The 27th Night
English Bayan, 64 mins
27th April, 2022

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The 27th Night Allah ta'ala has given us 12 months with His wisdom and in those months Allah ta'ala has given us days and nights, Allah has given us different moments, different hours. Allah has given us life through those days as well as bounties and treasures. And this whole system of the 12 months cycle is established for this purpose that the human being can obey his Lord. Everything Allah ta'ala has created, is for His obedience and Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala has given us His mercy, His blessing and Grace. For a believer, all nights, all days, all the hours, all years, all moments and all months are very valuable because it is not necessary for a person to be in worship all lifelong and through that worship he may be forgiven. But it is possible that throughout his life he disobeyed and then Allah granted him one moment, and due to the blessing of that one moment, Allah forgives all his sins. That one moment became more precious then all his years, days, and nights. I understand on the basis of a sinner that we don’t have the strength and ability to implement, I speak about myself. We are weak, we try our best to do what we can do. The righteous people are other people and we should wait for that one moment and consider it very valuable in our life and we should work hard and depend on that valuable moment. With Allah's Grace, when we are presented to His Court, we will be empty handed, straight forward. Honestly, we will have nothing to our name, what will we present to Allah? So Allah ta'ala Himself will say that, "okay my servant, you have nothing to your name, you don't remember, but I remember something about you. "Oh Allah I don't remember anything. I don’t remember any good that I have done that I can present to you." Allah will say, "you were in such and such gathering and there was a discussion going on there, and due to it, your heart was impacted. You didn't cry, your tears didn't exit from your eyes but your eyelashes became a bit wet." SubhaanAllah. Look at Allah's Mercy, how much He looks at a person. It’s not that Allah is not with us. Allah is always looking at our actions. But that man, he had faith, so whatever he heard in that gathering , his heart shook, he didn’t cry, he didn’t scream, but his eyelash became slightly wet. Allah said, "that slight wetness attracted my Mercy entirely and then I decided at the time that whatever this man does in this world, at least, he definitely fears His Lord. And this fear, even if we have this much within us, then Alhamdulillah, through Allah's Mercy and Grace, we will be forgiven inshaaAllah for sure as long as we have faith. Don’t spoil your Imaan, don’t play games with the Imaan. "Why is this? Why is it like that? We don't believe that. We don't follow that." We should say , "we believe in everything and you are right, in reality, we are sinful." That’s the basis. Always bring it back upon yourself and hold yourself to account. Don’t challenge Allah. Don’t challenge His system and His lordship. Just accept that, "oh Allah, we are at fault, you are correct, what you say is correct, your system is correct, what has happened is correct. What you are doing is justice, and what you will do is also with justice. Whatever you are doing with me is justice and whatever you are doing with him too is also justice. I'm pleased with whatever you have done Allah and there is nothing I am displeased with. I don’t have even an atoms weight of negative feeling in my heart. All negatives things occurred due to my own self. I am foolish and disrespectful. I engage in sinful actions. All you affairs are correct. So if you don't disturb the matters of Allah in what He decides, then there's no problem. Dont disturb the Imaan, doesn't matter what's happening around us. MashaaAllah. I'm not promoting you to do wrong. What I'm saying is that how long will our passion and desires keeps destroying us, so a person should never leave the shade of his Imaan. Allah has given blessings in everything, the whole year is like this but Allah ta'ala's wisdom is there so Allah ta’ala combined the whole year and gave us the essence of His Mercy in this one month. And Allah has kept the name of that month “Ramadan.” From amongst all the months, Allah has kept the essence of His Forgiveness and Mercy into one month. The entire years Tahajjud, Sujood's, words and discussion have all been sealed into this one month. Why? So its easy for the Ummah, Allah says. Okay if you couldn't pray fajr all year long, okay you couldn't pray the entire year, okay you didn't engage in good deeds, Allah says let me combine it all into one month. Say SubhaanAllah. So at least one month we can do something, because we won't waste this month will we? And then Allah says, "maybe this whole month is too much for them, they may go here and there and slip