Please Your Lord
English Bayan, 41 mins
29th April, 2022

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Please Your Lord There is one thing of a man which Allah ta'ala finds very beloved and Allah ta'ala loves it a lot. To the extent that if we analyse for ourselves then it is for one reason that Allah ta'ala has kept all those rewards and goodness for us in the Hereafter. It looks like something minor but it is the biggest effort of one's life and is very important. Allah ta'ala grants a person an opportunity through which a man can take benefit from the Hereafter and attain Allah's nearness and love. If he takes benefit of this opportunity then Allah loves this action of ours and regarding this Allah says, I gave him this opportunity and he valued this opportunity. انا انزلناه في ليلة القر Valuing is a very big thing and a person receives so many opportunities in his life and in reality whatever Allah ta'ala has given us during our life, it is given for this reason so that we can attain Allah's nearness, improve our Hereafter and make our worldly lives better. This is the reason Allah ta'ala gives us all of this. What a great hadith Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated with regards to this point. Everything is to a certain time and limit. A person receives the benefit of a thing when he appreciates it and it becomes beneficial for him but Allah ta'ala makes that thing cease and when it ceases,then Allah ta'ala creates a recognition within that person, "had I done such and such thing I wouldn't have failed, and I didn't make the most of it." And the Quran tells us regarding the scene of such a person’s final conclusion, those who are being punished in Hellfire and even those who will be in paradise. Obviously they will feel regret in Hellfire. But even in paradise, they will feel this one emotion and what is that? Regret. Can anyone regret in paradise? Yes they will regret in paradise when they see all the rewards and the ranks of those actions because they will understand and the veils will have been removed. They will see people advancing with high ranks and when they see what these people are receiving, then they will say one thing with their mouths, if only we used the wasted moments in our life remembering Allah. SubhaanAllah. What a great thing if we think about it. “If only we engaged in Allah's remembrance with those moments that you gave me.” And today we are seeing the benefit of Allah's remembrance. Allah has given us these messages in many hadith to make us understand this. Allah has given us many chances until we are alive. How we waste this wealth? Allah has given us such a great blessing, this blessing will not always remain. These opportunities will not remain forever. And Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given us a beautiful warning, “consider your life to be wealth, until you die.” Because life won't stay forever. Your life won't always remain so understand your target. Life has been given so you can become close to Allah, Improve your hereafter and understand your purpose of life. You cannot even imagine the ranks and the blessings Allah ta'ala has kept for you. What is that thing which will allow you to earn this? It’s your life in this world, my brothers. So if you spend your life in drama and amusement, the trap of death will come and what will happen to a man? He says, "I'm gone." All those things will evaporate. And then he will need those things for which Allah ta'ala gave us life in this world. There is an event in my life I can never forget, rather, it was a very good event for a negligent person like me. I always think about that event and when I get a bit lazy, and then this event comes in front of my eyes and then I remember this event and it jogs me, then I take the learning from it. Because it is Allah who gives you every example in the world. It is Allah who gives the warnings in life. Its Allah who gives you incidents. Allah ta'ala creates every action. Allah ta'ala gives every sickness. But the people who have intellect, wisdom and brains, they will look for the wisdom behind every incident. I met a brother and we were very close. I had a lot of love for him mashaAllah and I still do. I even saw him in a dream and he was in a good place. When someone favours you and helps you, this is a very great action. When someone favours you in a nice way, even if it is a little thing, then it is a great action. I was in a problem once and he helped me. He assisted me and that's all it was. It was no deep friendship with him, but I was in extreme distress and he helped me at that time when there was no one to help me at that time. So obviously, I helped him when there was no one to help him. Allah showed me that as well. He was very weak, the poor soul. He had a lot of bad habits and he was very rich. He used to work in a factory. He used to be poor but Allah gave him wealth. And that is also a test. Poverty is a test and wealth is a test. All of these states are a test in life. So when he was tested with wealth then he came on to the path and I saw this with my own eyes. He had a lot of wealth. He had reached the heights. So the news came that he was sick in Manchester. I felt sad and at that time I was extremely busy with Khankah