How Should We Celebrate Shab-e-Baraat?
Bayan, 105 minutes
22nd February, 2024

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How Should We Celebrate Shab-e-Baraat?

Laylatul Baraat was only gifted to this nation of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and no other nation. Thus, we should value this night and aim to attain its objective without wasting our time.

Sha'ban is the month of distributing the goodness of Ramadan. We must be spiritually prepared for Ramadan which is why Allah ta'ala granted us Sha'ban and Laylatul Baraat. The servant attains Ramadan via this night if he spends it correctly, seeking Allah ta'ala's forgiveness for his sins.

Allah ta'ala has prescribed many ways for a person to be forgiven on this night. It is a unique night of blessings and mercy.

In a Hadith mentioned in Tirmidhi Shareef, ...."Verily Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, descends on the night of the fifteenth of Sha‘baan to the lowest heaven, and He forgives more (people) than the number of hairs on the sheep of Bani Kalb.”

If a person attains forgiveness upon this night, then he has received forgiveness in advance and his ranks will be raised in Ramadan. Those who do not attain forgiveness this night, have lost out on this month, as well as Ramadan. Consequently, his entire life has gone to waste.

On this night, Allah ta'ala processes the entire years accounting for His slave. His lifespan, provision and all his affairs are recorded and confirmed during this night. However, if a person wishes, he may transform his life and his condition during this night.

Allah ta'ala desires us to ask from Him in this night, so we should develop the certainty that Allah ta'ala is present, He is in control and He will grant. This is a very great opportunity to supplicate to Allah ta'ala for our livelihood, for our sustenance and for our children.

Allah ta'ala is aware of all the slave's details Himself, so why is there a need to declare that the slave's affairs are being determined upon this night?

Despite Him ordaining our affairs, Allah ta'ala wants us to know that our lives can be changed and improved with our efforts. He notifies us in order to give us a chance.

Three things can change a person's destiny. One is sincere repentance. Second is supplication and the third is giving in charity.

There are certain people who may not be forgiven, so they should utilise these three things to be forgiven.

Charity removes all sicknesses. Whenever you are faced with a helpless situation and you see no escape, nor solution, then you should not lose hope. You should open the doors of abundant charity and Allah ta'ala will open doors for you.

We are full of defects and errors and immersed in sins, however, the one who is remorseful is the successful one. Whatever Allah ta'ala has defined as a sin, then consider it to be a sin, otherwise you will die as a innovator and a disbeliever. This is because, such a person is challenging Allah ta'ala and becomes arrogant and stubborn. We should recognise our sins and accept them as sins. Whoever does this, has saved himself from that sin. No matter how big the sin is and no matter how habitual he is in that sin, if he accepts it to be a sin and avoids justifying it, he will have his sin eradicated and Allah ta'ala will help him.

A person who doesn't consider his sin to be a sin, will be immersed in all types of sins which he will not be able to save himself from.

In reality, Allah ta'ala waits for us to take heed and to return to Him in repentance. He grants us many opportunities to seek His forgiveness. We seek forgiveness in advance, so that we may attain Allah ta'ala's nearness during this night via the dhikr of Allah ta'ala.

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ وَابْتَغُوا إِلَيْهِ الْوَسِيلَةَ وَجَاهِدُوا فِي سَبِيلِهِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُفْلِحُونَ

“O you who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) Allah and seek means of nearness to Him, seek a means of approaching Him, and strive hard in His way that you may be successful.” [5:35]

Here, Allah ta'ala has encouraged us to adopt a guide who will deliver us to success. If you attach yourself to a guide and follow him, you will become a person who makes effort. Allah ta'ala will make you successful and true success is freedom from Hellfire and attaining the pleasure of Allah ta'ala.

The relationship between Sheikh and student is based upon certainty and faith. You should have certainty in your guide. Doubts and negative thoughts will cause you to become destroyed as this is a pure path of love. If you hold firmly upon this means, then you wont experience negative thoughts.

