The Paths of Love
English Bayan, 44 mins
30th April, 2022

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The Paths of Love Today is the final part of Ramadan and it is Allah's Grace that He has also given us an extra day of Ramadan. Allah has extended Ramadan by another day and this is not a small thing. It is a great gift of Allah in reality, if we ponder over it. What is the value of this extra day we are getting? In reality, if one’s entire life be put to a side without Ramadan and this one day be put on one side on its own, then this day would be heavier. Because this is connected. If it was disconnected, then it would've been part of the next month. But because this day is connected to this month of Ramadan, it becomes more valuable. Allah ta'ala gives us the whole Ramadan like this. It is Allah's Grace a million times over that Ramadan passed in this style that there is an increase in the love of Allah. We have been speaking in a unique way throughout Ramadan and we can call this Ma'rifah, we can call this reality, we can call it Allah's love. Yes. The real thing here is that Allah ta'ala comes in to our hearts somehow. All our discussions are beneficial at that time whether it is speech, whether we are listening, whether it is Hadith, recitation of Quran, whatever good deed we do, the main focus should be that Allah ta'ala's love is instilled within our hearts. This is what we need to focus on. This is the final chance which Allah ta'ala has given us. He has given us an extra connection and given us an extra ability to sit down again. So come, let's speak about something containing the love, some words which can increase the love of Allah for the human being. So today because it is the 29th today and on this day people look for the moon. In this day there is a wisdom. Sometimes Allah makes the month of Ramadan 29 days but He gives the reward of 30. This is also a unique statement. This is also a great thing and if Allah ta'ala gives 30 then Allah ta'ala also gives an increase in His nearness. So we have been given an increase in Ma'rifah. In nearness to Allah. So Allah has increased our love even more through the blessings of today. So love increases when you speak about those people who have the love. So obviously you get the love from there. Let me share a small event with you because these hold a lot of memories and this is a very precious time in my life. It was the climate of extreme heat in Makkatul Mukarramah at the time and I had the company of my Sheikh. It was Ramadan and obviously when you have the company of your Sheikh, there is a lot of struggle and difficulty which a person cannot imagine. So when you do Umrah and Hajj alone that's fine. But when you do Umrah and Hajj with a friend of Allah, then you have to go according to their desire and preference. When you get a chance, you eat, when you get the chance, you sleep. And if you don't get the chance, then there's nothing. There's no eating, there's no sleeping. So this is a unique practice. It was extreme heat. And suddenly l heard about Hadhrat sahib and I was in Madinah Munawwarah, and obviously I went for that reason that Hadhrat sahib would arrive. So then we quickly rushed from Madinah, departed and got a taxi and then someone said that Hadhrat sahib has arrived. I said, "okay fine.” He is our Madinah and Makkah too. People were looking at me in surprise that after 1 day It is eid and where are you going to? I said, eid is here, but I am going to see the moon, in Makkah. SubhaanAllah. And when I arrived there SubhaanAllah. Look at Hadhrat Sahibs kashf, that one person Siddiqui sahib, was already there from beforehand in front of baab Wida, he has now passed away. May Allah ta’ala increase his ranks and grant him the highest status. So I didn’t even know that he was waiting there. When I came out of the taxi, Siddiqui sahib came and said, "you have put us in a lot of difficultly. It was my duty since the morning that I had to wait here and was told that, "when Farooqui sahib comes, get him and bring him. So I was stood in the heat and I'm tired waiting for you. He has love for you, but we get stuck. He was smiling and joking. I said," "Hadhrat sahib said this!?" So I felt that alhamdulillah. Then I started walking with him to do Musaahafah and shake hands with Hadhrat sahib. I sat down. How much tiredness there must be at that time. No food, no drink, no sleeping, its Ramadan time and extreme heat. And we were sat in the Haram Shareef and at that time , there was no air conditioning system. Just the fans would be running above. And Hadhrat sahib would always sit right at the front and the intensity of the heat would come inside. So we used to sit in the veranda and this was the lifestyle of Hadhrat sahib to sit there. What was that Rukn? I'll remember it shortly. So I sat next to Hadhrat sahib and the day continued to pass. It was the afternoon time it was the 29th fast