What Happens at the Time of Death?
Bayan, 93 minutes
16th November, 2023

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What Happens at the Time of Death?

The most important thing in this world, is to prepare for our Hereafter. This is what our success depends upon.

Allah ta'ala has placed attractions in this world like wealth and marriages, as a form of test for us. Our Nafs traps us and we forget our Hereafter. However, if we hold on to the Quran and Sunnah firmly, we will never fall in to deception. It is our duty not to be distracted by worldly things, but to focus on our preparation for the Hereafter.

Allah ta'ala always suffices us through our sustenance. We should trust Him and accept whatever He grants us. We shouldnt complain and desire for other things. The way to live in this world, is to be content with whatever Allah ta'ala gives you and keep focused on our Hereafter.

When a person becomes mature, Allah ta'ala assigns the Kiraaman Kaatibeen, the angels, to be placed upon his shoulder. Prior to this, it is the parents duty to prepare the child with the correct upbringing so that he may deal with the responsibilities of Deen upon him.

If you want to prepare for your Hereafter, then perform Dhikr in the morning and the evening and you will be succesful in this world and the Hereafter and people will remember you even after you pass away.

When a pious person passes away, Kiraaman Kaatibeen are present, as well as the angel of death. They greet each other. The angel of death asks, "what is your connection with him?" They say, "He is our great friend and our well-wisher. We know his secrets and he loves us. We are weeping that he is departing and we are supplicating for him. We are being separated after so long." Thereafter they say, "Oh Allah, forgive his sins. Be pleased with him forever and grant him the highest stages in Paradise." Then the angel of death says, "Ameen!"
Then the angels will say to the one dying, "Do not fear. You have great favours upon us. You were a great individual and you performed great deeds. You made such good preparation. We never left track of recording your good deeds! We were never neglectful of our Dhikr due to you. Rather, our connection with Allah ta'ala increased. We were never distressed by you."

Then the angel of death says to the deceased, "What you're about to witness, you will never have witnessed before. What you are about to experience, you will never have experienced before. Mercy and the fragrance of Paradise are about to shower down upon you. The Hur and the palaces are waiting for you. The guests are waiting for you. Your Lord is waiting for you and He is pleased with you."

Then the earth and the heavens will weep for that person and Allah ta'ala will ask them why they are weeping. They will respond saying, "He was such a good man, we had an attraction towards him and you have taken him from us." Allah ta'ala will ask, what action did he perform for which you love him so much?" They will say, "Whenever he would pass by us, he would be in the state of remembering You. He did this action due to which we gained life and vitality."

The following example is regarding the one who has not prepared for his Hereafter. He practices sometimes and recites the Quran but doesn't implement it.

The angel of death arrives to extract his soul and the Kiraaman Kaatibeen say, "May Allah ta'ala's curse be upon him. Oh Allah, don't forgive him and destroy him. Place him in Hell. Oh wretched man, you enjoyed your life in the world! You placed us in a difficult position. You didn't perform good actions yourself and you wasted our time and distracted us."

If we wish to gain the first type of death, we should not forget our Preparation for the Hereafter.
It is guaranteed that when a person engages in Dhikr, he realises the reality of life, and it makes him prepare for the Hereafter correctly. The objective of Dhikr is to be reminded of our Hereafter so that we can prepare for it. Allah ta'ala ordained Dhikr for us because it is difficult to be free from the trap of worldly love. Dhikr makes us detach from the world and connect with Allah ta'ala.

The one who abandons the world for the sake of preparing for his Hereafter, will still be granted his worldly needs. It will never cause him loss nor deperivation. His world becomes good and his Hereafter becomes good.

Preparation for the Hereafter doesn't mean to give up the world completely. Allah ta'ala doesn't oppress us. Rather, He has granted us the necessities of life and all the resources. He has granted you needs and he will fulfil your needs.
A person's connection with the world is an internal affair. One may be living in a palace and driving an expensive car, but his heart may not be attached to the world. He does not abandon Allah ta'ala's commands. He is consistent upon Deen and has no greed of the world. Therefore, he is not considered a worldly person.

The worldly person is he who has broken the laws of Allah ta'ala and has abandoned the preparation for the Hereafter. Often, the poor are the most worldly people, because they always desire worldly things and the world is embedded within them.

The love of the world can only be removed through Dhikr. Love for the world resides in the heart. Therefore, if a person's heart is improved, then everything in his life becomes improved. We visit our Sheikh to have the love of the world removed from us.

We should marry such spouses who supports us in Deen and enable us to practice the Deen and encourage us towards Dhikr. This is the real beauty and such women are the maidens of this world.

Three things help one to prepare for his death through which he will recieve peace and his children will be raised pious.

- Be steadfast upon your deeds.
- Keep analysing and reflecting upon yourself
- Keep the company of a Wali Allah.

The tazkiyah sheets are very beneficial and a great preparation for death. This is a gift from Allah ta'ala and Allah's mercy upon you, so don't waste it.

We attend these Gatherings to fulfil what is lacking in us. Thus, we should keep this intention. The true person is he who listens and implements, otherwise he is considered an ungrateful person.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement.
20th Nov, 2023