The Importance of Tazkiyah & its Principles
Bayan, 94 minutes
29th February, 2024

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The Importance of Tazkiyah & it's Principles

If there is a barren land which hasn't been watered or cultivated, it can not bring anything to fruition because it has not been worked upon nor valued. Similarly, we have not valued ourselves. We fail to recognise who we are. In reality, we haven't been created to eat and marry and it is compulsory for us to recognise our purpose of life.

The most important part of Deen is the rectification of the soul and Tazkiyah of the heart. Our forgiveness depends on this. Our deeds are accepted through this and paradise and Hell depend on this. When this is scarce in society, then the Deen disappears and false Deen and culture arises which has no link to the Hereafter.

Rectification of the soul and purifying the heart has been defined as Tazkiyah in the Quran and Allah ta'ala sent the Prophet ﷺ so that people may achieve this and become closer to Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala has given the most preparation for this worship over other worship. Ramadan is granted to us for this reason only - to crush our Nafs and become rectified.

Without Tazkiyah, a person has no Dunya or Akhirah and no destination. Today we have all become animals and our deeds are futile as they are contaminated with our inner diseases. We lie, commit oppression, have bad manners and break our promises, all whilst observing our prayers. We don't consider sins to be sins. Those who recite the Quran without implementing, are in fact, being cursed upon.

If a person does not engage in Tazkiyah, his life is futile. He is immersed in spiritual diseases and they continue to increase. Eventually, he departs this world with disbelief.

A person cannot attain Tazkiyah and cannot become successful without a Sheikh. When the Quran mentions Tazkiyah, it refers to keeping a guide. Without a Sheikh, Tazkiyah isn't achieved.
When Allah ta'ala sends you to a Sheikh and he accepts you as a student, then immediately perform two raka'h, because it means that Allah ta'ala has accepted you. No-one can come to a Sheikh by his own will and desire because this is according to Allah ta'ala's selection and permission.

When Allah ta'ala wants to send a student to a Sheikh, then both hearts are connected by Allah ta'ala and the love is created. The Nafs may take the student far, but he will always return to his teacher because Allah ta'ala connected them at the beginning of time when the souls met. Once Allah ta'ala connects you to a Sheikh, then no distance or time can break this connection.

A Sheikh has no worldly relationship with his student. This is evidence that this relationship is based on pure love.

When you visit a Sheikh with a vessel which is full, you won't be able to place anything in to it because it is already full. However, if you go with an empty vessel, then everything will fit in to it and you'll take whatever you want. This is because your vessel is empty. We must empty ourselves of pride and then visit a Sheikh.

Ramadan was not ordained upon us for the sake of fasting and taraweeh. Rather, we should exert ourselves in fulfilling the purpose for which Allah ta'ala sent us Ramadan, and that is to perform Tazkiyah.

During Ramadan, If you rectify your soul, perform Tazkiyah of your heart and make effort to attain Taqwa, then Allah ta'ala will accept all your previous deeds.

It has been mentioned in Ahadith that whoever spends Ramadan correctly, his entire life is spent correctly and in a good way. This is because he presented his pure heart to Allah ta'ala and he protected his desires. Allah ta'ala guarantees Paradise for this person.

Tazkiyah is very important and we are very fortunate to be upon this path. We shouldn’t waste our time for this is Allah' ta'ala's selection that He has invited us here. Each of us were busy and engaged in different things, however, Allah ta'ala chose whoever He wills to attend this gathering.

Allah ta'ala greatly despises a person who is ungrateful and complains to Allah ta'ala. Whatever Allah ta'ala defines as a blessing, we should consider it a blessing instead of what we define as a blessing. We should acknowledge that Allah ta'ala prevents us from what will harm us, although we foolishly consider them to be treasures.

The most beloved action to Allah ta'ala in this world, is implementing the Sunnah. It is so beloved to Him that the implementer becomes the lover of Allah ta'ala, as these actions are connected to the Prophet ﷺ.

We are so afraid and ashamed of practicing upon the Sunnah that we debate the entire night claiming that we are not in need of the Sunnah and that it isn't necessary. We carry this mind-set because we have not achieved Tazkiyah. All our deeds have been wasted whilst we fail to realise who the Sunnah is actually connected to.

