Jewels of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 3
Bayan, 61 minutes
13th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 3

All worships have an apparent form and a reality. The apparent form of Ramadan, is that we are fasting, praying Taraweeh and worshipping. However, the reality and the essence of Ramadan is that Allah ta'ala desires to make us a Muttaqi. Our purpose in this world is to attain Taqwa although we have forgotten our objective. Due to the blessings of Ramadan, Allah ta'ala has placed us back on track so that we may fulfil our objective of life.

Taqwa refers to being steadfast upon upholding Allah ta'ala's instructions and in the Hereafter, a person's status will be determined due to his level of Taqwa. The barrier which prevents us from attaining Taqwa, is our desires and lust. Therefore, we must oppose our desires and attain our destination.

Deen also includes a person's mannerism, his personal affairs and his societal conduct. If a person prays, but his conduct with others is incorrect and he does not fulfil the rights of others, then he is a waste and destined for Hellfire.

Therefore, to become a Muttaqi, a person must adhere to Allah ta'ala's instructions in all subjects of deen like social conduct and societal affairs, like business and trading, not just by simply worshipping. All of these things must be in accordance to Allah ta'ala's instructions.

Generally, we consider the person who prays and performs Hajj to be pious. We consider physical worship to be the symbol of a person's piety and a representation of the entire deen. Some complain that they pray and perform dhikr and Umrah, but they are not succeeding. This is because they haven't paid any attention to the other sectors of Islam.

We should assess our relationships with people. How is our connection with our mother and our father and our siblings? How is our connection with others in our workplace? How do we run our business? Ramadan has come to explain this, yet we are sat trying to finish ten Quran. We think that by simply praying Taraweeh, we will have attained Ramadan. In reality, we must improve all of our life affairs.

Ramadan hasn't come to make us pray or correct our worship, rather, it has come to correct our entire deen and our entire life. When our entire deen is rectified, we become a Muttaqi
and we have truly valued and appreciated Ramadan.

We believe that a person who physically worships is a Muttaqi. In fact, a Muttaqi is a person who practices upon all parts of Islam wholeheartedly and not only the five pillars of Islam. He lives his life in accordance to each and every instruction of Allah ta'ala. He gives the due rights to his mother, his wife and everyone else. He has good a relationship with his boss and employees in his workplace. This is Islam and one cannot attain Paradise simply by worship.

What prevents us from becoming a Muttaqi, is our desires. If we control our desires and our ego, we will become a Muttaqi and someone who adheres to Islam properly. We will develop excellent characters, excellent justice and great societal conduct.

There are three form of Creations. Human being, angels and the animals.

Angels have been given intellect, understanding and wisdom, but without base desires. They do not concern themselves with materialism. They don't feel hungry. They're not inclined towards women. They recognise Allah ta'ala and wish to attain His nearness. So, without desires, they've become angels.

Animals have been given desires and a tiny bit of intellect which is restricted. They have enough intellect to be able to fulfil their desires only. They concern themselves with simply eating and drinking.

Allah ta'ala gave the human being both, intellect and desires. If a person controls his desires, he reaches the status of the angels, as they do not have desires. The Wali Allah have controlled their desires which is why they have similar qualities to the angels.

On the other hand, if a person increases his desires and becomes a slave to his desires, he becomes worse than an animal. He knows nothing else besides chasing after wealth, materialism, and murder. His desires cause him to commit wrongdoing. Thus, it all depends upon our desires. The person who controls his desires and suppresses them, reaches the status of the angels.

Ramadan has eliminated our desires so that our status can reach the angels. We have been assisted via our fasting, which helps control our desires. Allah ta'ala desires us to become accustomed with this habit, so that we can make an effort to control our own desires forever.

What is the special quality within fasting? Hunger and thirst are developed. If you wish to control your desires, then pay attention to your hunger and thirst.

Desires are controlled through fasting. Even a person who keeps a lengthy fast in the heat, will not be inclined towards any wrongdoing or sin as his desires are suppressed. As soon as he eats, his desires begin to develop again and become strong.

