The Importance of Rabta-e-Sheikh
Bayan, 52 minutes
2nd November, 2023

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The Importance of Rabta-e-Sheikh

Nabi ﷺ mentioned, that when a group of people sit to engage in Dhikr for a short while or a long while, they receive four rewards.

Firstly, Allah ta'ala's special angels descend from the heavens and they surround the group from all four corners. This shows that those who partake, are protected. His family, children and his home are protected. His health is protected.

Allah ta'ala will make his children pious through his Dhikr. Allah ta'ala protects him from sins just like a mother protects her child from calamities and Paradise awaits such a person. The reason we don't partake in these Gatherings is because we don't have certainty in these rewards otherwise we would never abandon these Gatherings.

We should sit in our homes and engage in Muraqabah. The effects of it reach the seven layers of the earth. The Mufassireen explain that the children of a Sheikh, are given respect even though their actions may not be correct. This is because their grandfather or great grandfather had assigned themselves to Allah ta'ala and the effects took place for seven generations after them. Allah ta'ala gives the honour to the Dhaakireen's children. Perhaps they are not worthy of it, but because they have a connection with a pious person, we must respect them.

If you want to be successful in this world, then learn to fight with your Nafs. It is a big loss to leave these Gatherings. There's no value of the things we are chasing after whilst abandoning Dhikr Gatherings in the process. If we leave our work for the sake of these Gatherings, Allah ta'ala will bless us even more.

As soon as you get your Nikah done, both spouses should visit a Wali Allah and repent. They should promise to change themselves because, soon they will bear the responsibility of raising children. If you want to reform and improve your children, you should correct yourself first. If you're disobedient to Allah ta'ala today, your children will be disobedient to you tomorrow. It doesn't matter how many Darul uloom you send them to. It doesn't matter how hard you try to correct them, they will not be corrected until Allah ta'ala doesn't bring them to the right path.

The second reward is that Allah ta'ala envelopes this Gathering with His Mercy. Allah ta'ala's special mercy descends upon the Kabah Shareef and Allah ta'ala sends this same Mercy upon the Dhikr Gatherings. You should bring your children to these Gatherings and they will no longer remain disobedient nor a failure.

The third reward is that Allah ta'ala descends peace upon the heart of those who partake in the Dhikr Gathering. The student pulls upon the blessings from his teacher.

The fourth reward is that Allah ta'ala mentions the name of the Dhaakireen with pride amongst the company of His special selected angels.

A student should create three things to connect himself with his teacher. Even if he visits his Sheikh once a year, he will still gain benefit and success. He will attain Paradise through these qualities.

The first quality is to have belief in your Sheikh. The stronger your belief is in your Sheikh, the more benefit you will attain from him. You should be faithful towards him and consider him to be the best guide because Allah ta'ala has placed him in your fate and this is where you're gaining benefit from. When a person performs Bay'ah at the hands of his Sheikh, then Allah ta'ala is in between this contract. It is for the sake of creating a bond with Allah ta'ala, that you accept a teacher. The teacher also accepts the student for the sake of Allah ta'ala. There are no worldly reasons in between. It is a mutual contract for the sake of the Hereafter.

If your Sheikh is written in your destiny, you will arrive to him to attain his blessings. Wherever Allah ta'ala provides you spiritual sustenance, you will have to travel to that teacher. Even if you try to prevent yourself and prevent implementation, you'll still be sent to his company. You will be desperate again and you'll return to your teacher again. You'll commit wrongdoing and you'll make mistakes, you'll have wasted time, but you'll return to your teacher.

Secondly, if a person's belief in his Sheikh is correct and solid, he will have good manners. If a person has bad manners, it means that his belief in his teacher is weak. Then comes love. The more love a person has for his Sheikh, the more he will draw on his Sheikh's blessings.

Thirdly, serving one's Sheikh.

If you want to succeed after death, then adopt this path. A student should work hard to gain all these three qualities within him. The more he exerts himself upon this path and follows the principles, the closer he will become to Allah ta'ala. Thereafter, he will become immersed in his Sheikh and his Sheikh lifts him to the next stage and he becomes Fanaa fil Rasul ﷺ. This is how his levels are raised. This is the method which the pious predecessors taught us. We should ignore those who criticise us on this journey. We should strive to become a unique example.

Our great Sheikh are a massive blessing given to us by Allah ta'ala. We will be held accountable for how we utilised and appreciated this blessing. Allah ta'ala has in fact favoured the student by blessing him with this path of benefiting from his teacher. He should implement these three qualities. Every gathering raises a person's rank. The stronger qualities you possess, the greater levels you will earn through the Gatherings. The bigger the vessel you come with, the more blessings you take with you.

You should never take benefit of the world through this life otherwise you'll get the world, but you won't gain the Hereafter. If you face a calamity, know that Allah ta'ala wants to elevate your status.

Whenever a calamity befalls you, then weigh it according to how strong your connection is with Allah ta'ala. If your connection with Allah exists, then do not become hopeless. Allah ta'ala's mercy will keep arriving to you. He wishes to deliver you to a high rank and He knew you weren't capable of performing hard work and he knows you have less time. Therefore, He created a shortcut by giving you distress in the world, in order to give you a high level. Never be distressed with calamities as the Dhaakireen are beloved to Allah ta'ala.
May Allah ta’ala allow us to implement. Ameen
4th Nov, 2023