Allah ta'ala allows them to spend their remaining time according to Allah ta'ala's desire to harvest for the Hereafter, such as performing extra Quran etc.

We worship according to our own schedules, although Allah ta'ala has given us a complete timetable in the Quran. We have been told to remember Allah ta'ala in the morning through dhikr. The whole universe submits to Allah ta'ala and all creatures remember Him. We have been created as the most superior form, yet we fail to rise and remember Him. Allah ta'ala loves it when we remember Him in our hearts in isolation. Seclusion is when you direct your focus completely to your heart. In Muraqabah, every desire leaves a person's heart.

During prayers, before asking Allah ta'ala for the straight path, we say, "Oh Allah, I am worshipping You." After that, we seek the straight path. We tend to pray like robots without reflecting about what we are reciting and asking.

Nowadays, we do not solely worship Allah ta'ala. Our worship is for the creation and until we extract this creation from within us, our worship will not truly be for Allah ta'ala. If our worship is not for Allah ta'ala, we cannot attain the straight path. Thus, to attain the straight path, we must work hard and engage in worship which is actually for Allah ta'ala.

We should eliminate the hurdles, which are our desires. We rush our prayers for the sake of tending back to our jobs and worldly affairs. So, in reality, we are not actually praying with complete devotion and attention towards Allah ta'ala.

A person who prays his prayers correctly, experiences no other thought or distraction during his prayers. To achieve such level of prayers, one is in need of a guide.

If we are honest in seeking the straight path from Allah ta'ala, He would've directed that path to us. When a person visits a Wali Allah, he is introduced to Allah ta'ala. Such a person spends his life properly, he struggles in the path of Allah ta'ala and always opposes his nafs. This is how to attain the straight path. The sign of those people on the straight path, are that they follow the ways of the Sunnah completely and wholeheartedly.

When you begin to make excuses to follow the Sunnah, then you are lacking in faith. Until we do not remove the desires from our heart, we will not have faith.

We consider the straight path to be worshipping Allah ta'ala. In reality, our path should relate to the paths of the Messengers, the truthful ones and the martyrs. They never lied, nor oppressed anyone and they had excellent conduct. If we are empty of these characteristics, then we are not upon the straight path.

We worship, yet, we have the entire world embedded within us and our life plan is based upon our wealth. How can we prostrate in such a manner?

When a person begins his prayer through Takbir, he should detach himself from the world first. When we return to Allah ta'ala, we must leave the world and here we are, sat with the world in our hearts.

When a person lies, then the angels flee thousand of miles away due to the inner dirt within a person. The actual dirt in our heart prevents us from worshipping Allah ta'ala. If we do not correct our sujood, we cannot attain the straight path. Rather, we will be granted all the wrong paths which will not take us to the straight path which we seek in our prayers.

Only when we are true servants to Allah ta'ala in this world, we will attain Paradise and only a person of faith, will prepare for this. First, we must eliminate everything within ourselves in order to advance towards Allah ta'ala. We should visit a Wali Allah and purify ourselves internally. Thereafter, you will learn to pray and extract the world within you. Then, Allah ta'ala's response will come and He will approve of your worship.

If a person does not live for Allah ta'ala, he is free from servanthood and without servanthood, he leads a life of shame, for a life without Allah ta'ala is purposeless. Thus, we should focus upon the Hereafter especially during this blessed month. We should revise the promise we made to Allah ta'ala that we will live as His slaves in this world and obey His instructions. Thereafter, His help will arrive and you will experience no difficulty. He will feed you, enable you to sleep and fulfil your desires. You will not lose any time and your tasks will be fulfilled without wealth. You will become satisfied with less and you will have no need to beg from people.

A beggar who lives for the world, will use every means to attain wealth. He will put the deen in front and then demand money from you.

Every morning Allah ta'ala announces, "Is there anyone who desires to seek from Me?" Allah ta'ala priorities the sinners in the morning and He calls out to them through His Mercy. He awakens them through His Mercy. The sinner accepts the call and turns to Allah ta'ala presenting his sins wrongdoing and seeking His forgiveness. In this way, the sinners transform their lives gradually during Ramadan and this is the achievement of Allah ta'ala's announcement. He loves the sinners and does not oppress them. We should take the first step and turn towards Allah ta'ala. The first ten days of Mercy are about to end, so we should repent to Allah ta'ala. Those who took benefit from these days and sought forgiveness, Allah ta'ala will enable him to perform those actions which will earn him forgiveness. This is how Allah ta'ala prepares him for the next ten days. Those who repent today, will be enabled to repent throughout the year and will be granted a great death. This is a big guarantee from Allah ta'ala.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
21st Mar, 2024