The focal point of desires is the stomach through which disobedience occurs. This is why Allah ta'ala has controlled our stomachs in this month as the desires are developed here. On Qiyamah, those who will have the greatest status, will be those who controlled their hunger and thirst. This is because they controlled their desires via the hunger and the thirst.

A person's desires never become eliminated altogether. A person remains in a constant battle with his desires for every moment of his life. An enemy can be destroyed eventually, but the battle with the desires doesn't stop until death. And a person who is heedless of this, can never be successful in this battle. This is the true message of Ramadan which we should learn.

We should keep in mind that a person cannot become a Muttaqi simply by leaving food and drink. His desires will not be controlled, for he could be consuming unlawful food to break his fast, which would have spoilt his fast.

The reality is, that a person should refrain from unlawful provision. The actual purpose of fasting is to prevent your stomach from consuming unlawful things and unlawful provision. The true hungry and thirsty person isn't the one who has stopped food and drink, rather, it is he who hasn't eaten one morsel of unlawful food. This is the lesson of fasting.

When a person surpasses the limits of Allah ta'ala by earning his wealth through unlawful means, this renders his sustenance unlawful.

If you earn through the boundaries of Shariah, your wealth is pure. If you transgress the boundaries of Shariah, your earnings become unlawful. If doesn't matter if you fast, your desires are being spoilt further as the stomach is consuming Haraam.

The first method of eliminating the desires, is to correct the stomach. So the biggest effort and what Ramadan is teaching us, is to control our stomach via fasting. Not through thirst and hunger, but through lawful earnings and sustenance.

It is sufficient for a person to attain the nearness of Allah ta'ala and attain a high level in the Hereafter simply by fulfilling the five times prayer alongside lawful earning. This is what we should focus on, instead of worshipping whilst suppressing the essence of Ramadan.

We should never obey our desires when it invites us to consume Haraam. Only when we battle against our desires and ego, Allah ta'ala will show us the path to His nearness. If we clash with our desires, we have controlled the root cause of all issues.

The first thing Shaytan will make you afraid of, is hunger and thirst. He did this with your father and he will do it with you. It all starts form the stomach and this is nothing new. Allah ta'ala demonstrated this from the beginning when he prohibited Hadhrat Adam and Hadhrat Hawa عليهم السلام to eat from the tree. Allah ta'ala didn't prohibit them from worshipping idols. Rather, He instructed them to be careful with regards to their stomach. The issue of the stomach, is what caused them to leave paradise. Similarly, the stomach may spoil all our affairs of life too.

We shouldn’t justify our unlawful earnings by saying, "We need to pay tax!" "How will I pay rent!?" A person who feeds his desires and ego, will never attain comfort and satisfaction in his life. Rather, a person becomes sick and his desires make him fail in all his affairs - in his worship, in his personal affairs, in his business and in his relationship with people.
When we work hard, Allah ta'ala opens up the paths of solution for us.

Allah ta'ala doesn't stop us from eating as much Halal food as we want. A person who eats simply and ensures his food is Halal and isn’t capable of performing much worship, his fasting is correct and accepted over the one who drinks and eats unlawful, whilst worshipping.

Your business and your earnings should be lawful, otherwise, they should be abandoned. Furthermore, you should work the complete hours which are due from you. If you spend five or ten minutes without working, that is considered unlawful.

The person who worked hard to consume lawful in this world, will be amongst the fasting people in the Hereafter, despite eating and drinking. This will be his status.

When you consume Haraam, you begin lying, you develop jealousy and anger and thereafter, all the spiritual diseases are developed within you.
One unlawful morsel enters the stomach and it creates a storm within. The desires are awakened. If you control your desires, you are safe from these diseases.

Always keep the stomach hungry and thirst from unlawful things. Where it is doubtful, avoid it.

Remember, the action which is classified as a sin, is considered the greatest sin. You can't justify or make excuses after that.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
14th Mar, 2024