Hadhrat Musa عليه السلام was a Prophet himself, yet Allah ta'ala sent him to learn from someone else. When a person submits himself to someone else, naturally, his pride is removed from within. Until we learn to submit to a guide, we cannot submit to Allah ta'ala.

Therefore, no matter how pious a person is, he cannot be guided on his own. Until a person takes the hand of the guide, he can't be cured and guided. The defects within him will corrupt him even more, if he considers himself independent of a guide.

Allah ta'ala will forgive everyone upon this night besides the innovators. We may not worship idols, however, we worship our inner desires which may cause us to rise as innovators on the day of Qiyamaah. Our Nafs commands us to follow our desires and if we obey the desires which lead us to sin and disobedience to Allah ta'ala, then we are committing great innovation.
The true Muslim is he who doesn't obey his own desires, rather, he obeys the laws of Allah ta'ala. He has remained true to the Kalimah and has submitted himself entirely to Allah ta'ala by obeying Him and refraining from wrongdoing.

The second type of people who wont be forgiven, are those who break family ties.

The greatest relation is that with your spouse. This relationship is based upon Allah's name. If the spouses do not fulfil each others rights, the whole society is corrupted. Children are ruined and become disobedient when the mother and father have differences amongst each other, they violate each others rights and oppress each other. If your child is disobedient today, it is because you were disobedient to your parents.

The husband who wrongs his wife and oppresses her, will not be forgiven. Know that whichever husband has pleased his wife, has attained Paradise.

The best man is he who enters the house smiling. He greets is his wife, recites Durood Shareef, and then recites Surah ikhlaas. Such a house will never experience hunger and poverty.

There are two great relationships based upon Allah ta'ala's name, two bonds sold for the sake of Allah ta'ala. One is marriage and the other is a student taking bay'ah at the hands of a Sheikh.

The student sells himself in the name of Allah ta'ala. This is the greatest relationship based on the pleasure of Allah ta'ala. The right of the Sheikh is that the student submits to him. In the Hereafter, the student will be questioned whether he enquired regarding his Sheikh's welfare and whether he expressed his love and affection to him.

So after faith, the greatest deed is maintaining ties of kinship. We should fulfil each others rights. We shouldn't take revenge based upon suspicions and doubts. Those who aren't married, should focus upon the rights of their parents and then their relatives.

The third person who won't be forgiven, is the one who harbours malice and hatred in his heart. This is the root of all sins. Backbiting, anger and jealousy arises from this disease. It is a very dangerous condition to have hate for someone in your heart. You should purify your heart of malice. Don't make baseless assumptions and embed them in your heart. Even if they're based upon evidence, remove any negative thoughts about others altogether. Don't take revenge, for Allah ta'ala will take retribution for you.

The forth person is he who commits acts of shame such as consuming alcohol, intoxication, adultery, drinking, music and usury. If a person is shackled to these sins, he should repent to Allah ta'ala.

There is a great way to refrain from acts of indecency and that is to distance yourself from your mobile and the Internet which motivates you to commit such acts. Control your phone usage and monitor your children as technology is a great source of fitna. We should control our nafs, if we wish to attain Ramadan.

We must repent today and the best repentance is to seek forgiveness at the hands of a Sheikh. We should promise Allah ta'ala that we will refrain from wrongdoing and we should promise not to obey our desires again.

What is the worship of this night?

There is no specific worship which has been stipulated for this night. We should perform Isha and Fajr in congregation and we should perform dhikr and Ishraaq Salaah as per normal. This will grant us the reward for the entire night. Our duty on this night is to repent only. The one who repents is successful.

In regards to fasting on this day, it should not be singled out, as it is not considered a Fard action, nor Sunnah Mu'akkadah. However, It is desirable to fast if one has the health and the capability.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
24th Feb, 2024
What a bayaan! What a bayaan! Absolutely speechless!!!!!!

A MUST LISTEN, truly life transforming!! Alhamdulillah for our great guide.
24th Feb, 2024
When a mother gifts you with a product which develops a defect, you don't criticise your mother for it, out of love for the sender of the gift. Similarly, when Allah ta'ala grants you a difficulty, know that it is out of His grace and love for you.
24th Feb, 2024