Bayan on Shab-e-Baraat
Bayan, 27 minutes
24th February, 2024

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Bayan on Shab-e-Baraat

Every book of Ahadith mentions the virtues of this very great night. We are gathered here today so that we can attain its blessings. This night consists of a few hours, however, a person receives his entire life through it.

Allah ta'ala has granted us all the acts of worship and righteous actions so that we can attain the purpose of life and that is to attain the pleasure of Allah ta'ala. When Allah ta'ala becomes pleased, then we will be forgiven. Furthermore, our forgiveness depends on His pleasure and not our worship. Worship is the means but it doesn’t always grant us Allah ta'ala's pleasure. If we attain Allah ta'ala's pleasure through our worship, then our worship is very beneficial. However, if we aren’t receiving this objective through our worship, then our worship and dhikr goes to a waste.

The true objective is to please Allah ta'ala. This is our purpose of life. We are weak individuals and this life is a test. We face barriers in attaining our objective, so Allah ta'ala assists us. He prepares a solution for us as He doesn't want us to go to Hellfire. Therefore, He has granted us special nights and gatherings and such conditions He has developed, that if attained, a person will attain Allah ta'ala's pleasure.

Allah ta'ala hasn’t set any pre-conditions, nor has He commanded us to engage in lengthy worship. He hasn't ordered us to go to the holy lands and He knows our weaknesses too well.

The one who seeks Allah ta'ala's forgiveness during this night, has attained his objective and is successful.

Whoever sincerely repents today, Allah ta'ala will break the chains of Shaytan for him and shower His mercy upon that person. Allah ta'ala will forgive him and be pleased with him and such a person will depart this world successfully.

We must admit our sins in the court of Allah ta'ala and seek forgiveness for all our sins. Allah ta'ala will not only forgive us, rather, He will convert all our sins in to good deeds.

Shaytan will influence us to consider ourselves saints, however, we must consider ourselves sinners.

Allah ta'ala forgives the believers on this night and He grants a warning to the disbelievers. Those who commit adultery, murder and consume interest, will also be forgiven upon this night if they seek forgiveness.

After repentance, all our good deeds will become accepted.

On this night, we should avoid engaging in abundant worship. Instead, we should admit that we are sinful and seek forgiveness from Allah ta'ala. We should also seek forgiveness from those whose rights we have consumed. If they don't respond and are stubborn, we are still forgiven.

Tonight, humility and submission is required, so we must lower ourselves. If we are arrogant today, then we have failed. We should seek forgiveness from those who are younger than us and this is the greatest worship tonight. We should not waste this opportunity for we do not know if we will be given another chance next year. If we are prideful today, we will fail.

It is mentioned in Hadith that Allah ta'ala Himself descends to the heavens tonight with His Glory and Mercy and calls out, or in another narration, some say that specific angels will call out, "Is there anyone who wishes to be forgiven so that I may forgive him?"

Even if someone has wronged you many years ago, tonight you must submit to him and seek his forgiveness. Technology has advanced greatly, therefore, we may even converse via telephone. We should seek forgiveness from those whom we have spoken sternly to and those whom we may have reviled.

If we wish to attain His pleasure tonight, we must please Allah ta'ala's creation and in this manner, He will become pleased.

Assess your own home as to who is upset with you. Be mindful that you are not forgiving for the sake of that person. Rather, you're forgiving for the sake of Allah ta'ala, therefore, don't be sad or distressed if they do not respond to you or refuse to forgive you.

If someone seeks your forgiveness and you're not forgiving them, then how will Allah ta'ala forgive you?

It doesn't matter if it was your fault or not, you should contact the one who refuses to talk and you should seek his forgiveness.

We should be grateful to Allah ta'ala for saving us from Hellfire through gifting us this special night. We should be grateful for the opportunity of pleasing Allah ta'ala because our situation may have been very different had we been deprived of this night.

Tonight, Allah ta'ala has accepted our supplications. He has given us a new lease of life. This night is full of Allah ta'ala's mercy, so we must be grateful to Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala accepts our gratitude through His dhikr. With dhikr, there is gratitude and with gratitude, there is dhikr. If you ever want to thank Allah ta'ala for His favours upon you, then engage in His dhikr.

We have gathered today for dhikr to thank Allah ta'ala and dhikr is connected to this night. The most beloved deed to Allah ta'ala is that different people from different backgrounds, gather together only for the sake of remembering Him. Thus, this gathering is very beloved to Allah ta'ala,

We are thanking Allah ta'ala for forgiving us, for converting our sins into good deeds and for delivering us to Paradise, otherwise we could have been unfortunate. Allah ta'ala becomes so pleased with this gathering, that He mentions this group to His close angels with pride. He takes our names due to our remembrance of Him. He requests the angels to become a witness that He has forgiven us, even though Allah ta'ala does not require a witness.

We should seek forgiveness from others and we shouldn’t be ashamed of those whom we have oppressed. We should seek their forgiveness profusely, as we are in dire need to please Allah ta'ala, not the individual. The arrogant people are stubborn, however, the intellectual people forgive each other and are humble.

We should clean our hearts from hatred and malice, otherwise Allah ta'ala will not forgive us. Instead, we should leave our matters to Allah ta'ala to deal with.

If you need to give money to anyone, you should sort out your accounts, otherwise you have wasted this very big opportunity of your life.
After this gathering, we should avoid sinning altogether. We should protect ourselves for Allah ta'ala has granted us a high status.

On this night, we shouldn’t exert ourselves in much voluntary and extra worship. Rather we should refrain from sins. Even if we sin, we should immediately repent to Allah ta'ala.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen.
26th Feb, 2024