We Need Peace
English Bayan, 23 mins
9th May, 2022

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We Need Peace The greatest wealth for a man no matter how poor he is, no matter how many difficulties and problems he has, these are all circumstances of the life of a human being. The ups and downs are a part of a person's life. Today a person is sick, tomorrow he may be cured. Today he may be wealthy, tomorrow he may be poor. A person may be healthy and fit today, but tomorrow he may be weak. So there's no guarantee for anything and a person can never remain in one state or condition. However if a person possesses one thing, then he is able to endure everything which comes his way. Allah has enabled strength for the human being so that he is able to live and endure. Otherwise, how will a poor person be able to endure the difficulties? How would a distressed person be able to bear his difficulties? So Allah has prepared a great solution for the one who has problems. A beautiful solution. No matter how distressed or upset a person is. No matter how poor he is. No matter how tested and grief-stricken a person is. No matter how many problems he has fallen in to. In any stage of his life which he has reached, Allah ta’ala has given him a great solution and if he has that one thing, then everything will be made easy for him. If we understand this point, then there is no difficulty which can possibly remain with a person! In his old age, he feels young. During his sickness, he becomes fit and vibrant. During his poverty, he becomes wealthy. Allah ta’ala has given such a solution and through this solution, you can receive benefits but we don’t pay attention to it. And what is this thing that if we were to possess it, what is it? That is the contentment of the heart. Peace is found in the heart. You won’t find peace in your eyes, or your nose, where is the place of peace? In the heart. So Allah ta’ala has prepared for such a thing that if a person has peace, then he can endure the most difficult of trials with ease. It doesn’t matter how great the difficulty is, he won’t even realise. It doesn’t matter how severe the sickness it, he will not realise it. He may be so poor, but he deems himself to be the most wealthiest. You will see for example, people have depression. There is a condition nowadays in this generation called depression. After depression the human being goes through different stages. Mental breakdowns and then people go towards suicide. So all of these conditions have a root cause. There is a lack of peace and sukoon in the heart. To gain the solution for this, what do we do? What does the world do? People themselves don’t actually know what is wrong with them. They don’t understand the solution for their distress. He says, “I don’t have money, perhaps that’s why I’m distressed.” Lack of money, so he runs after money. Then he says, “no this is not the reason,” then he goes towards other things. So he tries all different methods. He listens to music and evil and sins. He takes up every avenue, but despite that he still feels restlessness and desperateness within himself. We think that the one who is the wealthiest in the world, he is enjoying himself. Sometimes we see that a person has big houses and he must have great assets inside. We see the big cars coming and going from the driveway. Servants are stood there and everything is running smoothly. Wallahi if you saw their lives, then in the absence of peace, everything is a waste. If you take a look in world history, many wealthy individuals have passed, approximately 30 wealthy individuals and from amongst them, 16 committed suicide. They were so wealthy and one of them was so wealthy through his buildings and assets that if he was to distribute his wealth across the entire world, there would be no one who remained poor on this earth! That’s how wealthy he was. Occasionally this is how much wealth Allah gives to a person. But, what happened in the end with that person? He committed suicide. Why? Because he had no peace. Money doesn’t bring wealth. You could have the most luxurious bed, but in the absence of peace, you can't sleep throughout the night. He says, “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m confused.” And then there are some who are shackled and imprisoned, the policeman listen to his snoring and they say surprisingly, “he is in such a difficult position yet he is snoring.” They take a glance and say, “is he that person? He is in such a position, yet he is at peace and comfort. Imagine how much he must sleep at home then if he is sleeping here with ease.” What is the reason for this? This is the peace and contentment