and obviously there is a desire. Everyone is in the Haram and we are waiting for the moon. The moon arrives and there is a beautiful happiness at the time because you get the reward of an extra deed. So we were all sat there, the faqeer. We were all very tired and we were also saying that if the new moon arrives then it will be good. So we can also get some rest. We were all looking at each other. And then the moon didn't arrive for the new month alhamdulillah, so there was an extra fast. Khair alhamdulillah. Then it was taraweeh and we sat there. After taraweeh, then obviously where were we to go? We were going to stay there next to Hadhrat sahib and Hadhrat sahib wasn't going to stand up from there, so Hadhrat sahib were there with vigour and after Taraweeh, Hadhrat sahib went in to Muraaqabah. Worship. So we were also behind Hadhrat sahib alhamdulillah. Other people may have went but this Aajiz, humble servant stayed there and I didn't move. And in the same way, the night passed. In the morning, the day time, it was a fasting day, so people were going to get dates for suhoor. Then after sehri, we kept the fast and after fajr, then khair, Hadhrat sahibs habit was that he would not leave the Haram before Ishraq. So we never even thought that he may leave. And then he was in Muraaqabah. Hadhrat sahib would stay sitting there until Chaasth, mid morning. Even after Ishraaq they would remain sat. So we remained there too. Then what happened after that. Okay, even up until then, it was fine. The condition was such that someone was falling here, someone was leaving there. Someone is extremely tired. I was close in distance and Hadhrat sahib turned their blessed face and all the sleep disappeared and I said, "Jee Hadhrat sahib," and Hadhrat sahib said, "Farooqui Sahib, it is Allah ta'ala's grace and kindness that he has given us an extra day. Lets do another Umrah." SubhanAllah. I said, "ooh" SubhaanAllah. "Yes of course." We didn't have to go and change our clothes and put our ihraams on did we. Because we all used to be wearing the lunghi shareef underneath and the shawl on top. Hadhrat sahibs attire was the same. So we didn't need to go anywhere else to put our Ihraam on. So I gave the hint to everyone behind, "brothers get ready for Umrah!" They said, "is it?" I said, "yes this is what Hadhrat sahib said, we are going to do Umrah today." So believe me what I'm saying that Allah gives extra days like this and we don’t value these days. If Allah didn't give an extra day of Ramadan, then I wouldn't have been able to do an Umrah with my Sheikh and that was also the final Umrah and the beauty of the Umrah was, what can I even tell you regarding the blessings Allah ta'ala bestowed upon me you cant even imagine. Alhamdulillah. Hardhat sahibs attention and blessings, because when Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala makes a person struggle and strive, he doesn't leave him empty handed. Yes it is the Sunnah of Allah that He doesn't leave him empty handed. The more Allah ta'ala makes a person do Mujaahadah and work hard, the more he attains. For example, the more you pinch someone, the more it hurts. So the more Allah makes you do hard work, the more He puts in your hand. We don’t have patience but remember this always, when you see who is pinching and when you see it’s from Allah, then say, Allah keep giving me the pinch, and more effort, I know I’ll get more reward. I consider that this was a big Mujaahadah in my life. Yes. I have journeyed on the journey of Tasawwuf and I've gone on great journeys. Alhamdulillah through my Sheikhs attention, I would travel and work hard, but this was at the top. Through, Allah ta'ala's Kindness and Mercy, He gave me a lot and it was a strong Mujaahadah at the time. So SubhaanAllah. In that heat, my tongue would be stuck to my palate and I'd be doing tawaaf, and then after to sit in the Haram again after tawaaf until the evening. A big Mujaahadah. Look at Hadhrat Sahib’s Glory that in that age, he was weak but he was doing Umrah at that time. Imagine what a person becomes when Allah ta'ala's love comes inside a person. Yes. All of this is Kashf. And this is all endurance and perseverance and how does this come? When Allah ta'ala's love comes inside a person. We have kept the fast for the whole of Ramadan. We sat here hungry, wallahi no one can do this. Try asking someone who has no faith or belief to do this. Tell him to do this. So what is it which causes a Mu'min to achieve this? This small piece of love that we have even though it is impure, it is a flame and when that flame burns, then it creates a great storm. So Imaan is a great force. Its a great asset. It is unique. And we say, "oh I'm too weak, I'm incapable, I'm nothing, inside me I've got nothing. I've got no strength, just do dua for me, or it is too hard to do this and that. How can I do such a big action, "no no." And some run away from Taubah. Someone