issues. I said to myself I definitely need to go and see him, no matter what happens. So I sacrificed everything and went to see my beloved who was sick. I didn't know what his sickness was. So I went to the hospital and he was lay down. He was very happy, he was trying to get up but he couldn't. He had a lot of strength, he was a strong and powerful person and used to lift heavy things. And when he saw me he was very happy and I said to him, "what has happened to you, you are lying on the bed. You were such a smart person, and powerful." Whenever you'd see him, I remember every time Mu'min sahib Rahmatullahi Alayh would come, whenever he'd see me, you know what he would say? He would shake my hands and say, "look at you today. You're looking a lot more beautiful than before." That was his first statement. "MashaaAllah you look more beautiful and healthy" and that gives encouragement to a person who is already down. He would repeat this 3 or 4 times and I remember those words today, what good people they were. When we go to a see a sick person, we say, "you can't be cured, it is very difficult. Oh that child was ill. It was due to that illness he died. He was wiped away. Oh it is very dangerous, May Allah do good." You discourage that person. Even if he wasn't destined to die, he has died inside! “oh, you’re gone poor soul.” So I sat and I said "what have you done? Sit up and pray salaah." So he was given a lot of encouragement. He said, I'm remembering Madinah Shareef." I said "mashaaAllah." Then he said, "I'm remembering the place you used to perform i'tikaaf." I said, "wow." I'm telling you this whole story to explain something to you. And the doctor said he would only have a few days to live. His cancer was severe and it had only become apparent suddenly. We were going to do Umrah and he went to get the immunisation and they said, "injection? Forget that come here." That’s what happened. He went to get immunisation and they said to him, "please come to the side. There’s an issue here." Then they realised that cancer had spread throughout his body and they admitted him to hospital. That's how he became sick. Poor thing, he smiled and then he said one statement, "Hadhrat, the doctor said that I only have a few moments to live." I said, "who has said this to you? Did Allah say it? Did Jibraeel Alayhis salaam say it. What are you saying? Raise your hands, Allah will give you life.” He said, "Hadhrat, If Allah gives me life I have one desire.” And he was crying a lot. I said, "what is it?"" He said, "I will never leave the Khankah. I will never leave dhikr." A great statement. And if a person has a desire at this opportunity before he passes away, then Allah ta'ala will bestow that to him. So what happened? "One moment in the company of the Awliyah Allah." How did these promises occur? He went to meet someone for dua for a second or for a moment. So many people from the world go, what was he going to say? But when one person goes with the concern for the Hereafter, then Allah ta'ala made him say the statement that you are a Jannati. Make friends with good people. Make such friends that even if you couldn't achieve anything in your life then at least before you pass away before your death you can be successful. At least stand up for him during your life. If you're so weak in your actions, then at least have a good friend of Allah and stick to Him. Adhere to him. Talk to him. Sit in his gathering. You don't need to do too many things which he is telling you to do, you don't understand. But at least, go with a clean heart with love and go and sit in the mosque next to him. At least do this once in a month if you can't come once a week. If you cant do that, then read some book, if you cant do that, then at least listen to his words via someone else. Let me tell you something with my experience. The most precious thing which will be useful for a person on Qiyamah will be the company of the pious people. I'm saying this to you in the state of fasting, in the month of Ramadan and on the night of Laylatul Qadr. Whether you want to believe it or not it is very valuable. I have told you the dua of Laylatul Qadr. What has Allah told us? I told you the other day isn't it. Jibraeel Alayhis salaam came and said I'm going to give the message to everyone that Allah said, I have forgiven everyone except some sinful people. Obviously it is Allah's order so Jibraeel Alayhis salaam went back with that message to Allah and what did Allah say, “Jibraeel you have said correct, but what does your Rabb say on top of that?" Listen to this. "I have forgiven the sinful people also because they were connected to the pious people who prayed for them. It was due to the duas of the pious people that the sinful people were forgiven. Furthermore, Allah says, “this Ummah is very close to me, I love this Ummah.” No one can comprehend and imagine the love of Allah for this Ummah. So Allah has made an intermediary of the Pious people as an excuse so He can forgive the ummah. Dont go to the Ka'bah, don’t go to the masjid, don’t go to the masjid, but do one thing for sure, sit with a Wali Allah and ask him to make dua for you. Where else will the benefit come from? Jibraeel Alayhis salaam failed, everything failed. Allah ta'ala eventually said, you