of the heart. So where do we get that from? It doesn’t come from money nor music, nor women, nor youth. It cannot be attained by anything. It doesn’t come. If someone says, “I want contentment,” it can’t be brought from the shop. Money can buy many things, but it can’t buy you peace. Tell me. Where has Allah kept peace? Allah has announced comprehensively in regards to this. We should understand this knowledge going through all phases of our life, that whatever has been written in our destiny, will definitely reach us. There is a dua of the Holy Prophet sallallahu wa sallam, that “oh Allah grant me strong certainty and conviction that whatever is written in my destiny, arrives to me for sure.” What a great dua. We should recite this dua after prayer, after we do dua. If you cant remember it in Arabic, then the Ulamah explain these duas, then you should imprint it upon your heart. It is such a great dua, “oh Allah grant me whatever is in my fate, and grant me certainty that it will reach me.” That’s it. What an amazing dua. If I have conviction in this, then my distresses will end. I have a career for example, I am a taxi driver and I have so much certainty that via this taxi driving, whatever is in my destiny until the evening will reach me. I will definitely receive it. So would I then be distressed brothers? No. I would be happy that I received £10 today, or £15 were written for me today. Sometimes, £30 and that was written in my destiny. You’ll see thousands of examples like this. You leave home in the morning and you didn’t know that a problem will befall you. I left home and how did I know that this was going to happen to me. How did I know? I left home with ease. I’m telling you my own story. I left home with ease, how did I know? I’m turning my car carefully and I saw a car accident occur behind me and the components of the car broke. So this is not the planning of man, these things just happen. But here, if there was no peace of the heart, we would say “oh I have been finished, my taxi has been involved in an accident and there’s a problem with the car.” Instead when it happens, say “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajiun.” Recite this immediately and leave the rest upon Allah. Assign your affairs to Allah. That’s it. So that which is going to happen, will happen. But there is one thing. Strengthen your conviction that whatever is going to befall me in my life, will befall me and there is no power of the world which can remove that. So life becomes easier after that isn’t it? So this is the situation. Whatever is going to come in your life or occur, why be upset about it? Why are we feeling depressed and down? Because we don’t have peace in our heart. When one has peace of heart, he rises nicely, prays salaah. Whatever he does, whatever is in his destiny, he eats pure food. When he becomes ill, sneezing, he doesn’t worry. Because it is written in his fate. So what should we do? Keep ourselves calm and at peace during our ups and downs. We shouldn’t be upset and say, “I’m going to die, what will happen? The doctor said I am sick.” Or I have high sugar levels,” this and that. Sit calmly with ease and tell yourself, that this has happened. Alhamdulillah. The one who has made me sick will also give me the cure. It was in my destiny so it has happened. So what a great learning. Allah’s Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said what? That if someone has a son and his son dies, then if he has conviction and faith in Allah, then he wont be upset. He will definitely have tears naturally but he understands that his son came from Allah and Allah has taken him. It was Allah’s property. So when he has such a strong connection with Allah, then alhamdulillah his worry ends. His sickness is eliminated. So the greatest thing is what? Peace of the heart. Say SubhaanAllah. And Allah says that even water, you have to purchase it if you go to the shop. It is £1 mineral water. Yes even though Allah has even made oceans and rivers but even water, you have to purchase for a pound. SubhaanAllah the whole world can thrive, success and solutions can be attained through this and Allah says I will give it to you free of charge. Is there anyone who wishes to take it? This is the question. Is there anyone who wants peace? Is there anyone who wants peace of the heart? No. No one wants it. We don’t know how to attain peace. Yes Allah says ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَتَطْمَئِنُّ قُلُوبُهُم بِذِكْرِ ٱللَّهِ Allah has given the verse in the Quran. ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَتَطْمَئِنُّ قُلُوبُهُم بِذِكْرِ ٱللَّهِ ۗ أَلَا بِذِكْرِ ٱللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ ٱلْقُلوب A clear verse of the Quran. Allah says if you want to attain peace, then it will come in the heart. And how will it come? Allah says only one method can deliver this to you. Allah says I have kept peace via one action. Nothing else will provide it. And what is that? The dhikr of Allah. Tell me. Then Allah says, أَلَا بِذِكْرِ ٱللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ ٱلْقُلوب "Verily in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find peace." Allah says, beware. Dont even doubt. There is no medicine for this. There is no cure for this. You can run around the entire world searching for this peace and you can try to seek it, but it can only be attained through one action. Though dhikr of Allah. And this blessing and treasure is only for who? ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا Those who believe in me. What a great thing. Allah says , it is only for those who have Imaan within them. The person who has no Imaan does not engage in dhikr. That’s why they run around blindfolded. They go to pubs and consume alcohol, woman and still its all futile and waste. Due to it, they hit and they fight and they argue and they get peace and happiness for 5 minutes through their bad actions. There is no peace. Divorces occur through their wrong efforts. The whole society is corrupted with the wrong actions despite us having Imaan. It is shocking that we have Imaan yet we say that we have no peace and contentment. لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله What a big loss. It is a minor thing Allah says. What does Allah say? Just start remembering me. Do my dhikr. The more you remember me, immediately when you remember me, Allah sends down the rain of His Mercy. Your distress will be removed. Your heart will be content. Experience this my brothers that whenever you have a problem or sorrow, perform dhikr and go into Muraqabah like the tasbih that we do. Engage in tasbih for 10 minutes. And when the greatest sorrow or bad news comes to you, then alhamdulillah you will go towards gratitude and you will be content that this is my destiny. Sickness will come and you will leave this world. The doctor has said I am sick, what can I do? What can we do? We can’t do anything about it. Peace comes from Allah so be content. A person doesn’t realise, the time passes and the life passes. If the life is to end, it will end and if the life is to be extended, it will be extended. If not, then Allah will call you back. But, if you say ,”oh I’m finished now. What will happen now. Who shall I go to?” Run here. Let me get a cure from here. This will all finish, there is only one cure. Turn to Allah. So this is the invitation. Many people are sick today. Some say it is Jinns. Some say it is ghosts. Someone says, “so and so did black magic on me.” Someone says this, someone says that. It is nothing! This is the punishment for the believers, that you have the cure present with you, but you don’t cure yourself, so take the punishment Allah says. Despite having the solutions, you do wrong actions, and run after the wrong solutions, then you will not get peace. So try. Allah has given the method. A person should use the method that Allah has given to cure his problem with isn’t it? Yes we should follow the method Allah has prescribed. Allah says pray 5 times a day, so we pray 5 times a day, we cant pray 7 times a day can we? Allah says pray Jumuah once a week. Can you pray Jumuah 5 times? No. Allah says that Ramadan is 30 days, will you make it 2 months? No. “oh I enjoy Ramadan. There is a lot of reward. Let’s extend it.” Such a person instead of getting reward, will gain punishment. So Allah has granted us the method. يأيها الذين آمنوا اذكروا الله ذكرا كثيرا و سبحوه بكرة و اصيلا Yes. Two things Allah has said. Do my dhikr. Remember me. And its not a minor dhikr or something to reject. Allah said prayers are 5 times a day. End of story. Hajj is once in a lifetime. Yes? You can do it more if you want. Allah says once is enough, there’s no need to keep running around. Do one Hajj, do it properly. Secure it and seal it. Not that you return and you lose it and then next year you purchase another flight ticket again. Allah says, oh my servant perform it once and protect it, make it such a high quality, that in paradise the envelope will open with reward. There’s massive value if Allah has enabled you to perform hajj and Umrah but we should safeguard it and not waste it. Allah has forgiven us and the sins have been eliminated , it is as though you have just been born from your mother and you have given Salaam to the Holy Prophet