says "it is hard for me, leave it, I dont know" and people turn back instead of taking the new lesson or some deeni practice. They say "we can't do this." Oh servant of Allah, come forward and see how much satisfaction you attain. I'll ask you regarding Ramadan, right at the end, is there no great taste and experience, i'll ask you tomorrow. When you remember these gatherings and how illuminated they were. We were hungry, thirsty, sitting down talking about Allah, imagine the taste and the experience and satisfaction from these gatherings. And then MashaaAllah we are working, running our businesses, our shops, and alongside it mashaaAllah, a unique feeling, it runs through a person and what is this called? The love of Allah. Yes look at us. We say, "I don’t have Allah, I don’t have love for you. Put love in my heart." But what else is this what we are doing? What else is this effort if it is not love for Allah? Why does Allah ta'ala make a human being work hard and make effort? What is it that made us sat down with Hadhrat sahib and I done all of this. I was a different person from a rich family. Where did this hunger, poverty and hardship comes from? I was from a different type of person and wealthy. They couldn't even recognise me. When I would lie down in the Haram Shareef I used to put a sheet on me and put a brick underneath my head and I used to lie down there because I had to meet Hadhrat Sahib quickly, so my family would look for me and they were there. They were rich people, they used to live in Jeddah. My relatives realised that I'm here. Obviously, they'd call out for me. "Bhai jaan has come, where is he?" Relatives would look for me and then they find me and they say, "come to my house, I'm sending a car driver, food, everything for you, they used to live the life of luxury and pomp, do you know that? And people that had lived there for a long time, rather he was a kafeel himself. They were like that, at a high level. "Someone is going to bring you and collect you." I said, "Find me in the Haram." Once they were looking for me and they were so amazed that I was lying down hidden. Because mashaaAllah these are words of love so I am sharing with you. Simple life. I can't always say قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم , open the Quran etc. Something else today. Its a new explanation of the deen today. Yes the pious elders say that if you want to increase the love then talk about those people who have love. So I want our love to increase and we share it, and we gain some benefit, it's the final day. So you know how people come and roll the carpet up in the Haram, you know the Shurtah, they'd roll up the carpet so that they could clean around it, so you couldn't lie down there because they would shove you and say, "get up, quickly get up." "Hajji, Hajji", they'd call out. And you want to sleep because you were awake all night long and then they push and shove you and then you're fresh. I thought, when they roll this carpet, I’ll hide inside that. SubhaanAllah. What love makes a person do. Yes who's love was this? It wasn't about earning money, I had left that, I had left the wealth. It wasn't about earning the world, I had already left that. What was this? This was the love of Allah that I wanted to earn. And then if a person says, "Allah doesn't love me." How can it be? Allah loves us so much and when you close your eyes and see on the day of judgement, how Allah will call out to you after you pass away. Listen I’ll share a hadith with you from Sahih Muslim, " Allah will make an announcement and a call will be reverberated, "Where are those people?" It will be Allah's voice. Personal and amazing. The greatness and the glory. The power of His announcement. All the creation will be stood in extreme heat on the day of judgement and Allah will call, "where are those people!?" Imagine when you hear that and everyone will be silent, stunned and no one will dare to speak. Then Allah will call again, "where are those people? Those people who due to my greatness, they used to love each other for my love, for the sake of Allah, where are they today?" I’m explaining the hadith. Call them, and tell them "wherever you are don’t be upset." You know how the day of judgement will be, how long and how severe. There will be no shelter, no shade and Allah will say, "come, I’ll shade you with my own shade. SubhaanAllah. This is loving each other for the sake of Allah. That’s why you go to the friends of Allah. What was his name? Was Abu Adam mad? Was he crazy? Did someone cut him that he left his whole kingdom to go in the jungle? He left this kingdom and he knew that Allah ta'ala's love is unique and most powerful. And we can't even leave Haraam. Unlawful action. One haraam. We can't leave our desires and pray salaah properly. We can't even follow Allah's one instruction. We can't control our gaze properly. We lose our shame and we are