The Secret for Peace of Mind & Prosperity
Bayan, 112 minutes
4th January, 2024

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The Secret for Peace of Mind & Prosperity

The biggest restriction and the root of all difficulties and distress, is related to the stomach. If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn't bother earning and there wouldn't be any greed nor problems and a person wouldn't consume unlawful earnings. In reality, the actions a person performs for the sake of his stomach, is what leads him to Hellfire.

Society has split mankind into three types. One is the extremely wealthy sector. The second is the extremely poor and the third are the ones in between. The wealthy people desire to accrue more. The destitute are depressed and have many desires and concerns. Those in between are not here and not there. They run around, lost.

The objective of all three groups is to become wealthy so that they can become satisfied and content. They think that they will be at peace and all their issues will be removed with more money. They believe that as a result, they will live a greater life. This is why they try to advance in terms of wealth.

In reality, all three groups have no peace nor contentment. The wealthy people still have issues and challenges. The poor people are always comparing themselves with others and spend the rest of their lives in sadness. Those in between remain in between.

Because of this continuous chase for our stomachs needs, our worship and deen becomes ruined. Any subject of the deen becomes contaminated due to our worldly concerns. Where will we eat from? How will we progress?

Allah ta'ala hasn’t created us to be at unease and distress. If a person is anxious, he is not able to worship Allah ta'ala effectively.

In order to solve our problems and attain peace and wealth, we have left our countries and sold our faith and given up everything, although our problems keep increasing.

What is the solution?
The Quran and the statements of the Prophet ﷺ solve everything, but we fail to accept solutions from the Quran because our desires have overwhelmed us yet, we readily accept any worldly solutions.

Nabi ﷺ would supplicate to Allah ta'ala saying, "I am content and satisfied with whatever circumstances and provision you have given to me in my life."

This is a big statement. We are not rejecting that we need more. Rather, we are happy with what we have. We must have this emotion of contentment within us like the Awliyah Allah have. These are the lessons of the pious people.

These blessed supplications are the biggest cure for our problems, whether they are related to magic or sickness or other things. If a person continually recites these supplications, peace and light enters his heart. The more he recites it, the stronger its effect. We should select the dua related to our problem and keep reciting it until our problem is solved.

Unfortunately, we fail to utilise these dua’s. We become impatient after reciting them a few times and we expect our problems to be solved immediately. Shaytan makes us lose hope yet, we don’t realise that the enjoyment is in constant beseeching. We should never give up asking. We will have our supplications accepted and even if we don't, then there is goodness within that. Through this process a person is rewarded with the nearness and love of Allah ta'ala and the Prophet ﷺ so there are great wisdoms behind it.

What is contentment?
You're happy with your position in life, for example, your salary, because you know that your objective is the Hereafter. You don't consume the unlawful, you don't steal the wealth of others nor commit oppression against anyone. You don't lie nor commit fraud for the sake of acquiring more because you are at peace. You know that Allah ta'ala provides for you according to your requirements and this is part of your destiny. If it was to be any less or more, you may have been corrupted.

Wealth is a means of peace. It is not peace itself. Through wealth, you're not guaranteed happiness. You can buy a house with money, but if you can't sleep at night, you don't have happiness. You can get a good car but if you don't get peace through it, then it is pointless. You have the assets but you're not content. Instead, you should seek to acquire peace and not the assets themselves.

Whilst being content, a person becomes a grateful servant of Allah ta'ala. "I was not deserving of whatever You have given to me and the wealth You have provided for me is a great favour upon me." A true believer is grateful with less. Those who are not satisfied, become lost. They turn away from deen and have greed within them.

When you complain it means you have defects within you. Always be grateful to Allah ta'ala and know that Allah ta'ala is saving you by preventing you from having certain things. This is the way to eradicate doubts, comparison and criticism. Everything is possible by Allah ta'ala if you turn to Him. Wait for His grace and keep asking because He is listening and knows what you desire.

As believers, we believe that we will only receive that which is destined for us. Worrying won't make us any wealthier. This is why we should try to attain contentment in our life. Having this quality eliminates all problems from a person's life and it helps us to rise and sleep with ease.

A person who isn't content complains to Allah ta'ala and always compares himself with other people. He criticises and becomes ungrateful. He is stingy and has negative thoughts. He takes up unlawful means to earn money. When a person complains, he loses his faith. He is empty inside.

In reality, we all have greed within us and this is the biggest defect within us. We are always worried about amassing wealth and worldly things. We are not focused upon Allah ta'ala. In reality, desires and greed should be in regard to good things. For example, Nabi ﷺ asked for an increase with regards to two things - Being greedy for the knowledge of the Hereafter and being greedy for those things which grant you Allah ta'ala's nearness, for example, the act of dhikr.

How can we become content?
Ask Allah ta'ala for this quality because it is beyond your power to receive it yourself. Utilise your dua’s and supplicate for your needs after your prayers. The one who fails to supplicate, has no belief in Allah ta'ala and is arrogant. He believes that he earns and receives through his own efforts and not by Allah ta'ala.

There is no wealth greater than being content and the success of our deen lies on being content. We should always be happy with Allah ta'ala. We should Pray to Allah ta'ala for our needs but also adopt the permissible resources and worldly means to become content and achieve what you have asked Allah ta'ala. Dont give up. Implement the means to attain the result and even if you don’t receive it, you'll be content. We should supplicate for contentment at Tahajjud time and we will attain it as this is the best time.
If you can't supplicate at Tahajjud time, then supplicate after every prayer during the day.

Bodily requirements and needs can be fulfilled through worldly means, but the requirements of the soul cannot be fulfilled through worldly means. This is because the soul is connected to Allah ta'ala and the Hereafter. Thus, the quality of being content is connected to the heart.

To summarise, the solution for inner diseases is to become content and way to become content is to supplicate and then visit a Wali Allah. He will remove the spiritual diseases from your heart.

As the generations become more impure and the feeling of satisfaction becomes reduced and the greed increases, then only dhikr can save us. Allah ta'ala desires that we return to Him with a purified heart so we should work hard to purify our hearts.

We must engage in abundant dhikr because there is abundant corruption, abundant evil and abundant enemies. Keep doing dhikr and you will revive your heart and your deen.

Submit to a Wali Allah and follow his instructions and what he prescribes to you.
Make effort for dhikr. Whatever he prescribes, is equivalent to abundant dhikr and this is the dhikr which will cure your issues and purify you from diseases.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
7th Jan, 2024