Who Benefits From Dhikr?
Bayan, 36 minutes
14th September, 2023

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Who Benefits from Dhikr?

Being overly immersed in this world is a disease, and it is for this reason Nabi ﷺ advised us to visit the graves, so we can be reminded of our death.

We should hold belief that death can come at anytime. It is due to the sickness of our Nafs that we forget about death. In reality, death is closer than the blinking of an eyelid.

A person can only prepare for something efficiently, when it's reality is acknowledged and reminded of. Our lack of conviction in death, is the reason we fail to plan for our Hereafter. We love and chase what is fleeting and temporary.

When our loved ones depart from this world, naturally, we become grief-stricken. This is due to our connection with them. Crying for the deceased in general, does not bring the deceased benefit. When the weeping ends, the same individual reverts back to being concerned over his own condition. However, there are other Creations who will weep for the deceased upon his passing. Their weeping is very unique and until Qiyamah their crying will benefit the deceased person.

When certain individuals die, the Heavens and the Earth are relieved upon their passing. On the other hand, there are certain individuals who are recognised by the Creation and the Creation weep for them upon their passing. This is why we should aim to build a connection with the entire Creation and this is possible through one action.

When a Dhaakir passes away, the pathways he would pass, as well as the Heavens and the Earth, will weep profusely for him. This is because the Dhaakir is recognised by the seas, the trees, the leaves and the mountains. He built a connection with these Creations whilst he constantly remembered Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala will question His Creation, "Why do you weep upon remembering this individual?" They will respond saying, "This person has huge favours upon us." Allah ta'ala, despite knowing, will ask, "What favours?" They will say, "He would pass by us, engaging in the remembrance of Allah ta'ala and it would cause us to become rejuvenated."

Thereafter, the Earth and the Heavens will pray for his forgiveness and cause him to become successful for his Hereafter. Thus, until Qiyamah, the crying of the creation is beneficial for the deceased individual.

On the other hand, the Creation will say regarding those who passed by them and were heedless of Allah ta'ala's remembrance, "He used to pass by us with a dead heart and having engaged in bad actions, and it would cause destruction upon us."

This is how the Creation of Allah ta'ala will testify for and against a person, depending on his good or bad actions.

In Hadith it says that one mountain will ask the other mountain, "Has an observer of Dhikr passed by you today?" The mountain will reply with pride, "Yes, a Dhaakir passed by me today," and the other mountain will respond, "If only he passed by me today."

This is the value of Dhikr. The universe is based upon the success of Allah ta'ala's remembrance.
The value of our actions and the acceptance of our deeds, are based upon our Dhikr. This is why we shouldn't consider the act of Dhikr to be minor and we should be thankful to Allah ta'ala for the great opportunity of Dhikr.

One third of the Quran's message explains the deeds and preparation for our Hereafter, yet, Shaytan has made us extremely heedless of Dhikr. We fail to appreciate Dhikr and we abandon Dhikr. This is due to possessing dead hearts.

Hadhrat Muadh Ibn Jabal رضي الله عنه was close to death and his colleagues were sat next to him. He said, "I have a lot of love for the world and I prefer to stay in this world, not to work and establish businesses. Rather, so I may include myself in further Dhikr Gatherings."

We have no passion for Dhikr. We exert ourselves in worldly matters and achieve no results. If we were to exert ourselves in remembering Allah ta'ala, the Creation would weep for us after we pass away which would benefit us. This is the great status of a Dhaakir.

We shouldn't consider the Dhikr Gatherings to be minor or a waste of time. In reality, we are unaware of the great things these Gatherings provide for our Hereafter. We shouldn’t partake in these Gatherings for secondary reasons, seeking the world through them, lest, we shall suffer in both worlds. By abandoning the Dhikr Gathering, a person incurs great loss.

We should be grateful to Allah ta'ala for selecting us to attend such a Gathering which cannot compare to any other place.
In another Hadith, it is mentioned that when a Dhaakir passes away, a unique thing takes place. The Gathering in which he used to partake in, is presented before him whilst he is dying. Furthermore, the people that used to sit with him, become visible to him at the time of his death. This provides him peace and calmness. And often, the angel of death provides ease and comfort to such a dying one, by helping him recite the Shahadah.

Shaytan also accompanies a person at the time of his death and this is a very severe time upon a person. Thus, we should seek Allah ta'ala's protection from Shaytan overwhelming us at the time of death. We should ask Allah ta'ala for Imaan at the time of our death.

Our love for this world shouldn't prevent us from attending the Dhikr Gatherings through which a person is welcomed and befriended by the Creation of Allah ta'ala.

We should have love for the Dhikr of Allah ta'ala.
A time will come where we will regret not attending the Dhikr Gatherings as these Gatherings may be lifted from us at any time, whenever Allah ta'ala wills. For as long as this opportunity is present, we should take full advantage of it.

We must travel and sacrifice to attend these Gatherings. We shouldn’t follow our own desires and abandon the Dhikr gatherings due to minor excuses. When we have love for the Awliyah Allah in our hearts and a true desire to attend the Dhikr Gatherings, Allah ta'ala then sends us to these beautiful Gatherings.

There is a very great loss for those who abandon the Dhikr Gatherings. They are unfortunate and are unaware of their misfortune and great deprivation. They are unaware that Allah ta'ala is displeased with them and considers them dead. This is because they merely run after the world and materialism. They have no awareness of their purpose in life.

We were not created to merely fulfil our desires here and waste time. If we live in such a way, we will receive no benefit whatsoever in both worlds. On the other hand, the Dhaakir remains alive in both worlds.

The Dhaakireen and the Awliyah Allah come to a person's assistance at the time of his death. If you had a connection in this world with spiritually good people, then they will appear in front of you at the time of your death, as well as the Dhikr Gatherings and the pious people. Thereafter, a person gains a peaceful death.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the love and passion for Dhikr.
15th Sep, 2023