immodest. Imagine the transaction! On one side is Allah's love and on the other it is all our lust and passion. Compare the two. Yes. Sacrifice something for the sake of Allah! And this story that I'm telling you, what do you see in it? A person crushes his desires. He crushes what he wants to do. I had so much thirst and someone took me and picked him up, may Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala grant him paradise, people who knew me there, high rank officers and engineers, who were distant relatives of my wife and he used to work in the Haram mashaAllah. I'm speaking about the older days. He was an electrician and a big engineer and he knew that I had come. So when him and my family found out they started looking for me, "let's take him home." So I was in a bad situation physically, hungry and thirsty and he found me somewhere and you know you can't reject some people because mashaaAllah they push you, they think you're acting. "What kind of a faqeer are you? What are you doing? Why are you like this? Why are you not coming with us?" And what does he know that my Sheikh has come and I want to accompany my Sheikh. He didn’t know what a Sheikh was and he didn’t know the company of a Sheikh. He said, "what sheikh? What are you doing here? Come to our house, eat food. Why are you sitting here?" People do that don't they? So he pushed me, forced me, sat me in the car and he took me. So when he took me, after such a long time I saw a bed, a mattress. Perhaps for two, three months I was in that struggle. Mujaahadah. When I see the bed, I can't tell you how much satisfaction I had with lying on that bed and my eyes closed immediately. I don’t know what world I had arrived in to. And suddenly my eyes open and I thought, "where am I?" And I saw that breakfast was ready. After so many days I saw a fried egg and I had so much happiness inside me and I thanked Allah. I cant forget the taste of that fried egg. There was a hot cup of coffee, fried egg, toast, I was amazed! What world have I arrived in to. I quickly ate that and I thought let me leave from here because the dunya is coming back. He said, "please stay here." I said, "whatever I wanted to eat, I've eaten. Please leave me now." And then I left and went back, thinking "you don't understand why I’m in a rush to leave." So brothers, who enables you to do all of this? You must do all of this yourself. No angel will come to you, Jibraeel Alayhis salaam won't come to you, just one thing. You have to crush your desires and in order to attain Allah, you have to overcome them. This is the reality. Yes. Nobody knew me. I didn’t study Tafseer. I wasn't a learned person, just a minor person. If a person can achieve this, then if you want to do anything in the path of Allah then you'll do it and it won't be hard for you. Obviously difficulties, barriers and hurdles will come, there's no ease or rest and you'll be hungry. It's not easy obviously. So when we went through Umrah with Hadhrat sahib in that condition, alhamdulillah, Allah had kept many rewards for that. So after Umrah, we went to the Haram and we sat in the same place and then the evening came, the night came again and then eid there. We were in the same place. SubhaanAllah. This is the effort. So there was one thing which occurred on the 29th fast alhamdulillah it was a big lesson. Allah ta'ala gives a person a high position and will call out on Qiyamah Himself. How great is Allah ta'ala's love?! What was the connection between Hadhrat sahib and me? When you put Allah in between, then all relationships end and such a great love then develops between 2 individuals that you progress further. And it’s not that a special person is selected or made, nothing special. In this field, the one who makes effort and achieves is higher and attains the ranks. Where does this start from? I'll tell you. I'll give you an example first. There was an individual, just like we'd go to the village in our generation and I'd see this scene that when you don't have the fire, you might not understand this, but you'd go to the other house to the neighbours to bring fire to set fire in your house in order to make the fireplace and cook food. Those people from the village would understand what I'm saying. So you say to your neighbour, "can I take a piece of ash or fire from you?" The woman says, "yes you can take a bit of that." So she goes to the fireplace and takes a bit of the burning ember and then she goes home and sets light to her fireplace. This is how simple our era was. Decades ago. So there was a woman who went to the neighbours to get burning ember or something that was burning already and she said, "there's no fire here. Our fire has finished." So where could she go then? She said, "but there's a little bit of ash there burning in your fire place. Can I look from here and see if there's any fire within." Say SubhaanAllah. She said "you can look I won't stop