Hadhrat Sahib's Bayan Annual Ijtema 2023
Bayan, 74 minutes
25th December, 2023

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Ijtema Annual Majlis-e-Dhikr 2023

When a group of people gather for no other reason besides the remembrance of Allah ta'ala and have no other purpose besides earning Allah ta'ala's pleasure, then Allah ta'ala gives instructions to the angels to announce for their forgiveness.

We have been ordained the act of performing prayers daily as Allah ta'ala loves this act and He knew it wouldn't be difficult upon us. Due to having hectic lifestyles and routines, five times prayer in congregation seems difficult. However, this is what Allah ta'ala loves - that we have belief in holding no other task greater in life, besides responding to His call. He wants us to obey Him and fulfil our duties whilst having conviction that He will sustain for us. If we abandon prayers due to being occupied and concerned with earning, we will never be at peace and we will never be able to attain success in this world. Regardless of how busy we are, we should perform prayers in the Masjid.
When you pray in congregation, angels pray for you and your forgiveness is guaranteed. The one who prioritises prayers, will never be distressed in life due to his wealth. He will never be poor. He will never be in debt. He will never beg. He will never consume unlawful things. Allah ta'ala will sustain for him from unimaginable avenues.

When you make excuses for prayers, then Allah ta'ala creates obstacles and places you in sickness as a form of punishment. Thereafter, you will desire to attend the masaajid, but you will not be able to. If you run to prayers, you won't fall ill. Even if you become sick, He will cure you due to your prayers.

It is the duty of the elders to improve and reform our younger generation. We should have concern over their corrupted ideologies. Allah ta'ala has given the responsibility of reforming children to their parents. In reality, when the parents are rectified, they abstain from the unlawful and they observe prayers themselves, then their children will be protected and become observers of prayer by following their parents example.

Unfortunately, many parents fail to practice themselves, yet complain about their children's misguidance. They demand and force their children to practice. In reality, when you reform yourself, Allah ta'ala will shower mercy upon your home and your children will be rectified automatically. If you aren't praying yourself then you are destroying the generation to come after you. You are giving them encouragement not to practice. Therefore, begin praying and save your generation.

Allah ta'ala has ordered us to convey Durood shareef upon the Prophet ﷺ whilst he receives no benefit, nor will his ranks become raised. In reality, we gain the benefit from doing so because when we convey Durood shareef, it is a gift that we are sending. The angels take this Durood shareef and present it to the Prophet ﷺ and as per his habit, he responds to the gift with a dua. In this way, we he prays for us. We should make it a habit to recite three tasbih of Durood shareef every single day.
If a person acts upon one Sunnah, he is given the reward of one hundred martyrs. We shouldn't fuss over the Sunnah or debate whether an action is wajib or necessary. If any action is proven by hadith, we should practice regardless if it is weak. We don’t have that much time to research. If we are ashamed to practice, Nabi ﷺ will also be ashamed to intercede for us in the Hereafter.

We should assess ourselves everyday to see how many Sunan we have performed because this is the luggage for our forgiveness.

The Dhikr of Allah ta'ala is beneficial and should be revived and spread in every house. A dhaakir's house can never be destructed, nor does he face distress, nor is his wealth insufficient. If he does dhikr, his house can never be destroyed. Today, we don't have blessings because we don't remember Allah ta'ala. We have destroyed our own homes and earnt curses, depression and difficulties upon ourselves by leaving dhikr.
We shouldn’t worry about making achievements in this world. We should make our target the Hereafter because whoever is successful in the Hereafter, is also successful in this world. Such a person doesn't need to make much effort in the world as Allah ta'ala will make him successful in his affairs.

Likewise, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the future career of our children. First, we should focus on their Hereafter. We should place the Quran in their hands and send them to the company of a Wali Allah. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala will open the doors for them in this world too.

If anyone wants to be successful in the Hereafter, he should perform tazkiyah of his nafs by purifying his inner state, otherwise there is no guarantee for his success and salvation. Only with tazkiyah, he will enter Paradise. We should engage in acts of worship whilst purifying our inner state. Only then will our deeds be beneficial to us and only then will our deeds be elevated and accepted. If we correct our self today, we will be given the rewards of our previous deeds that we performed alongside sins.

What is the method of doing Tazkiyah?

There are four principles of Tazkiyah. Otherwise Tazkiyah will not be done. Three things must be practiced upon and one thing must be abstained from.

1) To engage in Dhikr.
2) To follow the Sunnah
You will receive these two things from a Sheikh.
3) Love for the Awliyah Allah
4) To abandon sins

No believer can attain Tazkiyah without engaging in dhikr. Dhikr is made widespread because Allah ta'ala knows it is the means of our salvation and success. Dhikr purifies the nafs and when you commit a sin, dhikr washes away the sin. You should never leave dhikr due to your sins or weaknesses because dhikr will bring its own positive effects. We don't stop sinning so we shouldn't stop doing dhikr either. Eventually, the truth will prevail over falsehood and dhikr will win and you will purify yourself and enter Paradise. Therefore, keep doing both if you have to. Allah ta'ala has placed the quality within dhikr that it distances a person from sins and he begins to dislike it automatically. This is the power of dhikr. It breaks shaytan and your desires.

Sunnah - there is no success in the Hereafter without following the Sunnah. The way to reach Allah ta'ala is to follow the blessed Sunnah. Without this, there is darkness as Sunnah is a light which directs you to Allah ta'ala. The more you practice, the more light you receive to reach Allah ta'ala. You will receive light with that prayer which is performed according to the Sunnah and the more Sunan you imitate, the more light will enter your prayers.

Befriend a pious person.
When you sit in the company of a pious person, his effects will rub off on you. He will make you an observer of prayer and Sunnah. He will make you a true lover of the Prophet ﷺ.

A teacher is necessary because without a teacher you can not complete your deen and your practice, just like the companions were taught prayers by the physical demonstration of the prophet ﷺ. The companions were reformed, not through the Kabah or the Quran, they were reformed by the blessed company of the Prophet ﷺ. This is how Islam was taught and this principle will remain until Qiyaamah. Today, Allah ta'ala places the same light and effects within the company of the teacher and people are reformed in their company.

Tazkiyah is Tarbiyyah (improvement) - to remove the negative aspects within your life and allow the goodness to enter you. This is the work of a Sheikh.

If a person wants to take benefit from dhikr and desires its light, he should stop himself from worldly gossip and drama. He should avoid unnecessary talk and remain cautious. Instead, he should talk about things which are beneficial for his hereafter, otherwise it will take away the light from his dhikr.

Allah ta'ala looks at a person's effort and how much he tried. A person who keeps a teacher as his guide, has tried and this may well be the reason of his entry in to paradise. Therefore, you should at least find a teacher and start dhikr.

Real success is earning the pleasure of Allah ta'ala and that can be achieved by the implementation of the three points mentioned above.

To conclude, there are three promises we should keep after this Majlis.

1) Allah ta'ala forgives us through this gathering so we should return to Him and promise to not return to our sins.

2) Never abandon prayers.

3) Recite Durood shareef three hundred times a day.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to implement. Ameen
28th Dec, 2023
Sadke jaawan I love my sheikh to bits
26th Dec, 2023
SubhanAllah! Fantastic majlis nothing like it Alhamdulillah! Love my Hadhrat Sheikh sahib
26th Dec, 2023