sallallahu sallallahu wa sallam and he has replied to your greeting. You have gone to Allah’s home and you have got success and he has done dua for you and has also requested your forgiveness. Isnt it? When you go to the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you make a request for forgiveness and he requests the forgiveness. End of story. After you do all of this, you come back, as soon as you get off the plane you resort to your old ways. So where’s all our action and effort gone? So perform it once but with quality. Okay? Everything is in the destiny. But Allah says, my dhikr has a limit, a high limit, Allah says, يأيها الذين آمنوا اذكروا الله ذكرا كثيرا So what is ذكرا كثيرا ? If you want to do dhikr correctly then look at the cure which the Quran mentions, otherwise all lifelong you will have no peace or contentment. If contentment has come to you, then even at the time of death, you will depart with peace. You will depart smiling. Remember my words. You will not have any fear at the time of death. You will recite the Kalimah in an amazing way. You will greet the angels. I’ve personally seen such deaths. The person who is dying, says to the angels, اهلا وسهلا come in, sit down. He starts speaking to them in Arabic “come and sit down.” The people near him ask, “who is he speaking to?” He stands up, even though he wasn’t able to stand. “Sit sit” he seats them. The people asked, Who is he seating? He says, “make space for them.” So he began speaking to the angels and greeting them. He became so happy? His life changed. Why? Because he had started to see. And what was he?He was a Dhaakir. I’m telling you the truth. People say, “what type of death is this?” brothers, this is all within our control. Allah has given us the tools to achieve everything. If we don’t do achieve it, then it is our fault. So we should remember Allah abundantly. What is كثير? To remember Allah with every second. How has Allah prepared for that? Allah says learn how to do my dhikr in your heart. Allah says I have given the duty to the doctors. I have created human beings who teach dhikr in the world wherever you go. Go Bolton, go USA, go to the poles, I swear by Allah that wherever a Muslim goes, Allah will send a man there who will teach Him dhikr. He will teach him dhikr. It cannot be that he doesn’t have that resource. Half of England has learnt dhikr from me mashaaAllah, even little children. Dhikr has arrived everywhere. Why? Allah says that this is my deen and if I announce something in the Quran, then will I not deliver it to the people? How can it be that Allah is announcing yet doesn’t deliver dhikr. Rather, we are miser. Allah says that we have to learn كثير dhikr from the teacher. Ask him to teach you and He will put his finger on your heart, he will focus on your heart and make your heart alive. Finish. ٱلَّذِينَ يَذْكُرُونَ ٱللَّهَ قِيَٰمًا وَقُعُودًا وَعَلَىٰ جُنُوبِهِمْ So this is a gift whether you are 30 years old, 80 years old, a young man, 20 years. I got this when I was 30 years old. In my thirties. Yes. Someone got it at 27 years old, many years later but whenever you get it, immediately consider it to be a gift and treasure from Allah. The treasure has come in to my hand and I wasted my life before this but Allah is making the rest of my life easy now. 70 years or 80 years or 90 years old I am now. I cant hide the beard now, it is all white. Allah is giving me this from above so I need to appreciate this. Say SubhaanAllah. Do you understand كثير now? When your heart is alive then it is كثير dhikr. That’s it. The heart is motoring so now it is written that these people are those who engaged in abundant dhikr. The whole verse. The womenfolk and the menfolk. Allah says اعد لهم I have prepared a beautiful Jannah for them. This is for the men and women who engage in abundant dhikr. So should we do this or not tell me my brothers? This is our choice. So what does Allah say after that? Allah says , “abundant dhikr.” Then He says, سبحوه بكرة و اصيلا Allah says, Be regular and consistent – morning and evening. Whether you do it for 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes, but Allah has allotted these two times that you should do nothing else at that time besides my dhikr. Say SubhaanAllah. Everything else on one side and Allah has told the method that as soon as Fajr Salah ends, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would engage in dhikr. Hadhrat Ali and Umar Radhiyallahu anhuma would also follow this practice. All the sahabah would do this as they saw Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do. What did he do? As soon as Fajr salah ended, he would perform