What is the Benefit of Doing Dua for Others?
Bayan, 24 minutes
10th August, 2023

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What is the Benefit of Doing Dua for Others?

Difficulties, sicknesses and sorrows are a common experience in our life. We may have a desire for a task to be completed or we may suddenly become sick. There is a very great solution to overcome any negative experience or to fulfil any desire of ours. The solution is to supplicate to Allah ta'ala. It doesn't matter how severe the difficulty is, the issue will disappear and our needs will be fulfilled.

ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ

"Call unto Me, [and] I shall respond to you!" [40:60]

In Hadith it is mentioned that as soon as a person supplicates, Allah ta'ala opens the doors of His Mercy for that person.

Shaytan recognised Allah ta'ala and he understood Allah ta'ala's attribute of granting. Therefore, he sought Allah ta'ala's permission to misguide the people and Allah ta'ala granted him this opportunity. On the other hand, we are people of faith so we should hold certainty in our supplications being accepted.

Supplication to Allah ta'ala is a great tool and treasure for every human. It doesn't matter what kind of issues we face, our Dua’s will also be accepted.

Shaytan rids us of certainty in our supplications. He creates whispers which turn us away. As a result, we take up other resources to have our needs fulfilled.

Dua isn't made from the tongue. Rather, it is made from the heart. Many of us raise our hands to supplicate, but lack certainty in our own hearts. We are very weak in certitude and inattentive in our supplications. We request others to pray for us not realising that this is great foolishness and negligence!
This is because we are abandoning a great asset and tool. We are drowned in problems, yet we avoid use this blessing to our own advantage.
If we raise our hands with certainty, Allah ta'ala will fulfil our desires and beyond. He may not grant us exactly what we desire, but rather, He will grant us what He knows is best for us.

If we had true certainty that Allah ta'ala surely bestows upon us, then we would be extremely pleased with whatever Allah ta'ala grants us. This is because His bestowal is based upon divine wisdom and what we desired, would've caused us loss and would've been unsuitable. Although we desire it earnestly, it wouldn't have allowed us to succeed.

When we abandon this tool of supplication, we end up implementing unlawful means to solve our problems. Whereas, whoever has certainty and asks from Allah ta'ala, he will definitely be granted by Him and imagine the many blessings in His bestowal!

Allah ta'ala's wisdom is present and His door is open for us. Thus, we should be pleased when He grants us according to His preferences. Delays are due to His wisdom, so we shouldn't be distressed. When we are delayed from receiving a blessing, there is still benefit for us because our patience is now being tested. Due to this, Allah ta'ala grants us great blessings in the Hereafter.

The Messengers didn't have their supplications accepted for many years. This was a test for them. We should have certainty that our request has reached the court of Allah ta'ala and we should wait knowing that He will grant us the best at a suitable time.

Our Dua's never return empty-handed. Rather, they are always accepted by Allah ta'ala. If you're impatient, it means you lack certainty and you are afraid. The more you ask, the more your status is increased.

Hadhrat Abu Dardah رضي الله عنه 's wife, once told her son in law, Hadhrat Abdullah bin Safwaan رضي الله عنه that, "If a person supplicates for another individual in his absence, then that Dua is most definitely accepted. Allah ta'ala assigns an angel for that individual who responds with "Ameen" to that supplication and the Angel then requests Allah ta'ala to grant goodness and betterment to the one supplicating."

In Bukhari Shareef, Hadhrat Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه narrates that "when a person supplicates for another person in his absence, then Allah ta'ala accepts the supplication and grants the supplicant what he is asking for."

If we wish for our problems to be solved, we should pray for the needs of other people. This is a great solution for receiving from Allah and there are many wisdoms behind this action.

To summarise,

1) Dua is worship. When you supplicate for someone else, you gain the reward of worship.

2) You are requesting betterment and goodness for your brother through your supplication, so there is great reward in that.

3) This Dua is accepted, so when the individual attains this goodness, you will also be included by receiving a share in his reward.

4) As long as the person's goodness continues, you also continue to receive the reward and you also attain the goodness which you sought for the other person.

If you pray for a person who is your enemy or who is pestering you, then this is a great achievement! This is a form of cure because this is the way to attain Tazkiyah (spiritual rectification) of your heart. When you pray for a person who has distressed you, then anger and revenge is removed from your heart and your own rectification begins.

When you have enmity towards someone, you often end up committing sins trying to take the matter in your own hands. You should immediately pray for that person sincerely. In this way, your status will be elevated and you will attain Allah ta'ala's nearness. You may not attain reward from a thousand acts of worship, but supplicating for an enemy, will grant you more rewards than a thousand Hajj.

When you pray for goodness and success for your enemy, it causes your own rectification to take place. This is the cure to removing malice and anger from your heart.

Allah ta'ala dislikes a person harbouring malice and hatred in his heart. This is because nothing impacts such a heart and Allah ta'ala doesn’t accept such a heart. This is why Tazkiyah is the biggest solution for this. The Messengers came to teach good manners and rectification.

We are so stingy that despite knowing that our Dua's are accepted after Fard prayers, we fail to supplicate. We are facing many hurdles and problems, yet, we fail to supplicate to Allah ta'ala.

By supplicating, at least we may receive the reward for this act and for having patience.

We should make a habit from today to pray for ourselves and to pray for those who are more in need than us. Thereafter, automatically Allah ta'ala will fulfil our needs too and this is His promise.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to implement these precious learnings.
14th Aug, 2023