How to Change the Love of Dunya into the Love of Allah?
Bayan, 111 minutes
8th February, 2024

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How to Change the Love of Dunya in to the Love of Allah ta'ala

Our purpose in life is to attain the pleasure of Allah ta'ala. We must take up the means to earn His pleasure and remember this objective. We become deviated when we forget this objective.

Allah ta'ala sent us Prophets from time to time out of His mercy to remind us of our objective. Allah ta'ala also guided us through books sent from the heavens and also through worship which were demonstrated to us by the Prophets.

This is Allah ta'ala's assistance along the journey of our life. Despite this, mankind became deviated as they possessed the love of the world. This love is the most dangerous thing which overwhelms a person and causes him to be destroyed. It wipes away his deen and he perceives everything through the vision of the world until his death. Only at the time, he realises and regrets.

Today we have no lack of Madaaris and Quran, nor work of the Deen. Despite having ample resources, we fail. This is due to love of the world. It prevents us from having sincerity and quality in our worship as materialism has overtaken us. We blame the gatherings for not being rectified, yet we fail to look at our own defects. Our hearts have become rock, so nothing impacts us and we fail to implement.

What is the reason for our heedlessness? We have a sickness of hypocrisy within us and we haven't accepted the kalimah within our hearts. We visit the Sheikh but without the intention of reformation and self-improvement.

We transgress the laws of Shariah in order to attain the world, although this world will disappear. Our worship does not benefit us due to our love for the world, nor is our love extracted through our worship. Those who worship with love of the world within them, their worship is being wasted as it is contaminated. They are not causing any benefit to their Hereafter. Every action done with the love of the world, makes a person wretched and he hides behind his sins due to this love.

It is the love of the world which causes us to become enemies. It causes rift between others and leads to murder and corruption in the home. It is due to this love that people leave their lands and run around, yet their love for Allah ta'ala does not make them as concerned.

Today, we don't have concern to eliminate this love from within us. We are just like a patient who is happy with his sickness. He can never be cured as he does not recognise his sickness. Similarly is the individual who doesn't consider Allah ta'ala's disobedience as something major.

How to remove the love of the world?
Love of the world cannot be removed through excessive worship. This is because cure lies in what Allah ta'ala has placed cure in. Love of the world is removed with love and its cure is through love itself and not hatred. We need that love which is stronger than the love of the world and that is the love of Allah ta'ala. This is the only love which can remove the love of the world. The heart cannot have both kinds of love within it. If Allah ta'ala's love is present, love for the world and worldly desires are eliminated.

Whoever has the love of the world removed from their heart, they don't have materialistic desires and their nafs does not make excuses. Nothing from this world will come with us after we pass away, so we shouldn't chase after something which will be destroyed itself, otherwise it is pure foolishness.

We should worship with the intention of attaining Allah ta'ala's pleasure. When we have this intention, the effect of that worship is totally different.

The Kalimah is the means to deliver us to the destination which is the pleasure of Allah ta'ala and that is achieved via fulfilling Allah ta'ala's commands. This refers to reciting the kalimah sincerely and fulfilling its pact.
Similarly, the objective of going to a Sheikh is to attain Allah ta'ala's pleasure as he is the means. The world is a place of means and the Sheikh is our resource to Allah ta'ala. You will find Allah ta'ala with ease through the Sheikh. Such a person who has the correct intention, will obey his Sheikh and follow his example and he will be successful.

A person is full of materialism, but when he sits in the company of the Sheikh, he is changed after the first sitting. His style of life becomes different and the love of the world is removed. On the other hand, there are others who sit in the company of the Sheikh for countless years and they perform dhikr, yet they have not changed.

Whoever attends the gathering with the intention to rectify himself, he will definitely leave as an improved person. Those who have this intention and wish to attain the objective of Allah ta'ala's happiness, they follow the path which Allah ta'ala has formulated and can never become deviated. Even if he listens to one talk with intention, he will improve and be reformed.

It is the love of the world which is a hurdle and does not allow us to progress and improve. When the love is removed, you have the awareness that you will meet Allah ta'ala. You don't run around wasting your time. Rather, you live in concern.

Nabi ﷺ would say. "Oh Allah, take away from my heart, the blessing which You have not granted to me and keep me occupied with those actions You are pleased with." This is how worldly love is removed from the heart.

One should not blame the Wali Allah for failing to change oneself. He should blame himself for not having the correct intention. He should blame himself for going to the Sheikh with the intention of earning more from the world. In the Hereafter, such people will be made to stand separately. This is because their objective wasn't the Hereafter.

Those who are not making worldly progress whilst being in the company of their Sheikh, but they sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah ta'ala, such people are pious and successful as their intentions are correct.

In a Hadith in Mishkat Shareef, Nabi ﷺ said, "Shall I tell you such an action through which your world and Hereafter will be taken care of and you will have enjoyment and success? I will tell you a secret through which you can attain both worlds and that is through the love of Allah ta'ala. The distress of the world will be removed, you will be content with your necessities of life and you will remember Allah ta'ala with the rest of your time."

The companions asked how the love of the world can be removed. Nabi ﷺ replied, "If you want to remove the love of the world from the heart and bring Allah's love in, then attend the gatherings of the Ahlullah and those who partake in dhikr. When you are in isolation, move your tongue with the dhikr of Allah ta'ala." Here, it was made clear that 'remembrance' referred to the gatherings of dhikr and that they are set apart from other gatherings as a specific worship.

In reality, nothing removes the love of the world besides the gatherings of dhikr and the company of the Mashaikh. Success and reward is based upon our intentions. If we attend the gathering with sincerity and with the intention to improve, then worldly love will be removed.

Before rectification, a person should correct his intention. Thereafter, he will never do any action against the desires of his teacher.

Hadhrat Hakeemul Ummah Rahmatullahi alayh said, "If you want the love of the world to be removed from your heart, then attach yourself to the company of a wali Allah." Thereafter, all your actions will become a reflection of Allah ta'ala's love."

You shouldn't persist and still attend the gathering if you've been prohibited by your teacher. Such people are worse than hypocrites. When a person refrains from what their Sheikh prohibits them, it is a thousand times better for that student. Those who go against their Sheikh, lose out.

If you have not spent time in the company of a Sheikh, the love of the world cannot be removed from the heart. You should adhere to his company for the sake of Allah ta'ala and this is the biggest worship which earns Allah ta'ala's nearness.

Our actions should be performed to earn Allah ta'ala's pleasure and not for pretence. If our actions are to please anyone else, we will rise as a Mushrik.

Those with worldly desires, make a connection with the Wali Allah to earn the world. They seek success and progression of the world. You shouldn’t look for love of the world after visiting your Sheikh. The world will be destroyed, so only keep one intention - to attain the love of Allah ta'ala. Reject everything else and seek a Sheikh to remove the love of the world from the hearts. This is when a person succeeds.

In Mishkat Shareef, Hadhrat Abu Razeen رضي الله عنه narrates, "When you go to a Sheikh with his permission, then seventy thousand angels travel with you on that journey due to the greatness of the Wali Allah and they pray for you on that journey, "Oh Allah he is your lover, you also love him." Nabi ﷺ then said, "Oh Razeen, as long as you have life, keep doing this action."

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen.
11th Feb, 2024