you but I can't see anything." Someone who is in need, works hard don’t they? So that woman went to all the ashes to check if something was still burning there. She had a desperate need and her children needed to eat so she needed to cook. She had no heat at home nor matches to light the fire. This was her resource, so she had trust in Allah. حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل So does Allah ta'ala not know that this person is hungry? Does Allah ta'ala not know that he or she needs something? Does He not know that a person is extremely down? So why do we get upset in the world and run towards haraam so quickly. When we are in need, we hastily leave the path of deen. Why do we sign on the dotted line and claim wrongfully? Do you understand what I'm saying? We are losing out in this transaction by lying in this world. By lying to our nafs. Its a very cheap transaction. Think about that. You eat and drink through this wrong transaction and by the evening, it will only be removed from your body but if you protect that in the right way, then where will you arrive? Tell me. This is the hadith that I shared with you that inshaaAllah if we do the right things, then on the day of judgement Allah ta'ala will call out to us. So she said, "i’ll look in the ashes and look through the things that are already burnt." The neighbour gave permission so she went and started looking and poking through the ashes just in case she may see something. What a beautiful example mashaaAllah! Hadhrat Imdaadullah Muhaajir Makki sahib Rahmatullahi Alayh gave this example and said this is how you find Allah. SubhaanAllah. So she went and began poking around the ashes and she saw a small ash which had a bit of heat. She preserved it and took that home and she lit her fire with it and cooked the food and gave it to everyone. SubhaanAllah. One burning ember was of much benefit to her! Hadhrat sahib said, "oh foolish people, if you have a small amount of heat burning for the sake of Allah inside, then it will create a storm", and we don’t even have this much of a flame or a slight desire of passion. We don’t even have the small burning ember inside us otherwise we would make Allah ta'ala pleased with us. There’s a poem in Persian and I'll share it with you in Urdu. Why do you look for water? A great statement. "Why do you look for water? Create the thirst and then automatically the water will come to you." SubhaanAllah. If you're not thirsty, you'll keep looking for water and not find it. But its very easy, create the thirst within you and as soon as you have it within you, Allah will send the water to you. Has Allah's name not come to you in Bolton? Who came to you? Who came here? No one came to you. Hadhrat sahibs blessings has arrived from you because this was the Kashf of the Wali Allah, that "go and your children will learn the name of Allah." And mashaaAllah many people of your family, and your generations will have been forgiven, I'm telling you this right now. When a person recites Allah's name, then the seven layers of the earth are illuminated and the light ascends to the seven heavens and the inhabitants of the heavens ask, and this is in the hadith, regarding the world they question, "is the moon there? has the sun come out? The stars? It was a dirty land. There is alcohol being drunk there, adultery and sins and a waste of time takes place there. The moon, stars and the sun are our glory on the heaven. Where has this light come from on the earth?" And the earth says, "yes. Undoubtedly, you have the light and the glory, oh heavens. But Allah ta'ala has created the Dhaakireen on the earth. Those who remember Him and they are more illuminated then your light." So you don't even know how much value you have. You create a little bit of a desire and you try and you engage in dhikr morning and evening, then are you earning loss? Are you not getting profit? And those people are happy, "I'm not going to dhikr", and they run away. "I've got to go to bed. I've got to go to work." But what kind of people are they who sacrifice and say "we are going to the gathering of dhikr." They sacrifice their needs of life for going to dhikr. Outwardly it seems like nothing but Allah ta'ala has sealed this in the envelopes and He is keeping them for us for afterwards and Allah will not show us. Why shall He show us? He has no need to show us in the world. Allah will give us a surprise just like you give presents to a child on Eid day. When you money to children, they don’t get enjoyment, but when you give them a surprise, they enjoy that. Allah says, "ill give you the enjoyment." You are tired from the world and you're in a bad state, downtrodden and you when you receive that coolness. Allah will say nothing yet but "I still need to give my surprise to you." SubhaanAllah. Yes. So those people think it is not worth going to dhikr. When you sacrifice your time and effort, you did this