The Greatest Deed
Bayan, 29 minutes
13th July, 2023

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The Greatest Deed

The remembrance of Allah ta'ala is the greatest form of worship compared to all other worship. It is the soul of all worship. All acts of worship are made complete through Dhikr, otherwise, they are not considered 'worship'. If this is the case, then one can only imagine the greatness of the Dhikr Gathering!

The person who attends a Dhikr Gathering, regardless of his intentions, he will never leave the Gathering empty-handed. This is a guarantee from Allah ta'ala. If you receive the opportunity to attend such a blessed Dhikr Gathering in this day and age, you should consider it Allah ta'ala's extreme Grace and Blessings upon you.

It is mentioned in Hadith that the greatest treasure gifted to a person from Allah ta'ala is the ability to remember Him. We will only realise this great treasure in the afterlife.

Everything is attained for a person via the Dhikr of Allah ta'ala. That is how great it is!

There are innumerable blessings of Allah ta'ala upon us. If we were to place all our blessings upon one side, the single blessing of the ability of Dhikr, outweighs all other blessings by far.

When a person remembers Allah ta'ala, He earns the mercy and blessings of Allah ta'ala . In whichever state he engages in Dhikr, he will be wrapped in Mercy.

The pious teachers from the Naqshbandi order are very unique. They encourage us to engage in Dhikr all the time. The miracle of the Great Mashãikh is that they cause even a great bandit or a severely misguided person to reach Allah ta'ala in a very short amount of time.

Allah ta'ala's Mercy is constantly showered upon the Dhaakir, therefore, he shouldn't worry that he is devoid from it. "Why am I sick? Why isn't my business picking up?" "Perhaps Allah ta'ala has barred me from His Mercy?" Rather, he should be assured that these are merely circumstances and ups and downs of the world. In reality, if a Dhaakir falls ill, he is still promoted in the eyes of Allah ta'ala. His status is still raised through Allah ta'ala's Mercy. It was written for him to fall into a calamity, but due to him being a Dhaakir, his status is being raised in Paradise. This is because he is engulfed in Allah ta'ala's Mercy. Thus, a person who is negligent of Dhikr becomes devoid of the Mercy of Allah ta'ala.

A person who attaches himself with a Sheikh, becomes a Dhaakir immediately and his heart is always alive and engrossed in Dhikr. The more lessons of Dhikr he learns, the more his status becomes elevated.

The more you improve yourself and the more effort you make, the higher your status in the eyes of Allah ta'ala. You won't reach the heights without hard work and effort.

If a Dhaakir abstains from sins and works hard, it is as if he is greeting the angels in this world and special miracles are unravelled for him. Furthermore, when he falls sick, the angels come to visit him. This is the greatness of this Naqshbandi order! It is unfortunate that we give in to our desires despite learning this. We shouldn't waste our life being devoid of Dhikr as we will then regret it in the afterlife.

The Dhikr Gatherings are held early in the morning, therefore, our businesses and occupations are not affected due to these Dhikr Gatherings. Rather, through these beneficial gatherings, laziness is removed from us, as well as all those things which incur loss upon us.

Our objective of Dhikr is to keep our connection close with Allah ta'ala and nothing else. Shaytan has deceived us in to thinking that Dhikr is unimportant and holds no benefit. We should crush our desires in the morning and this will help us to stop making excuses and advance eagerly towards these Dhikr Gatherings. We waste the rank and rewards of the Hereafter by giving in to the temptations of our desires.
Allah ta'ala selects special individuals to engage in His remembrance. They are those people who He loves. If you work hard upon Tazkiyah, abstain from sin and you are steadfast upon Dhikr, then you will attain Wilaayat.

Hadhrat Sheikh Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Rahmatullahi alayh mentioned that the Dhikr of Allah ta'ala is such a great action, that there is no limitations or set quantity attached to it. One should perform it continuously. Allah ta'ala's name holds many blessings and it will always benefit you, regardless of the intention one keeps whilst performing it. Hadhrat Sheikh Gangohi Rahmatullahi alayh gave a message to his great disciples to never ever abandon the Dhikr of Allah ta'ala in every condition and circumstance. They were advised to keep the Dhikr of Allah ta'ala alive and it will continue to benefit them.

One can only attain Allah ta'ala's nearness through His remembrance. We should continue to perform the Dhikr which our Sheikh has prescribed, even if we don't feel like doing it, for it cannot be that Dhikr does not benefit us.

Our great pious predecessors would travel thousands of miles to attend these beautiful Gatherings. This is such a Great Gathering that there is forgiveness kept for a person in every Gathering he attends, even if he is a sinner! This is a guarantee from Allah ta'ala which we shouldn’t doubt. This is because Allah ta'ala selects such a person to attend this Gathering. He didn't look towards such a person's sins and defects, rather, He liked something about this person so allowed him to attend the Gathering. Death can come at anytime but a person who attends both Gatherings and passes away, he receives the stamp of approval that he is forgiven.

As soon as the Dhikr Gatherings ends, an angel calls out in the heavens that Allah ta'ala has forgiven so and so. The more a person sacrifices for these Gatherings, Allah ta'ala is aware of it and He rewards him accordingly. He never leaves him empty handed or in loss.

Hadhrat Mujaddid Alf Thani Rahmatullahi alayh, mentioned, "Whoever enters into my silsila, I declare that such an individual will be forgiven, guaranteed. He will pass away upon the Kalimah and with faith."

Allah ta'ala has connected us to this order but Nafs and Shaytan are also with us, therefore, we should remind ourselves of these Ahadith and be grateful to Allah ta'ala for this beautiful opportunity of Dhikr.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to implement.
15th Jul, 2023