Jashne Rabbi-ul-Awwal
Bayan, 52 minutes
21st September, 2023

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Jashne Rabbi-ul-Awwal

Allah ta'ala's rewards and mercies descend even more during this month because this month is honoured to be connected to Nabi ﷺ.

Nabi ﷺ was sent to the world in this month. According to the pious predecessors, every moment of this month and every worship performed during this month, is spiritually unique. We shouldn’t be ungrateful for being blessed with this month.

Great corruption and disobedience spreads in this world, so Allah ta'ala prepared a solution by sending Prophet's to this world. This was so society could reform and people may recognise Allah ta'ala. When the Messengers departed from this world, Mankind reverted back to their own ways and became misguided. This is also our situation today. We have abandoned Good company and become misguided as a result.

The powers of Nafs and Shaytan are very strong, so without good company, one cannot trust himself. We are very weak and can become deviated and distracted at any time.

How do we save ourselves from the heights of Fitna?

Alllah ta'ala compensated for the Prophet's who departed. Grave Fitna may arrive, yet, we were given a beautiful solution. Before departing this world, Nabi ﷺ stated, "I leave two things behind for you. Grab hold of these two with firmness. These two are the light of guidance which are the Quran and the Sunnah. I give you the guarantee that you'll become a great person from my nation and you will meet me."

Whoever has belief in death and the fear of Hereafter and punishment, will not wander in this world without attaining guidance. He adopts protection in this world by holding on to the Quran and Sunnah firmly.

Many people adopt the Quran alone and abandon the Sunnah. They become complacent with their deeds and disregard the Sunnah completely. These people can never be guided. They are deceived and can never understand the explanation and the commentary of the Quran. This is because, in reality, the physical lifestyle of Nabi ﷺ along with his statements, are the explanation of the Quran itself. Thus, one can never be guided, nor attain salvation by shunning his ways and disregarding his lifestyle.

None of Nabi ﷺ's actions and sayings are minor. Only a person who has hypocrisy within him, deems those things which take him to the right path, as minor. The value of those things are minor for him.

Dhikr develops a light within a person with which he perceives the reality of Deen. He then realises the importance of adopting the Sunnah. He is eager to follow the ways of the Sunnah, as he recognises it as the luggage for his forgiveness. Such an individual has been protected from hypocrisy within his heart.
As the generation advances towards negligence and ignorance, the paths of truth will become hidden by the corrupt people. They will suppress the importance of Deen and righteous actions. They will promote evil, although Allah ta'ala will keep sending the Revivers of the Deen to the land. The pious people create a lasting impact upon the hearts of the people and their effort continues.

Success and guidance can only come from the Quran and Sunnah. If you take guidance from these two things, Allah ta'ala will remove you from the darkness and place you in the light. He will show you the straight path.

It is pure hypocrisy to consider any Sunnah action to be insignificant. Hadhrat Dr Abdul Hayy Aarifi رحمة الله عليه said, "When a person performs one small Sunnah action, it is announced from Allah ta'ala that such an individual is not any ordinary person, rather, he is Allah ta'ala's beloved servant." This is the value of the Sunnah.

Whomsoever considers this statement to be something minor, is a hypocrite. The one who considers this to be something great, is a true lover and possesses solid Imaan.

The noble companions were quick to follow the ways of the Sunnah, but today we question and investigate every Sunnah. We debate over every Sunnah and we abandon the Sunnah due to living in a western country.

The Sunnah is the solution to attaining success and becoming from amongst the Awliyah Allah. Without the Sunnah, there is no forgiveness. To consider the Sunnah as minor, is disbelief, hypocrisy and misguidance. Such a stance, takes a person far from Allah ta'ala.

In reality, we are misguided and at loss if we abandon the Sunnah. There is great loss in eating without washing the hands and in standing whilst drinking. Abandoning the Sunnah in such a way, causes misguidance, calamities and corruption upon a person. It results in Allah ta'ala's anger and punishment upon a person.

We should never think that we will become close to Allah ta'ala by abandoning the Sunnah.

Womenfolk should observe Purdah properly inside the house. Menfolk should grow the correct length of beard and adorn the turban. We should encourage our families to practice the ways of the Sunnah, for no knowledge nor worship will be beneficial. Only acts performed according to the Sunnah will be beneficial to a person.

If you revive one Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ, then you have truly celebrated the Milad, because this earns Nabi ﷺ's pleasure.

If you desire Allah ta'ala, then this is the only way. There is no other path besides this. Only through the Sunnah one may be connected to Allah ta'ala.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to implement. Ameen
24th Sep, 2023
Aya hai rabiul awl sb milk kry gy waada
Kryn gy sunaat hai jan meri toryn gy na ye wada......
Imama ho dhari ho ghr bhar ho prda ho
Ho ab ye zindagi pka kryn ye wada
Chahty ho agr Allah toh rsta yehi hai
Ho hr trf usk mehboob ka ujala....
Nisbat kryn hum unse gairo ki kryn nqlyn
Zalim na bn itna kl unse pry ga pala
Kitni bri dawt hai ye Allah ki trf se mehboob bn ja tu inka.......
Phr mehboob hai tu hmara
Sb anbiya safo mai srkar sbk agy
Krly ykeen is pr kesa hai ye nzara...
23rd Sep, 2023