didn't you? Your shop. Your customers, your business was up and down. Or in regards to your family life, you had to give up things but you never left those two times. You were firm in attending. So Allah ta'ala says, "I have kept a surprise for you and it is such a surprise that nor can the eye see that, it can't be felt with emotions and it can't be heard with the ears. And Allah ta'ala says this is no minor surprise. It is Allah ta'ala's surprise which He will give in the Hereafter for the attendance of dhikr. So how can a person leave the path while he is practicing? You learn the name of Allah and then you reject it afterwards? What style is this? So just create a burning flame within you. When there's a desire, then it comes out from you like a storm in your chest. Its always your own weakness that you can't get close to Allah because you don't have that passion and desire. And if you have a small burning piece of ash within you, then Allah ta'ala says I'll increase that and spread it, I'll show you the path. I've seen many people who came to me were fake, "do this, teach me," but they don't follow the path because they don't have the desire within them. They're not genuine and not everyone is successful in this world. Successful is he who comes with the desire and passion. I could never have been successful and done Mujaahadah, when I look back and think, it wasn't me, it was someone else doing that in my place. If I look back I think, how did I pass my life like this? How did I achieve all of this? So this is the case definitely. When a person goes to his grave, he will say, "oh Allah, I did all these actions!? I did so much deeds in the world?" You'll be surprised at how you did all those actions. Yes. We kept 30 fasts and we keep looking back, thinking, "when will Eid come? Eid is the result of the fasting month isn't it? Suddenly we will have a bath and sewiyan will be cooked, there will be mitai, we will eat in the afternoon, and then after a few hours we will eat lunch and then we will go somewhere else and eat that. MashaaAllah is that not our condition? Yes because it is an open playing field after that. Allah says, "fine." There's happiness isn't it. MashaaAllah you look back and you have kept 30 days of fasting. But what about the permanent happiness that you will get in the Herafter? Yes. I was this and now I have become like this. The beautiful happiness which will be waiting for a person. So my brothers, we shouldn't be afraid upon the path of Allah and the deen, when the difficulties, struggles and sadness comes. Just be firm and adhere to the path. Why do you leave Allah ta'ala's path. Just keep on travelling. Keep on working hard. Whatever comes your way, fine. Why should I change. "I am your servant Allah ta'ala and you created me. If you take my life away then fine. If I'm hungry, thirsty and I die, then no problem. No difference to me because I want to be yours when I pass away." Anyway. That is the game which everyone needs to continue playing. You are born and you get what you want, the house you want, the car, your mother and father, your relatives, according to your desires. If everything is according to your desires then that is not a big achievement but really the great struggle is that, when things go up and down and you say, “Allah, I accept what you have given to me.” Allah says, at least have this much certainty in the kalimah, لا إله إلا الله we don't even have certainty in this. The great kalimah Allah has given to you. This is Islam. لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله Allah has given us food which is halal, drink is halal, the body is halal and what we see is halal. Sleeping is halal and the wife is halal. Not that in the evening someone takes another wife and says, "this is my wife" then he goes somewhere else and takes another woman, then he doesn't know about the husband and she does know about the wife and whose children are these then? Tell me. Yes. This is the society. And if this is the case for us, then what would we do? No. We give everything for Allah. Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala has given us the great blessing of لا إله إلا الله and we stop all of the wrong things due to this. Then do we want to go back to the world after leaving the kalimah which Allah has given us? There can be nobody more stupid than this who leave the deen. Thousands of people die, mad people die, people die due to sicknesses but those people are not normal. Who? Those people who live their lives on the path of Allah. They have a high grade in the Hereafter. SubhaanAllah. A person says "I want to get married, I want children." But there's no guarantee what we are going to have. Someone will have them, someone won't. Someone will get married, someone won't. There are thousands of people I can show you. They are alive alhamdulillah. Why? Because they are happy with Allah's pleasure. Don't