The Reality of the Night of Miraaj
Bayan, 70 minutes
25th January, 2024

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The Reality of the Night of Miraaj

Allah ta'ala has repeatedly reminded us in the Quran to be safe from Hellfire. The intellectual person lives a life of great caution. He has concern and tries to protect himself from Hellfire.

Sin are what misguides a person and is the root cause of a person's delivery to Hellfire. Even if a person has incurred an atoms worth of sin upon him, he cannot enter Paradise and he will be punished for it. One must be purified from all sin before entering Paradise.

We all have the opportunity to purify ourselves today through repentance. This is how easy and simple it is, however, tomorrow we may not be purified except through Hellfire and punishment.

If we wish to be safe from sin, we should save ourselves today! Nafs and Shaytan won't allow us to consider this important although it is these gatherings which create the importance and understanding of these things. We must perform those good deeds which will deliver us to Paradise and we must abstain from those deeds which may deliver us to Hellfire.

We often exert ourselves in performing good deeds in order to become pious and earn Paradise, yet, we fail to prevent ourselves from sinning and be protected from Hellfire. In reality, the effort of the latter is what draws a person closer to Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala is more pleased with this effort because this is the test for a human being.

Our focus is generally placed upon performing good deeds, although, even if we collected all our good deeds, our sins will end up destroying those good deeds in the Hereafter. This is because we waste our good deeds by disobeying Allah ta'ala. Such a person feels burdened despite carrying out good deeds and doesn't feel comfortable.

On the other hand, a person who only fulfils the compulsory actions and prevents himself from sins, he attains Allah ta'ala's nearness and becomes pure. This is exactly what the Kaamil Sheikh emphasise amongst their students. They encourage their students to leave the prohibited actions and this abstention is known as 'Tazkiyah.' The student who performs Tazkiyah is successful in both worlds.

Which sin leads a person to Hellfire the most?
The sins related to manners and conduct - backbiting against someone, consuming someone's wealth, oppressing someone and having pride and envy against someone. Most people will enter Hellfire due to these very sins and not due to lacking in good deeds.

These sins are so severe that we must seek forgiveness from those whom we have wronged, those whose rights we usurped and those we committed oppression against, before we seek Allah ta'ala's forgiveness.

Today, we find it easy to engage in optional worship, but we find it very difficult to leave lying, backbiting and other sins. Instead, our nafs pushes us towards engaging in good deeds because where there is outward piety, there is also ostentation and earning praise from others.
When a person leaves sins, it takes great effort and it is something not witnessed by anyone. Here, a person is not praised for his actions, although this action draws a person closer to Allah ta'ala.

In the Quran, Allah ta'ala mentions the sins which are related to bad conduct. Allah ta'ala commands us not to mock and jest against anyone although it is done commonly and it is a great sin. We are told not to pick out the defects in others. Do not slander others. Do not hold suspicions against anyone. Do not falsely accuse anyone. Do not spy against anyone. This is a great sin and those who commit such oppression, will be destined for Hellfire.

Womenfolk involve themselves in drama and gossip and unfortunately even those who are learned, engage in these sins too. This is because Shaytan has given people confidence in their Tahajjud, forgetting that their sins are destroying their good deeds.

We must revive the importance of abstaining from sins because our good deeds will not be able to save us from the effect of our sins.

The whole Ummah is affected by these severe sins. These are the sins which do not allow us to sleep at night. These are the sins which take away our blessings in life. If you don't make an effort to stop sins, your good deeds will be rejected due to your continuous sinning.

If we try today, then Allah ta'ala will assist because He values our efforts, even if it takes years to leave a sin. This is what you learn in the company of the Awliyah Allah who make you understand and place you upon the right track.

You attain benefit by sitting with a Wali Allah and you will never attain loss as Allah ta'ala has granted wisdom and understanding to the Awliyah Allah. They identify their students weaknesses and place them upon the straight path.

Why did this event of M'iraaj take place?

This event was for the rectification of the Ummah and Allah ta'ala placed some wisdoms within this event of M'iraaj. It did not occur for the purpose of proving the Prophet ﷺ's status.

This incident holds many messages for the nation and the pious predecessors say that the two most important lessons are; the gift of prayer through which a servant displays the highest level of servitude to His lord. Prayer holds honour and there is no deed which can compare to this deed. When a person prays, it is as though he is witnessing Allah ta'ala. The second thing; Nabi ﷺ witnessed the outcome of various behavioural sins. He observed these punishments so that the Ummah could create concern and make an effort to be protected from these sins. This is the purpose of Mi'raaj.
We must save ourselves from these sins so that we can be successful in the Hereafter. If a person makes an effort, he will become successful.

How to be safe from these sins?
To engage in Tasawwuf. Tasawwuf is defined as one thing; to eliminate your bad character and bring about good character. There is no other objective of sitting in the company of the Sheikh besides this. The Sheikh identifies and formulates the medicine depending on the patients requirements, however, the objective is the same - that the student may be rectified and his conduct is made excellent. The Prophets were also sent for this reason. This is our main purpose in life and if we don't achieve this, we have wasted our life and all our worship.

If Allah ta'ala has sent you somewhere, then seek a Sheikh there and become rectified.
The pious predecessors mention that those who do not visit a Sheikh, are in the hands of Shaytan and is attached to sins.
Once you select a teacher for your rectification, then attach yourself to him and do not make a fuss. Your intention should be to rectify yourself through him and have your sins removed. When Allah ta'ala sends a student to the court of a Sheikh, but the student doesn't wish to improve himself and instead he takes out the Sheikh's faults, then he incurs double sin.

If a person engages in dhikr and his sins are being eliminated and he has the passion to perform good deeds, then his dhikr is accepted, otherwise, his dhikr is a waste of time.

If we wish to attain goodness and success in the Hereafter, we must leave the greatest sins related to our conduct and if we wish to be safe from them, we must attain Tazkiyah via a Wali Allah. If we do all of this and still find it difficult, then we are still successful. We don't need to be afraid as we are trying hard.

Be determined and courageous. Make the most of the present. Repent to Allah ta'ala and be assured in the journey with the teacher. Develop full effort in abstaining from sins and you will find the help of Allah ta'ala. Never criticise. Be positive that your sins will be removed and you will be successful. Do not become hopeless and do not give up. Live in this world but protect yourself at the same time. Everything should be kept within the boundaries of Shariah.

May Allah ta'ala protect us from sins and allow us to implement upon these precious pearls. Ameen.
27th Jan, 2024