don't know the secret behind this but I have forgiven those sinful people. Why? There were people present alive making dua for them. So when that brother said this, he began to cry too. Why? Because this was going to happen. The hadith, "consider your life to be wealth before death." You are sat here today, ask those who are not sat here. They are in their graves. In the hadth it says, the biggest regret of the people of the grave will be that they wished they could see another Ramadan. They are those whose eyes have opened and they are regretting extremely. "If only you gave us one more Ramadan Allah, it would've been so good for our Hereafter!" And why wouldn't it be, when Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi alayhi sallam had made an announcement 2 months in advance for this month of Ramadan. My brothers, Allah said, "consider your life to be wealth before death." Allah hasn't given us life for play and amusement. Your life is very valuable and it is something that will come to an end. When a person is being wrapped, then his desires also come to an end. Just like the brothers story that I told you. All the worldly desires, wealth, his wife, he didn’t remember anything at that time of death, but he remembered one thing, that if I had the opportunity, I'll do dhikr. See how a person becomes alive then. What is of benefit to him at this time? Nothing is of avail. Just like the poor man will die, you will die. Today your wealth, your fraud, your children is of no benefit to you. Nothing. But today you are remembering this action for which you wasted your entire life without, based on the enemy of your nafs and your desires and your negligence. And let me tell you, if a person has the determination to get close to Allah, then there is nothing which can come against you and everything will be made easy for you. I'm telling you all those things which I have experienced and I'm sharing that with you. Nothing remains difficult. A man plans, I will do this and this, then, alhamdulillah he does manage to do it! He attains Laylatul Qadr, and his Sheikhs company and the Dhikr and Allah grants it all to him. And people are surprised, how did he do all of this, how did he plan. And its such a systematic plan where he achieves in a few hours what a person cannot achieve in a few years. Because he valued it and had appreciation for it. Thousands of people listen and look that a pious person has come. But how many people value this? Maybe one or two people but that’s it. Whatever has been given to you, value it! What is Ramadan? I'm reminded of 2 hadith, let me share them with you. It's a very unique hadith. Hadhrat Anas Radhiyallahu anhu reports that, "if I gave the heavens and the earth permission and capability to speak," they can speak but we can't hear it, because all of Allah's creation and every atom, speaks and what does they speak? They say, "Allah." Everything around us and every particle say, "Allah." سبح لله ما في السماوات والأرض That thing is not alive which does not have a tongue and that thing which does not have a tongue can still say, “Allah.” I saw a small child, this small, what does it know? Nothing. It is just moving. It doesn't know anything. I said "Allah", to the child twice and then It said, "Allah." Who told the child to move?" It is in our natural disposition to move. This is the greatest of Allah's name. Our hearts don't move but the child's heart is moving and he is enjoying. This is called Jazb. This is Haal, like a trance. Some people go into Haal and they tear their clothes. And externally they are in a state because inside they are so strong reciting Allah's name. So what does a young child know? And you teach it the name of Allah. "Say Allah?" "Allah" SubhaanAllah and the child starts moving. So this is the sign of Allah. Such a great thing. Allah says that every particle on the earth is inviting us, things that don't even have a tongue are inviting us. And what do we? We don’t value it. So Allah says, "if I gave the heavens and the earth power to speak to the creation, then what would they tell us? They'd only say one thing repeatedly and what an important thing! They'd only speak for one reason. They would congratulate us. "Oh people who kept the fast correctly, congratulations you have done a massive action which you are unaware of!" We have kept the fast. What a great achievement the fast is giving us. Ramadan is such a fantastic thing that Allah ta'ala has given to us. Those people who fasted correctly and valued Ramadan. What a great piece of news. Is there a greater month than this. That person who has kept the fast, his greatest negligence is what? Sleep. So his sleep becomes worship during fasting. His silence is the tasbih. SubhaanAllah. His dua are all accepted. And all his worship is multiplied. So Ramadan has gone or hasn't it? Have we valued it? Think about it. Every moment of Ramadan was pulling us closer to Allah. Its very rare points in our life where we have not run after the world and where our routines have changed like this. The right and value of Ramadan. What is the value? Look. The sun has appeared and it appears with Zawaal. And it gives a message when it comes out everyday. What does the sun bring out? Light. It brings light doesn't it? Why