and fall," so what did Allah do? Allah condensed this month and distributed it into 3 Asharah. He kept Mercy separate, Forgiveness separate and to be safe from Hellfire kept separate. SubhaanAllah. Allah said maybe they cannot implement this either so then Allah ta'ala said, let me make it a bit less for them. Allah ta'ala has so much love for the Ummah of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says, I dont want to leave any one of them behind, I want to send them all to paradise. So what did Allah ta'ala do? The 3 Asharah which were the great portions of Ramadan, Allah ta'ala condensed it further and gave all the achievement in one Asharah. Which Asharah? The one we are passing through now. Say alhamdulillah. Then Allah ta'ala thought that in this Asharah the success will be gained, let make it easier for them, so what did Allah ta'ala do then? He distributed that Asharah amongst 5 nights. How many nights? 5 great nights. And these 5 great nights are greater than the rest of the year for the Ummah. The moments, hours and days have all been condensed and Allah ta'ala has placed them into these 5 nights. The whole year we committed sins, engaged in wrongdoing, running here and there, SubhaanAllah. If a person reaches those 5 nights, then consider that he has reached the entire essence and conclusion of that month. Alhamdulillah. Allah has said that there are 5 nights. 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and the 29th. Allah says, "let me give them these nights so they may be successful," then Allah ta'ala thought again, "will it come again? They'll run around here and there. Someone is here in England, someone is there, it is the era of indecency and they have got young blood inside them, maybe they'll see no assistance, on the apparent they'll look pious and in private, they will open their phone and get up to no good. Someone will be giving them advice at the front and they are at the back opening their telephones. The bayaan will end and they'll go back to their cars and open up their telephones. These people won't stop and won't learn even in the nights of the Qadr so let me grant them more of a chance.” Allah ta'ala then condensed the 5 nights too and Allah ta'ala wanted to seal it in one night. Which night is Allah selecting? Think about it brothers. Say SubhaanAllah. This decision Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself can decide. No Mawlana, no Mufti can decide. The Sahabah were a unique group of people. They had enlightened and pure hearts. Allah was pleased with them, such great personalities. So, Allah ta'ala splashed a few splashes upon them, someone recognised Laylatul Qadr as the 21st night, someone saw it in the 22nd night, someone saw it in the 23rd night, someone saw it in the 25th night. The Sheikh was present so obviously every sahabi would go and narrate his condition. One said, “I saw it on this night." "I saw it on the 21st night." "Okay you are correct." The other one came and said, "I experienced it on the 23rd." Abu Dhar Radhiyallahu anhu came, Hassan Radhiyallahu anhu came, Ubayy Bin Ka'ab Radiyallahu Anhu and Ibn Abbas Radhiyallahu anhu came. Everyone presented their dreams and what they saw and experienced. In the end Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself stated, "my companions, it looks as if all of you have seen the correct dreams and experiences, but the conclusion that I come to is that after seeing the dreams and hearing your narrations, it was shown to me, say SubhaanAllah, it seems to me that it is the 27th night. MashaaAllah. It looks like it is this night so my Ummah should try their best in this night.” Say SubhaanAllah. What a great shortcut! The whole year passes and then we all focus on one point, the 27th night. What is this 27th night? There are so many blessings, Mercy, Allah's forgiveness, the forgiveness of the nation are all present. The doors of paradise are opened. What is that night? So a few sketches come here through the Ahadith. Yes it is arriving isn't it. Just 30 minutes left MashaaAllah. The whole life has been condensed, it is coming very soon, just a little bit of time left. We should be a million times over grateful to Allah that He has given us life with Imaan. From Rajab we were making dua for this month. During the entire Ramadan we make dua Allah grants us another Ramadan, "show us a Ramadan again." The whole year we make this dua. Ramadan is such a thing where Allah ta'ala has given such a great month. The conclusion and essence of everything that a person requires is in this month. The treasures are all kept within Ramadan. What does it all come down to? The 27th night. It hasn’t come in the day, it has come in the night so that the people can be free from their days work and "return to Me in the night," Allah says. What a unique scene of this night. Just after a short while, what will happen? Suddenly the heavens and the earth will open up and an announcement will be made. Yes. And the leader of the angels will announce, and Allah will give the command in the skies, "be prepared. Your duty is about to begin." He is called "Ameen." تَنَزَّلُ الْمَلَائِكَةُ وَالرُّوحُ Who is "Ruh?" Hadhrat Ameen, Jibraeel Alayhis salaam. So what will happen? "Listen everyone go, your shift is beginning, select your special cabinet." Who is being told this? The Head of the angels. Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam. So this sketch I’m just showing you from the hadith. Allah will announce to Jibraeel Alayhis salaam, "Get your people ready," and Jibraeel Alayhis salaam, will announce to the angels. He looks around at all the angels because he controls them and he thinks, "who shall I select?" He scans the 1st heaven, 2nd heaven, 3rd heaven, 4th heaven, 5th heaven, 6th heaven, 7th heaven. He says "no. It is a big task." What is it? A big task. Say SubhaanAllah. Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam said, "Allah has granted me a big task, not a small task." Then he looks around again and says, "it looks as if SubhaanAllah, I will select those angels stationed at sidratul Mutahah." SubhanAllah look where Allah’s angels are selected from! He said, "no, not everyone, he chose the 7th share. So the 7th share is unique because the number 7 is included in the number "27" isn't it? So the number 7 is very beloved. Why? There are seven heavens, seven layers of the earth, Seven oceans, seven rivers. SubhaanAllah. Allah stipulated 7 circuits for Tawaaf in Hajj. 7 rounds of Saee in Safa Marwah. During Rami, pelting, 7 stones are used to pelt. MashaaAllah. So all these times Allah ta'ala preferred the number 7. Hadhrat Yusuf Alayhis salaam was imprisoned for how long? 7 years. Hadhrat Ayyub Alayhis salaam, 7 years. Hadhrat Musa Alayhis salaam, 7 years. Whatever incident you see, it has 7. So Allah ta'ala said I will give the night of Qadr in the 27th night. It was recommended. So Allah ta'ala likes the number 7. Do that actions which includes the number 7. You can say the 7th share. An announcement was made and Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam prepared his angels and they asked, "where are we going today?" "You’ll be surprised. We are going to that nation for whom Allah ta'ala created paradise." Yes. You are sat here. Jibraeel Alayhis salaam says, "This is not for us, we are going to see those people for whom it was made for." "Is it a punishment? We heard that they are disrespectful, they eat from Allah's provision but they also speak bad about Allah. They eat from Allah's provision but prostate to someone else's. They consume what Allah ta'ala gives them and they are hypocrites against Allah. They consume what Allah ta'ala gives them and they speak ill of the Messengers and prophets. They consume what Allah ta'ala gives them and they make God's with their own hands, they decorate their Gods, they give them names, they call it their God and then they prostrate to that God," they said. They hit their forehead and said, are we going to that nation!? They were surprised. Do we need to give them a punishment?" Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam, said " In reality we have been given an honour, we need to go and meet them." The angel said, "is that the case?" He said, "yes that's the case." Allah ta'ala will bring every man of Imaan up to that level. SubhaanAllah. This month is not a minor thing. Where did Allah ta'ala take them out from? Allah started to do their Tazkiya from the beginning of Ramadan. Allah ta'ala didn't remove their desires, rather, Allah ta'ala crushed them. They have become like a snakes whose poison has been removed, it will attack but it can't do anything. You know the person in the circus who takes the snake or the lion, all his powers have gone and it sits at the back. "This ummah that you see are sinful but I've given such a month of Ramadan to them that all their heat will come out." There will be no passion and desires, the ones who couldn't pray 4, Allah made them pray 20. I'll make them stay up the entire night. Il make them complete 10, 20 Quran. They don’t come out, I’ll make them come out in Tabligh. I'll send them from one country to another. "Where are you going? You are taking your bedding." Someone is going to America, someone is going to Australia. Why? "I am leaving in the name of Allah. I'll show you what happens in that month." Say SubhaanAllah. Allah says, "You only saw one side of theirs. I'll show you the other side. And when you go, due to their light and passion, you'll be given the benefit and you'll go to their homes and shake their hands. You will want to see them. Say SubhaanAllah. This is what I've understood as the 27th night. This is what I'm sharing with you. Do you understand or not? "Okay is this the case?" "Yes, lift the flags. "What flags?" 