take the wrong path otherwise the punishment will come to you immediately. If you follow your desires then the punishment will come to a person immediately, so don't follow your desires because the desires destroy a person. So create the desire within you. Allah ta'ala says, "look, you have that passion within you and I will turn that in to a storm. Yes so there should be some love in the heart." Allah ta'ala then announces. Love for Allah is a very valued thing. Do anything in your life to attain Allahs love. Even if pieces are made of you there's nothing which can compare to Allah ta'ala's love. You cannot repay the value of Allah ta'ala's love. Just one hadith I'll share with you, you will have heard this before. One sahabi came and said, "oh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when will Qiyamah come?" And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "forget about Qiyamah, what preparation have you done for it?" Say SubhaanAllah. What have you done which makes you ask me when Qiyamah will come. The first thing we learn from this is not to fall in the game. Talk about preparation. Have I prayed Fajr salaah? Have I prayed Isha in the evening? There are many issues we talk about. Simply, take the path and follow that journey of the deen and have certainty in Allah ta'ala. "Is it accepted or not? I don’t know if I'm good. What am I asking Allah? Are my duas accepted? Is this right what I'm doing or wrong?" Stop talking wasteful talk. Whatever you are doing for Allah, you are doing the right thing. Is your intention correct? Yes. That's it then. Carry on. Keep on practicing as much as you can with caution. So he asked, when will Qiyamah come? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "what have you done?" He was also a Sahabi and he wanted to teach us and give us success as well. "Oh Rasulullah, what have I done?" What does a Sahabi do? Tell me. What does he? Sahabi does so much. Todays Wali Allah does so much so imagine what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam's sahabah would do. Such that no wali Allah after them could be compared to them because mashaaAllah these Wali Allah come from them. After the Sahabah, the taabieen, the Taba' Taabieen, come the Awliyah Allah. That's when their position comes after those 3 generations. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "what have you done?" And he said, "oh Rasulullah, can I put forward my request. I have done nothing." But he said, "one thing yes." "What is that?" "I don’t know if there is any value to that deed." I'm sharing this hadith with you in my own words. It is in sahih Bukhari Sharif. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "yes tell me." And all the noble companions sat there. What are you doing? This man is asking a question and then he's presenting a point as well regarding what he does. He said , "Oh Rasulullah, I have one action, I will present it and perhaps it may be accepted in your court." He replied, "What is that?" "I only have one thing in my name. I love you and I love Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala." SubhaanAllah. That sahabi is saying this and he wasn't doing drama let me tell you. "Hadhrat sahib, I love you, Hadhrat sahib I am lover of you. Hadhrat sahib, I have given everything for you." When you claim to love someone, then think about it. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could've said, "what are you saying here. Listen who you are saying this?" Think. This is the claim of love. The claim of love has a very high value, I'll tell you what the value of love is and this is what we need to attain. Thats why we are present here. You come to the Khankah and you do dhikr alhamdulillah. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "is this all you have?" He said, "this is all I have got. I have nothing else." Then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said "what else do you need?" SubhaanAllah. "If this is all you have, Allah and his Rasul's love, then listen to the good news and keep on sharing it with all the lovers until Qiyamah. You will be with whoever you love. SubhaanAllah. You'll be with those you love. Whose name comes up? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Tell me. What a great piece of news he is receiving for the love that he has. Thats what we should have. The love. You have spoken about love. This is a great statement. Not just here, but even Qiyamah. Allah says, on the day of judgement you will be with that person who you love. Then what other preparation do you need? Why? Because love will make you prepare for the Hereafter, for that meeting. If you have the genuine love for someone then it will make you prepare for your meeting with them. If you love someone then go and meet that person and see how it makes you prepare for the meeting with the beloved. "I'm going to meet my mum, I have a lot of love." You say that don't you? I'm going to go to India because I want to meet my mother. I love her and want to meet her. Then how do you prepare for that meeting? With all your effort. " I'll buy this for my mother, my mother likes this. And I'll make her happy. I'm going to meet my grandmother, what shall I take for them?" So when I used to travel, I used to take paandaan because she used to eat a lot of paan, so I used to take that with me. And she used to be happy, "ooh my son SubhanAllah." Paan and Kata and that was valuable for her, she liked that. It had no value really, but she liked it. Soon as I would go there, I would buy paan and the kata, choon, all the ingredients and i'd make them. "Here, I brought this for you." "Aww my son, look what he has brought for me." She would give me love and affection and then immediately she would make a piece of paan and put it in my mouth too because she liked that. Say SubhaanAllah.These are small things but I'm trying to arouse your love so you understand and become good people. I'm trying a method to do your Tarbiyyah mashaaAllah, it's the final days and hours of Ramadan. And if the love comes then everything comes. What was I saying to you? A beautiful point here. Yes. This is a Bukhari hadith. What does Anas Radhiyallahu anhu say? A unique hadith here and Hadhrat Anas was the narrator of this hadith. He said, "I heard this, I've also seen a vision of this hadith as well, an experience of this which i hadn't seen before. Great events came upon us and great happiness, but I’ve seen no other day of happiness compared to the happiness the sahabah felt upon hearing this statement." This is a sahih Bukhari hadith. SubhaanAllah. There was no companion who had no love inside him. Every companion had love and everyone succeeded on that day when they heard the reply of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They were so happy that a person will be with those whom he loves. Then what did Hadhrat Anas Radhiyallahu anhu do? Imagine what he did after that. This is the words of the hadith. He said, "Immediately I made a dua and refreshed my intention and said, "oh Allah and His Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I love you, Hadhrat Umar, I love you, Hadhrat Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, I love you." He said that immediately. He said it to all 3 of them together at that time. Allahu akbar. What great people of the earth. This is a hadith in Sahih Bukhari. Tell me. Because they learnt that you will be with that person whom you love. So SubhaanAllah he said, "Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I love you. Hadhrat Abu Bakr, I love you and Umar, your stars will also be there so I will definitely be there." And Hadhrat Anas Radhiyallahu said, "who am I? You will be present. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is there, Umar is present there and Abu Bakr is there and I will plead to be in your service. I don’t know if it is Jannah or Madinah. I am below and even in the Hereafter I will be with you doing the same." Come on Anas Radhiyallahu anhu. He took this. All the sahabah. When Anas Radhiyallahu anhu was sent once, he stopped to look at what was going on outside. Look at how he was in service. He is thinking, "Why hasnt he come back yet? Where has he gone?" Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent him to do some work and he hadn't come back yet. MashaaAllah. He was young at that time and he saw something going on. So he had gone. What do we do? For example, first we slap and then afterwards we ask, where was he? Then the child asks, "Why did you slap me first?" SubhaanAllah. By force. We do this don't we? First we give a slap and then we ask, "where was you? Why did you take so long?" The child thinks, "why didn't you ask me first, I would've given you the reply, you didnt have to slap me." This is the strange character we have. So when Anas Radhiyallahu anhu came back, he said, "I was afraid that I had taken too long and I would be in trouble. So what happened was before that, such a beautiful smile I had never seen on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. May I give my everything for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam." He said, "Anas, what are you doing? You took so long." I said, "I just came back. SubhaanAllah." That was the affection and the love that he didn’t say anything bad to him. Love is a great thing, where it takes a person. And what do we need to do to attain this? We need to have the desire inside. We need to have the passion for Allah's love within our hearts. This is what we need to have. That's it. The rest, we leave it. If you create the thirst within you, then Allah will send the water to you automatically. Come let's do a little bit of dhikr for five minutes. Recite durood shareef. So our discussions are like this mashaaAllah. They never end but these are discussions of love.
4th May, 2022