In reality, we cannot even comprehend the value of the Sunnah. How can one cut his beard when it is something connected to the Holy Prophet ﷺ? Sadly, we do not have any recognition or awareness today.

The more a person's connection with Allah ta'ala is strengthened, the more he becomes valued. We only understand this once we have performed Tazkiyah of the heart and rectification of the nafs.

There is no success and none of our deeds are accepted without Tazkiyah because Allah ta'ala wishes for our hearts to be pure. Even if we did not attain it, but we tried to make the effort, we will still be successful for trying.

Whoever hasn't achieved Tazkiyah, should do so now before Ramadan. In reality, the biggest reward is what gives us the preparation for our Hereafter.

What are the principles of Tazkiyah?

1) Dhikr
2) Muraqabah
3) Connection with the Sheikh

This is according to the Sunnah and Shariah and are unanimously agreed upon by all the Mashaikh of Tazkiyah.

The Naqshabandi order is dominant in this generation as it easily enables a person's Tazkiyah and gives quick results. It immediately connects a person to Allah ta'ala. Today we live in the scientific era, the generation where everyone is occupied. The Naqshbandi order does not prevent one's work, it doesn't restrict a person. Moreover, it enables a person to work with his hands whilst his heart is connected to Allah ta'ala. This is the beauty of the Naqshbandi order.

You will never see a Naqshbandi deprived of anything, nor isolated. The Naqshbandi does everything, but he finds enjoyment in Muraqabah. He hands over his heart to Allah ta'ala and detaches himself from everything. He fulfils everyone's rights. He is spiritually focused within, even though he lives amongst the world.

A true Naqshbandi never abandons his prayers, nor does he miss his prayers in congregation without an excuse or even due to his business.

Today, we worship our businesses and we forget that Allah ta'ala is our provider. Allah ta'ala grants us sustenance through our prayers, yet we complain that our constant prayers prevent us from earning wealth.

Whenever we are faced with poverty, we should pray more and ask for more because Allah ta'ala is the One who provides.
In a Hadith, the Prophet ﷺ said: “Renew your faith!” It was said: “Oh Messenger of Allah! How can we renew our faith?” He said: “Say often there is no god but God (laa ilaaha illallah).” [Tabarani]

There is no guarantee that the one who does not engage in dhikr, will depart this world as a Muslim. When a servant engages in dhikr, Allah ta'ala draws closer to him. Furthermore, there is no greater action than dhikr which may save a person from the punishment of the grave.

It has been mentioned in Ahadith that there are some people who used to remember Allah ta'ala upon their beds, yet they will enter Paradise smiling.

Allah ta'ala has created a purifying agent for everything and the dirt of the heart cannot be removed except with dhikr. Greediness of the world, pride, hatred and malice is removed only via the Dhikr of Allah ta'ala as it is the purifiers of the heart.

Muraqabah is the highest stage of dhikr where a person is isolated and it is only himself and Allah ta'ala. He focuses his heart upon Allah ta'ala and his lips do not move. He begins to recognise Allah ta'ala’s attributes and he is granted the understanding. His desires are also diminished. This is the status he receives.

A person will become successful once he connects himself with his Sheikh. These are Allah ta'ala's principles which cannot be broken. A person must obey his teacher and immerse himself in his teacher. Thereafter, he will be able to immersed himself in the Prophet ﷺ.

There are three principles of having a connection with one's Sheikh.

1) Belief in the Sheikh - to acknowledge that you will receive everything from your Sheikh.

2) Love for the Sheikh more than anyone.

3) Khidmat - Service of the Sheikh
The students who are hypocrites, they run away when they are faced with problems. However, the lovers stay. We must makes sacrifices on this path. One moment of service for the Wali Allah, will cause a person to have ease and blessings in his entire life. However, this is only for the genuine students. One cannot lie, deceive and earn the world whilst travelling on this path.

When your heart and mind is purified, then your Tazkiyah is done. We should make the intention for Tazkiyah before Ramadan and take the hand of a guide.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
3rd Mar, 2024