Easy Way to Prepare for Death
Bayan, 49 minutes
7th September, 2023

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Easy Way to Prepare for Death

The worst intoxication for a human being is intoxication for fame, wealth, status and power. These are all forms of worldly intoxications and obsessions.

An intellectual person knows that this world is a temporary abode, so he fixates his life upon the preparation for the Hereafter. Thus, his entire outlook and desires remain in accordance to his purpose.

The most effective way a person may change and improve himself, is through witnessing death. There is no greater means of propagation than death. Allah ta'ala sends the community a message through the death of others.

Furthermore, behind every word of the Awliyah Allah, lies the preparation for the Hereafter.

My Hadhrat Sahib once mentioned in a letter of condolence; "The world and its contents are temporary. Our living in this world is temporary. Our businesses and our houses are temporary. You will leave your wife and children. Until yesterday your brothers were here, and now they have gone to such a place where they will not return. Do not waste your time. Spend your time in Dhikr. Be steadfast in prayers and try your utmost best to refrain from sins. Soon, death will come to everyone."

Death leaves behind a silent but great message for everyone. Only the one who has concern and fear of the Hereafter, as well as the certainty of death, will realise the reality of death.

When our loved ones pass away, many of us try to forget our sadness and we reassure ourselves. If only we understood the message and took heed from death, our lives would be changed and improved.

Everything in life is temporary, so chasing after temporary things, results in huge loss for a person at the time of his death.
On the other hand, a person who strives to prepare for his Hereafter, strengthens his connection with his Sheikh. He immerses himself in Dhikr and follows the ways of the Sunnah. In such a manner, he passes away whilst remembering Allah ta'ala.

We should ponder over our preparation. If we had true certainty in death, we would prepare for it and our actions would be in accordance with our preparation. We should reflect over the condition of our prayers. Are our prayers deserving of acceptance? We should regularly assess ourselves in order to attain success in the afterlife.

If we knew that after praying our Salah, the angel of death would be removing our soul, our prayer would be performed at an excellent standard and we would exercise much focus and attention in our prayer. In reality, every Salah of a believer should be performed to this level.

A person should never become complacent with his deeds. Reciting Istighfãr after our prayers, serves as a reminder to us, that our prayers are lacking and we were not able to fulfil our prayers according to its due right.

We cannot prepare for death until we are convinced in it. To develop the certainty of death, there is a formula prescribed by our pious predecessors.

إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

Here, we promise to worship Allah ta'ala alone and seek His Help.

One may become successful practically, through this statement.

Every portion of our life holds a purpose and connects us with our preparation for the Hereafter. There is an action which we should adopt every morning and evening for 40 days.

Every morning as we rise, we should make a promise to Allah ta'ala saying; "Oh Allah, You gave me the opportunity to see another day. I promise that I will spend this day in accordance to Your obedience and I will perform all my actions throughout the day, in order to please You. I intend to please You through my actions, even if I may be setting off for work or attending a wedding, and on the contrary, I will abandon that action altogether. I promise to fulfil all my prayers and I will refrain from backbiting and other sins. I will not oppress anyone and I will hold on to all those means through which I may attain Your forgiveness and pleasure. I seek Your assistance, for I cannot fulfil this promise without Your assistance to enable me."

We should keep this promise at the forefront of our minds every day and try not to act against it.

Every night, we should reflect over how we spent our day. We should assess whether we fulfilled all the promises we made to Him. We must repent to Allah ta'ala for any mistakes we committed during the day.
The pious predecessors state, that if a person makes this promise, then he will be successful. Hadhrat Dr Abdul Hayy Aarifi رحمة الله عليه mentions, "I guarantee that whoever passes away during this night, he will enter Paradise directly."

Such a person passes away with forgiveness and he receives the death of a Wali Allah.

My Sheikh mentioned, " The path of life is very difficult as you have the Nafs and Shaytan waiting to attack you. To make this life easy for you, you desperately require the focus and attention of a Sheikh, as well as his prayers." If you attain these things from your Sheikh, your life will be made easy for you.

Thus, we should strive to strengthen our connection with our Sheikh for this reason, that our Hereafter is improved and so that we may attain a successful death.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the correct preparation for our Hereafter.
9th Sep, 2023
What a beautiful, inspirational, emotional and life-changing bayan! May my connection with my beloved remain genuine and strong until the end of my time and may Allah help me to earn such a death.

8th Sep, 2023