does light come? Allah is saying value this life. When we use the light for the purpose it was given to us, it means we value the light. Then it is shown to us that this sunlight is only temporary so after that, the sun will set and it will be dark night and at night you cant do any action. And this is Allah's cycle. And Allah ta'ala created these things so the intellectual people can take heed from it that this heaven and earth have not been created without a purpose. They've been created with a purpose. So people will utilise that sun efficiently during the day knowing that dark is coming and night wont be of avail to them. “let’s do what we can during the day, because night is coming. Quickly when night comes then what will we do? Does this not happen? They utilise that day. And like this we should use those things. So when we utilise those things which Allah has given to us according to its purpose,then it means we are valuing it. What is the value of the Wali Allah? Allah has given such a great system so the Wali Allah must hold value isn't it? The appreciation of the Wali Allah is that you should stick to them and take whatever they give to you, take it. That’s it. Dont delay in this. Dont take shortcuts. Take from them when they come otherwise you'll regret it. This is why you need to work hard. Why? Allah kept this blessing for a reason. When it leaves you'll regret it. Someone told their dream to my Hadhrat and he was the Ghauth of his time, he was present at the Ka'bah shareef and a man came and said, "I saw a dream and its a unique dream. Hadhrat please give me your interpretation of this dream." And this was Hadhrat sahibs last year. After this, Hadhrat sahib didn't return. They had a ticket and were currently at Umrah, and were going to go for Hajj. When they would go for Umrah, they would prepare for Hajj in advance. When they went for Umrah in Ramadan, then they'd prepare for the next journey. That was their practice SubhaanAllah. But they couldn't perform hajj that year. They couldn't do Tawaaf of the Ka'bah shareef but perhaps they must've done the tawaaf of Baitul Ma'mur. SubhaanAllah. For such people Allah ta'ala arranges in the heavens! So he said, "Hadhrat I saw a dream, "the minaret of the Ka'bah shareef, the main minarets of the masjid has dropped." Then they said in their own dialect, "yes Babu, you have seen the right thing." Hadhrat sahib used to say 'Babu.' In this generation such a great Wali Allah is about to depart and after him, a Wali Allah will not return to the earth." And then they stayed silent. 2 or 3 months later Hadhrat sahib passed away. After that, there was one statement upon every individual's tongue, every mufti, every scholar. Mufti A'azam of that time of Khairul Madaaris , Abdus-Sattar Sahib Rahmatullahi Alayh lead the Janazah salah and it was such a big Janazah that they passed away at duhr time, but they were buried at 2 or 3am night. That’s how many people arrived from all over Pakistan and nobody even knew Hadhrat sahib that much. He wasn't even that famous. He barely even left his village of Gadai shareef. He hardly gave speeches. Someone said to Hadhrat sahib, "you don't even go anywhere, you don't travel?" He said, "Allah ta'ala sends the people who are weak to me so I don’t need to go anywhere." He sent me and the whole world has changed. SubhaanAllah. The light has come to the land of disbelievers. They said, "sometimes Allah ta'ala gives that ease to His friends. So Allah ta'ala knew my weakness and He wouldn't send me anywhere but would send people to me." So after Hadhrat sahib passed away, everyone said, "oh we didn't value Hadhrat sahib, we wasted too much time." So every man was regretting. This is such a great blessing. In the Quran it says that most of all the people will feel regret, I already told you the Jannati will feel regret and they'll wish to return to the world. "Send us to Ramadan, we promise will never commit a mistake again, we will not do wrong again, we won’t sin again." A person who was dying and said, "ill come to the Khankah and do dhikr." Brothers, we are alive. We are existing. Value and appreciate life. Tonight is the final night of Laylatul Qadr. You dont know. We have a whole life ahead of us. Anything could happen within a year. Thousands of viruses and sicknesses are coming. Stand up today. Ramadan won't come again it is valuable. These are the final moments of Ramadan. It is Laylatul Qadr, a great night. We should value this night and I told you what valuing means. Utilise this night for purpose that Allah has given this night for, even if you didn’t achieve it for the entire Ramadan, you can attain it now and what is that action? To please Allah. He is very displeased with us. But He is such a being that He becomes easily please with us. He is شديد العقاب He gives severe punishments but alongside this, he is غفور رحيم The Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. The answer to هل من مزيد "Has the Hellfire been filled?," is لا تقنطوا "don’t despair in the Mercy of Allah." When Hellfire says "bring more, bring more, then Allah's says, "don’t despair from my mercy." I will keep forgiving. Let Hellfire keep calling out. So لا تقنطوا is the response to هل من مزيد. "Bring more, it is not full, yet bring