4 flags will be given to Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam. Tell them. Such a great nation. "They live on the earth and Allah ta'ala has transformed them. They read the Quran so nicely and quickly. They stand with rejoicement, and the Imam recites for an hour and the whole masjid listens. You don't understand this nation. Such a book that no other book of its likes has come down. "We heard other things," the angels will say. And Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam will say, "come I'll show you what is happening. I'll show you how they read the Quran. The Imaam will be reciting, the lights will be dimmed and they have barely even eaten anything. Just pakora's. Maybe one or two and they stand. They say, "we'll eat afterwards with ease", but the ease doesn't come because when they get home, it is time for iftar, then they run again for fajr salaah. They have been given beautiful wives, but they run from them, "don't come close to me", what has happened to their passion and lust? Say SubhaanAllah. That means a person can be rectified and improved. We can be improved. My apologies, we are so wretched that we don’t try ourselves. Allah ta'ala has given us the formula. We have the capacity. You have the willpower. If you want, you can be capable. Allah is showing us here, that if you wish, you can become such that Jibraeel Alayhis salaam himself comes to you and shakes your hand. This is the wretchedness and ruin that you have earned yourself. Look at how you have changed and improved yourselves. You have so much capacity. You are not praying one, you're praying 20. He didn’t know the Quran and now he's running and saying, "recite the Quran. I want to hear the Quran." He is prostrating. Not just this. He's not even leaving the masjid, he says, "I want to stay here!" And they stay in the masjid. They have bedding, they have wives and children. He doesn't remember his wife nor children, he forgets his wife's beauty, his lust, no playing games. Nothing. Did man ever think before that he can become so honourable like this? Brothers, we have the capacity within us. Dont follow shaytan and the nafs. Become the Wali of Allah. Become Allah's friend. Is this difficult? Today we can crush our desires can't we? Why have we got all of this today? Because we crushed our desires. We suppressed our passions and our nafs. Allah ta'ala hasn't prohibited it completely. He gave us food. He gave us a wife and He will give us the opportunity to fulfil our desires and lust. Allah ta'ala will remove all the veils. "Here, go, everything is permissible." Allah ta'ala said that at least do this. Eat halal, but refrain from the haraam. Go to your wife but don't go towards strangers. Why do you look towards others? Oh foolish person. Eat from your own wealth, why do you consume other people's wealth. Why do you usurp their property. You speak about your own honour but you don't want anyone to dishonour you. Why do you discredit other people? Why don't you think about that? When you oppress someone else and beat someone else up, then consider that if someone did it to you, then? For example, if someone swore or said bad to your mother or sister, you wouldn't like it, so why do you do the same to others? So this is the case. You should think like this. Allah said, I've unravelled all the other things, eat, drink, in the morning and evening however much you want do eat. I just tell you to stop for one inch from everything I've given to you in the world. Marry 1, marry 2, marry 3, marry 4. But it should be permissible, not impermissible. Don't look at the woman who's walking down the road. Don't hide and look at them on your phone screens. Look at those who are sat in your homes. Don't look at them on the computer. Yes, that's all I prohibit you from and you were able to do so because you left the halal. So You have the capacity, that if you can listen to this what I have ordered you and you are a Wali and Qutub today, then the rest of your life you can remain like this. Do you understand the point of Ramadan? That's all there is to it. The angels say, "this was the nation regarding whom we heard stories about the month before." "No it is not them. They have crushed their desires." So we have left halal. If we have left halal, then are you talking to me about haraam!? So they say, "please take us there," and all the angels in the heavens are proud and envious. Why were the angels of Sidratul muntaha selected? Shall I tell you the point? It is coming in my heart. Its not a hadith, don’t look in the hadith for it. Why have these angels been selected? There's a reason for this. The reason was that when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent for Mi'raaj, say SubhaanAllah, then where was his final phase where he got to? Sidratul muntahah. And the angels there witnessed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they filled their hearts with his sight. "Which Nabi is he?" "Who is the Beloved for which the whole world is decorated, and whose ummah will be the greatest. There