Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 5
Bayan, 52 minutes
15th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 5

Whenever you supplicate to Allah ta'ala, you should recite Durood Shareef before and after your supplication. Allah ta'ala certainly accepts Durood Shareef so He will certainly accept what is in between - your supplications.

One should also recite Durood Shareef before undertaking an action for it is a great guarantee of blessings being generated in to the action. Durood Shareef is what attracts Allah ta'ala's Mercy and attention and He certainly accepts that deed.

Nabiﷺ has mentioned, that he appears in the dream of the one who recites Durood Shareef and he will intercede for the one who witnesses him in a dream. Whomsoever he intercedes for, he will provide him drink from the fountain of Kawthar and whomsoever drinks from this fountain, will be free from Hellfire. This is the blessing and value of one Durood! It can save a a person from Hellfire and can cause him to be forgiven when recited with sincerity.

When you seek from Allah, then ask with complete conviction and certainty that He will grant it to you. Many of us seek materialistic things and even then we lack conviction that Allah ta'ala will grant it to us. If Allah ta'ala can create Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام without a mother and father, and Hadrat Isa عليه السلام without a father, then Allah ta'ala can allow anything to happen

If a person performs one small good deed and it is not contaminated with the world, he will receive the reward of this good deed and it will deliver him to Paradise.

Whenever you perform a good deed, you should have sincerity and you should intend to perform that deed for the sake of earning a treasure for your Hereafter.

No matter how small the deed is, due to your intentions and sincerity, it may be magnified.
A person could pray without faith and sincerity with the intention of earning reward, but this won't benefit him much. However, if a person meets someone on the pathway and he greets them with the intention that Allah ta'ala will reward him for it and will be pleased, this intention produces sincerity within the action. This thinking becomes a great worship.

A person may perform small good deeds for the sake of preparing for his Hereafter and success, such as guiding a traveller, and this action may be greatly appreciated by Allah ta'ala through which He opens the doors of Paradise for that person

On the other hand, we accumulate many deeds which may even be insincere and not enough for our forgiveness.

Nabi ﷺ has mentioned that Ramadan is the month of Allah ta'ala's nearness so this is what we should seek through our actions. We shouldn’t be immersed in the world and we shouldn’t waste time. Either the servant becomes close to Allah ta'ala or he becomes closer to his desires which the world surrounds him with. There is no other path

During Ramadan, we must assess whether we are becoming closer to the world or closer to Allah ta'ala.

The world and a person's desires stand in opposition to Allah ta'ala. When a person is immersed in the world, he turns to Allah ta'ala only for the sake of attaining the world. If things go according to his plans and desires, he accepts and obeys Allah ta'ala, otherwise he doesn't believe in Allah ta'ala. This is because dunya has been contaminated in his actions.

Such a person is so immersed in the world, that it becomes his whole purpose of life. If a person's business is running according to his desires, he appreciates and values his prayer. If his worldly needs are granted through the supplication of Wali Allah, then he immediately considers him a great Wali Allah and pious, just because he achieved what he desired. His criteria is that, if he progresses in the world and becomes successful, then Allah ta'ala becomes the best in his eyes who grants him what he desires. If his worldly desires aren't fulfilled, then he commits suicide. This is how valuable he considers his desires.

In reality, the desires of the world are such, that they do not leave a person satisfied. You will never be satisfied with what you recieve in terms of the world and you'll always desire more.

We desire worldly progression, however, Allah ta'ala desires that a person becomes so close to Him that he is immersed in Allah ta'ala's love. Allah ta'ala is closer to a person than his own jugular vein. If He is close to us, why do we face loss? It is because we have distanced ourselves from Him.

A person can never attain Allah ta'ala's nearness if he is close to the world as they are two opposite things. Ramadan teaches us to return to Allah ta'ala and become close to him.

The biggest worship in this month is to detach ourselves from our stomach as it is our biggest enemy. It is what causes us to chase wealth. When the requirements of the stomach end, then the worldly worries will also end. Allah ta'ala has increased the reward of good deeds during this month to help us detach ourselves from this world.

The root of all wrongdoing is the world. Whoever has not removed the concern of the world from his heart during this month, he is a useless person. During this month, we should develop our trust and reliance upon Allah ta'ala to a high point and we should focus less on worldly things.

Allah ta'ala has enabled us to draw nearer to Him via actions He has selected for this month.

1) The physical requirements of the stomach have been eliminated. Less food and drink means less focus on the world.

2) The act of sujood have been increased by forty via Taraweeh. Allah ta'ala becomes close to a servant through this prayer.

Sometimes Allah ta'ala shakes us with worldly trials to remind us that the world is temporary and worldly things will be taken from us. We should be prepared for this and be grateful to Allah ta'ala instead of complaining. This is considered Wilaayah and is developed when a person is near to Allah ta'ala.

The connection of the pious with Allah ta'ala is strong and free from contamination of the world Therefore, it compensates for any trials they undergo. When something beloved is taken from them, they cure their sadness by replacing that love with a bigger love than the loss they incurred. We should also follow their footsteps.

When love and nearness to Allah ta'ala increases, then the love of the world is distanced from a person. Such a person lives in this world and fulfils his basic needs, yet, has no connection with the world.

We should learn not to chase the world as it will not grant a person anything. Instead, we should chase the love of Allah ta'ala and seek His nearness.

The greatest student is he who has love for his Sheikh. This is the path of love and there is no compulsion here. He desires to serve his Sheikh and meet his Sheikh due to his love and desire for him.

Whatever service or good deed the student performs, he should do so out of love, otherwise, it falls under ostentation and is invalid and there is no benefit in that.

When you perform an action with love, suddenly a light will be created within your heart. A unique coolness and satisfaction will be developed. Such a love will ignite inside you because it has drawn you closer to Allah ta'ala.

We should seek Allah ta'ala's nearness and the sign of nearness, is that our attachment and reliance upon the world should be eliminated. We shouldn't concern ourselves with materialism, rather, we should develop concern for the Hereafter and we should be pleased with all the decisions of Allah ta'ala.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
16th Mar, 2024
What a beautiful beautiful beautiful bayaan!!!
16th Mar, 2024