more. This is the Mercy of Allah so we shouldn't waste this month my brothers. We have engaged in worship , we have prayed salaah but that’s not. Attain your purpose of Ramadan because you will do this after Ramadan too. You will get reward. You will still read Tahajjud after Ramadan and every night Allah will call out to us with the same words which He used to call out to us in Ramadan. The day of jumuah will become the night of Laylatul Qadr again. Look Allah has kept these things, but Ramadan will not return. You must value Ramadan according to its status. If Allah is pleased today then Allah wont be happy like this again during the rest of the year. So make Allah happy with a sincere heart and Allah will become so happy with just one thing. When we say, Oh Allah forgive us. We repent to you. We couldn't value you with our evil and our desires and shaytan. We admit." Tonight we have to admit to Allah. "Allah is all our fault." When we become sick, we complain to you. When we are distressed, we complain to you. When we are stricken with calamities, we complain to you. When we have a lack of food, we complain to you. When our children are disobedient we complain to you. We spend our entire time complaining to you. If only we realise that all these things are based on your wisdom and they are all a means to your pleasure. If we knew this and appreciation the ups and downs, then you wouldn't even be displeased with us. This the way to bring Allah on your side. "Oh Allah forgive me. Its all my fault. I didn’t like all the things which you gave me and I wasted them. I criticised what you gave me. "Why has this happened to me, why not to him? He has 2 children. He has a son. Why do I have a daughter. Why does he have so and so." Our households are full of complaints. Our hearts are full of complaints. "Why has he not died? Why has he died? Why did you give to him? Why didn't you give to me? Why has he got a higher status? Why has he got a lower status?" All criticism and diseases. But in comparison to that, "Whatever you have given me, I am pleased with it Allah." This is not difficulty. This is not sadness Allah. "I am happy with what you've given me. If you give me happiness, I am pleased, if you give me difficulty, I am pleased. I accept everything." This is called making Allah happy. So this is the repentance we need to do today with Allah. These are the things which have destroyed us and from now on we must follow His guidance and be pleased with whatever Allah gives. "Oh Allah I wont let any criticism or complaint come out from my mouth, despite the greatest calamity we face in our lives. I will die, I will be in pieces, but I wont complain to you." Suddenly, a person's life transforms and it runs to Allah's pleasure and happiness. And Allah says, that after hardship comes ease. Remember that. Allah has promised this. So tonight on Laylatul Qadr, make a promise to Allah to remove this disease form our hearts and just be pleased with us. That’s it. We don’t want anything else. Grant us your pleasure in our life. Let us live the rest of our lives with your pleasure and concern and allow us to value the blessings you have given us. What a beautiful thing Allah ta'ala has said that consider your life to be wealth before you die. So if Allah has given you good health then value it before you become sick. Allah has given you health isn't it? If you have been given wealth, then value it before your poverty. Look at how Allah ta'ala teaches us. Appreciate your good health and wellbeing before your sickness. All these blessings have been given to us so we can value them. Even through sickness, have determination. Have strength that I'm going to fulfil the actions which are wajib upon me somehow or another. Don't lose hope and have a small heart. This is a test so do Mujaahadah and work hard. Let me tell you my personal practical life, now that Ramadan is departing. How sick I was this Ramadan, I don’t think I've ever been this sick. I'm telling you the truth it. It was impossible for me. But I said to Allah, "until I have strength and until I become unconscious there and they can't pick me up, I'm going to go. I'm not going to leave Ramadan out. And the reality was that my medicines had run out and I couldn't get hold of the doctor. There was noting. I cant tell you my condition. Alhamdulillah, Thumma Alhamdulillah but I’m sat here fresh in front of you. I tell you this to give you motivation and reassurance. All of you are a thousands times better than me. One sneeze and you leave salah? And if you lose two customers, then you leave Ramadan? If my work goes down, I'll leave deen? Value your good health. I have learnt this. After sickness a man can't do anything. Its a challenge for the human being but at that time a person should tie the knot and think, what is going to happen? Maybe I'll fall unconscious and fall down. If I am to go to hospital from home, I can go from the mosque. If I've got a stomach pain now while I'm lying down, then ill have pain there too. I had severe pain and I said, "I'm going for taraweeh." That was my situation. I thought I wouldn't be able to go for taraweeh but alhamdulilah. Allah says, you keep determination and after Ramadan we'll make a decision and make you fine but try now. Oh