will be no ummah better than his. Who is this?" So the angels who witnessed him with passion were the angels of Sidratul Muntaha so it was said that only those angels who witnessed him with wholehearted passion were the angels who have been selected. Why they had been selected? Because they are being sent to his ummah. We are not going to Musa, Isa Alayhimussalaam's nation or any other nation. We are going to the nation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so those angels come who witnessed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What an amazing point. Otherwise he could've selected the other angels and brought them and they could've travelled to Bolton. What is the name of this masjid? Masjid Taqwa. They could've sat here and seen. They'll come here too inshaaAllah. They'll be here in a little while. All of them will arrive here. Yes they have been given the duty alhamdulillah. The friends of Allah see this with their eyes as well sometimes. I’m not telling you stories. Yes this is the confirmation, stamp of approval from the Awliyah Allah because we look with our eyes but they look with their hearts and their hearts attest that the angels have come. Their hearts attest that Jibraeel Alayhis salaam has come. Their heart attest that they have shaken hands with him. The Awliyah Allah are different unique people. Why are they different? Because they have crushed their desires and restricted their lives to the preferences of Allah. Today's thief, bandit, gangster, one who has commited adultery, whatever he is. If he stands from today and says, "my desires have ended, I connect with you oh Allah." Allah says, "close your eyes and the eyes of your heart are open and you can watch Hellfire and you can watch paradise. Everything. That's the small difference. I swear by Allah that is the minor difference there is. A man doesn't stay blind then. He can see paradise, he can see Hellfire, he can see the angels, he can feel the presence of the angels he feels his prayers being accepted, he feels the punishment, he feels everything. Just one veil. One barrier is present. Crush your desire and follow the preference of Allah. Say SubhaanAllah. Do you enjoy the night of Qadr? It is about to arrive, what I am telling you about. The real Laylatul Qadr. The other nights 21st, 23rd, 25th , before that were all tests. Just a preparation for the real night that when it comes, we can do this action. So the angels say, "okay let's go and see Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam's nation. Imagine their state about whom the good news is coming, good information is being shared, and their pomp and status to the extent that they will ask for their own Jannah according to their own needs." SubhaanAllah. Someone will say, "I want to stay in Jannatul Muntaha." Someone will say, "I want to stay in Jannatun Naeem." Someone will say, "I want to stay in Jannat-u-adan عدن ," and someone will say "no, Allah, i want to stay in Jannatul-firdaus," the Ummati's will say. And there are 7 heavens. There are 7 doors of hell too. Allah has kept everything as 7 and the doors to our mouth are 7, count. Whatever is coming to my mind, I'll tell you the right thing. Allah has sealed everything in 7 so Allah has sealed forgiveness in the 27th night aswell. So, no the preparations are made and they have picked up 4 flags. They didn't pick them up, they were given them by Allah. "Take 4 flags." Who was it given to? The leader of the angels, Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam. Why was he given 4? Because the power of the earth is attached to these 4 places, so that the ones in the heavens can witness the beauty of the earth. Allah says, "you have seen the beauty of paradise, but you have not seen the Madani's Madinah Shareef, you haven't seen the fragrance there, let me show this to you as well. You have felt the breezes and fragrances of paradise, come let me show you the fragrance of the dust of Madinah." Even paradise will be ashamed by the dust of Madinah." Say SubhaanAllah. "So are going to travel there!?" "Yes Jannati, we are going to travel there. You're used to the rivers and the oceans aren't you? Come let me show the soil and the dust. And look at that soil, it is the dust of Jannah! Jannah is envious of the dust of Madinah. "Who is there?" "My nation of My Habib are there and they do the Sajdah there. They visit there and they stay there." Say SubhaanAllah. The angels are amazed and aroused. The angels are listening and they are a about to come. They have many lovers in Bolton who are preparing from before in advance. So the angels prepare themselves and are given 4 flags. Where will they put the flags? They take the flags and go in their transport and in a little while they will arrive. Jibraeel Alayhis salaam goes ahead with the flag in his hand and the selected angels. The heavens and the earth becomes illuminated. Such a unique creation is travelling and the whole