Muraqabah and he would stay in that place. Whoever does this, sits in the same place and does Muraqabah for 5 minutes, sit until Ishraaq if Allah gives the ability, then he will not go empty handed Allah says. In Sahih Bukhari hadith it says that he will receive the reward of one Umrah and one Hajj. There is no other greater action. We perform other actions, do this, do that, but brothers, do as Allah is prescribing. Say SubhaanAllah. Otherwise, we have wasted our Hajj and Umrah. We can’t say, “such and such is dhikr.” You cant make up your own dhikr. Whatever is being prescribed, that is authentic dhikr. SubhaanAllah is dhikr. Alhamdulillah is dhikr. Laa ilaaha illallaah is dhikr. Hasbunallah is dhikr. Be immersed in dhikr and enjoy until the sun comes out. When the sun comes out, immediately perform 2 raka'ah, pray for gratitude just like we pray for eid salaah, a celebration. So you get up and go to the direction and pray the salaah and Allah will give you one Hajj and one Umrah reward. Throughout the day, all of your actions, all of your affairs becomes Allah’s responsibility. Allah says, “I am responsible.” And then you will have peace. You will bear whatever happens at home, problems, disputes, you will endure and Allah will give you khair. But you won’t be desperate. You won’t feel desperateness in your life. You won’t be sorrowful and You’ll be alert, regardless of the car accident or problem, and these will occur. Not that, “I do dhikr, why did this happen? But the difference is that when the issue would arise before, you used to run around like a headless chicken but now you say, “Allah will do khair, Allah has given this.” So we have discussed this today, the rest we will discuss next time. So we need to learn dhikr and we should do dhikr morning and evening. Alhamdulillah. And we should do it in abundance. Learn dhikr of the heart. It is very simple. Close your eyes, focus on your heart, however your Sheikh instructs you to, you should do dhikr like that. Sit down for 5,10 minutes. Even if you sit down for 5 minutes you wont feel like getting up due to enjoyment. “let me carry on.” Why? Because you are remembering Allah. No one is forcing you. It is not hard work or effort. You’re drowsy, you’re feeling sleepy, your tongue is not moving, no tasbih, no counting, no effort. Ease and comfort. So easy, but such a great dhikr. Hadhrat Shaykh ul Hadith sahib said that if you want to do dhikr, then do the dhikr of the heart, it is 70 times greater. Those are the people who have experience. Read Fazaail-e-A’amaal. It is recorded in there. So may Allah ta’ala grant us the ability. I didn’t intend to give a talk today, I thought we will do dhikr today, but then you invited me and some good words have been discussed. I just wanted to host dhikr because time is short, I came with that intention. But these points came in my mind, that let us speak of the contentment of the heart. So I have complete hope on Allah that someone who was listening was in need that Allah ta’ala changed my mind and there was definitely a reason behind this that how many people are benefiting due to what we have discussed today. And what we have today, is not peace my brothers. There is wealth, children, houses, assets shops, businesses but I swear by Allah there is no contentment. There is no satisfaction in society. Everyone is drowning in problems. People are talking but there minds are somewhere else. They are thinking, but they are thinking something else, to this extent that they are sleeping and their brain is somewhere else. What a weird life we are living in, we are eating nice things, but our minds are thinking something else. Distress, Problems, issues, there are ups and downs. So when a person gets problems, he needs to persevere. His business flops, etc this is part of life. These things happen, these are challenges Allah gives. Allah says whoever has peace, then he will live with ease but without peace, it becomes punishment for that person so doing dhikr is a great thing. That’s why Allah has given a separate door to paradise for the Dhaakireen. Everybody will be going and Allah will say, “these are the Dhaakireen , a separate door, door number 8.” Allah will say, “only the Dhakireen will go through number 8 who did my dhikr in the world.” May Allah ta’ala grant us all the ability. Ameen. Recite Durood Shareef.
21st May, 2022
SubhanAllah what a beautiful lesson again. Amongst the greatest nimaats of Allah Taala upon us is having our honourable and beloved Hadhrat sahib as our true guide and teacher in such a dark world. Alhamdulillah. May Allah Taala keep us under the shade of Hadhrat sahib ameen.
15th May, 2022