Allah allow me to reach the end of Ramadan with Salaamat without falling off the track. What’s that saying, that couplet? If you have been given determination and drive and you try your best, then Allah will give you the ability. Alhamdulillah. So today what do we need to have the courage for? Allah has given us the message. You haven't understood yet? Bring your Lord back on your side whom you have lost. How? "You're angry with us. You give to us and we say we don't like it. You give us sickness and we say we don't want to be sick. You give us health and we say we don't want it. Now we wont do this. Now whatever you give us we will be happy." Allah will be pleased with you. And if you have this mind set, then you won't fall into haraam because when does a person commit haraam? When he says, "oh this path is difficult for me, let me find another route. Take interest. Take it from the bank. Go and consume his wealth." But when one is pleased with Allah's decree, he says I am pleased with my poverty and then he won't engage in Haraam actions because he is pleased with Allah. If he's pleased with Allah then why will he do haraam? He will say, "I'll die but I wont do this haraam." I wont waste my life because life is a very great gift. A very great thing. Allah has given us life as a blessing which we should use until the end. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to his beloved sahabi, Muadh ibn Jabal Radiyallaha anhu and It was announced regarding him, "i love you." Until Qiyamah that announcement will reverberate. I don’t think Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave such a clear statement to any other sahabi as he did to Muad Radiyallahu Anhu. The Mufti's know better than me. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved everyone including Abu Bakr Radhiyallahu Anhu and he also said to him, “whatever is inside my heart, I have placed it inside yours," but to say it like this, "Muadh, I wont see you again. I love you." End of story. Muadh Radhiyallahu anhu has advanced. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam openly announced this and when he wanted to express his love, then he said, "Muad remember one thing, please do one action." He was crying and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was crying too. Imagine that scene where the lover and the beloved is crying. And the beloved is saying, "from now on, you won't see me and we will be separated. Then you will come to my grave oh Muadh." His heart was torn apart but It was the command of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so he went, otherwise how would he ever leave Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The command is always superior. And he was leaving and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself told him that you won't see me again. Imagine such a separation. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "but our relationship is so unique. What is inside me and what is inside you. I love you." And he replied, "I love you too ya Rasulullah." Then Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said one statement, " this is the test of my love Muadh, I want to tell you a secret." If only we understood these things my brothers. "For the sake of my love, i will tell you a secret." "What is that Ya Rasulullah? "hold on to one action until you die and that is to make your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah." Can there be a greater gift than this which is being bestowed in such a manner. Dhikr is Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam's gift of love. How beloved must it be. We say, we don’t feel like it. When someone comes from far, then my heart becomes so happy and I imagine how much Allah ta'ala must be loving that person. I don’t feel envious at anything else. I think, this person did so much sacrifice and he has come for your dhikr, he must really love you that you are making him perform this action. I've seen some people who don't like the dhikr of Allah completely, they hate it and they criticise it, they speak ill of it, but Allah's laws are different brothers. If someone hates us, we would immediately slap them. If someone curses at us we would retort with, "one minute let me show you. Come here." We do that don't we? We would take revenge. If someone makes you distressed, you'll retort with, "I'm coming to you son, you see what I do to you!" A person is hating the act of dhikr but what does is Allah ta'ala's Sunnah? But when I see these people like that , that Allah ta'ala sends him to dhikr despite all his actions! The 2 people, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the sahabi and he said, "The sign of your love for me is that you continue going Dhikr until the end." I say, Allah this is such a beloved action but that person was speaking ill about dhikr and he was cursing it, so how did you allow him to come for dhikr. Allah says you remain quiet. This is between me and my slave. How do you know how much I love him. I wish to save him from the Hellfire. Say SubhaanAllah. So we will conclude here. We have a little bit of time. We will do dhikr. Laylatul Qadr is about to come. Whatever we discussed today, make it solid okay? We are going to make Allah happy today.
2nd May, 2022