universe is witnessing this. The birds, the trees the plants, suddenly there will be tranquillity and this is the sign of the night of Qadr. Suddenly there will be silence and eeriness and strange emotion, like "sssshh." The weather, hot and cold and snow but everything will be still and stable. Equilibrium. Why? because the sign of this Ummah is, اهدنا الصراط المستقيم They are balanced. معتدل. They are not too firm, nor too soft. They don’t eat a lot, nor too less. Allah has given man اعتدال moderation in everything. They don’t remain awake all night long, nor do they sleep all night long, nor do they worship all night long. Allah has given moderation in their lives, in their actions and in their worship. So it is stated that it is the night of Qadr. Allah says, "I will bring the entire world into such a state where its reality will be shown. And the artificial state will cease and they will be in equilibrium. A beautiful stability. And it is stated that in the morning, there will be an effect even in the sun. Its intensity will be less when it rises and it will be like a huge cover which has been cloaked over the heaven. Allahu akbar. Look at this! This is the night. So the angels will come. The first flag will be placed at the highest point of the earth, which is? About which it is mentioned, بلد الأمين The Ka'bah Shareef. The first flag will be planted there and it will be said that, everyone who is separate from this deen, will be shown the deen. This is the deen and It will remain established until Qiyamah inshaaAllah. Then the 2nd flag for whom the Ka'bah was decorated for which is the Holy Grave of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The second flag will be placed here. Regarding the 3rd flag, the place were the Muslims were previously prepared, which is Baytul Maqdis. The 4th flag will be placed at Mount Tur, طور سيناء , Look at how Allah ta'ala has selected! Hadhrat Musa Alayhis salaam was is sat in with his wife and he came out from a huge struggle. Why? Because he was given the condition that only if you herd the goats for a certain number of years, then you will get married. "Will you do this?" He said, "yes I will do this." Musa Alayhis salaam's story comes in the Quran doesn't it? He herded them for a few years and then Allah increased the years and he said "Okay I’ll do that too." When the time was completed, he said to his wife, "come, let's go to our village." And his wife was with him and He is a Nabi and Nabi's are always simple. It was cold and his wife said, "what shall we eat and drink? Where is the light?" Musa Alayhis salaam's said, "let me go and search for some fire. I'll bring some fire for you." Look at how Allah ta'ala liked the action of His Nabi. Musa Alayhis salaam said, "I can see some light ahead." Musa Alayhis salaam went forth to bring some? Light. And what did he receive? SubhaanAllah. He went on the mountain. "I was waiting for you oh Musa." "Yes?" "Remove your shoes. This is not the place you think it is." And when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went then, Allah ta'ala said, "Don't worry my Habib, you can come with your blessed shoes." May we give everything for those blessed shoes! So here it was being said that you don't even need to take your footwear off, and there Allah ta'ala ordered Musa Alayhis salaam to remove his footwear. At that time, it was Allah Himself and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wasn't ordered to remove his shoes. Here, it was merely the light of Allah and Musa Alayhis salaam was ordered to remove the shoes out of respect. He went there and that event, mashaaAllah I wont share it with you, it will be very lengthy. But a lot of beautiful points come out from here alhamdulillah. So Musa Alayhis salaam said, "yes Allah." Allah then made His servant, Musa Alayhis salaam into Kalimullah كليم الله "the speech of Allah" and Allah ta'ala selected him for a mission. When Allah ta'ala selects a person, its not for food and drink. When Allah makes him His, then Allah makes him work and complete the mission. He commands him to go out, engage in propagation, call the people to the straight path, bring them to my path, I have selected you." You're not going to keep pressing people's legs and sit in the Khankah and enjoy. Go in to the cell. Embrace the difficulty. Listen to the curses. Listen to the mockery. Bear the boulders and the rocks. Endure the mocking of the people. Be discredited. Be dishonoured. Be disrespected. Then Allah says, I like that person. Look what happened at Taif. So many stones were hurled at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not one man from the entire city of Taif came to him and asked, "How are you Oh Nabi of Allah?" كيف حالك يا نبي If anyone who advanced, it was to throw stones. May I be sacrificed for that Nabi who raised his hands and said "oh Allah forgive my nation!" The people of propagation should have this attitude, that even when the entire world speak against you, "Bid'ah!" "You are this, you are that." They will swear at you. They will mock you. You'll go to imprison. They will hate you. But what should you do? Pray to Allah, "oh Allah grant me guidance and grant them guidance." Today if they won't be guided then tomorrow they'll be guided. How long will they mock and swear? How long will they throw the stones and rocks? How long will they try to ruin you? Allah says, when I give respect to someone then no one can lower him. No one can dare to, no matter how hard they try to. Let them criticise upon criticise. Why? Because Allah has selected this person. This is My selection. The selection for which purpose? Not for the objective of being respected. No. I have kept his respect and honour and I will show him in the Hereafter. I will show his status. I will elevate this person. Say SubhaanAllah. This is the first lesson of propagation. Yes. Be prepared for propagation. Sincere propagation. This is not the case with every form of propagation. Some you get chapati, food and money, you attain lot of things. But where there is propagation for Allah's sake, then there you get shoes. Even your own, become your enemies. "Don't come to our house, you make our children corrupt." Your relative say, "don't come to our house, our children look at you and then they stop watching TV as well. They don't like it when you come. They have to stop doing their actions and you start speaking to them about salaah, please don't come here, we are fine. We can talk on the phone with you." Is this not the case today? Even if they don't say it, they frown. "I have many relatives. MashaAllah “you have an Amaamah and a beard and you speak to them about dhikr, please don't come, they get upset when they see you. They're doing their actions. Why are you trying to take them away from the work of the world." Say SubhaanAllah. Am I speaking corect or not? This is the correct propagation where you get the shoes and the persecution. He's got the Imaamah on his head, he's not ashamed of it. Those who have hypocrisy in their hearts are ashamed! They say that they want to follow the Sunnah and they say they love the Sunnah but they shy away from the Sunnah!? They are afraid of society. They are afraid of the people. This is the status that you should revive the Sunnah where it is being finished. Not with words but stand, demonstrate, practice and then come and give Tabligh in the society. مَنْ أَحْيَا سُنَّتي This is called reviving the Sunnah. Dont be like an empty box. Stand correct and solid. Wear the Sunnah attire, wear the lunghi shareef, wear the imaamah shareef, the blessed turban, adorn it upon your face, engage in the dhikr of Allah and then go. When Musa Alayhis salaam was going for propagation, he was a Nabi, and Allah said, "oh Musa, I'm sending you for a great mission." He said, "what mission?" Allah said, "I am sending you for propagation." "Okay fine Allah, send me." Alalah ta'ala said, "Remember one thing, he's a severe person don't be afraid." "I'm not afraid." Hadhrat Musa must've been afraid isn't it? After all the instructions, Allah ta'ala said, "when you go, then remember one thing." What is that? "Don't forget the dhikr of Allah. Its not your Tabligh otherwise it will be a fail and you will fail. The tabligh that doesn’t consist of dhikr, results in failure because the nafs becomes involved. Allah has kept a certain thing for every action in parallel. Whichever masjid speaks of everything besides the Quran, it is a waste and bare. Would it be a masjid? Would sujood take place there? So that tabligh which doesn’t include the dhikr of Allah and Sunnah, is it true Tabligh? That is desire. You must practically take the Sunnah and then stand. "Yes I have come, I have implemented upon the action myself first and now I'm inviting you so you also take the enjoyment of this." I have eaten the beautiful laddoo" and when you eat the laddoo and you speak about the laddoo, then it has a different affect. He says, "please give me one, I want to it have it as well." Say SubhaanAllah. Broken down, whatever practice we do, but that's not the genuine deen. The true deen is that whatever you are preaching, how much has that thing affected yourself first? Because we are in a weird society. What do we do? "Oh this is my child, Make dua for my son so he becomes a haafidh. Make dua that my child become pious. Make dua he prays 5 times salaah everyday." Yet in your house, there is no Salah, there is no Quran! There’s no Sunnah and you want your child to have all these things. When your child grows up, will he become like this? Never. Why? Because the son would question and challenge. "Oh father, but you don't do this and you keep telling me to do this? He is more corrupt than what he said. He says, "my father is a hypocrite and he is so because this is not his deen. He is lying. If this was his deen, he would implement it himself. So this deen is incorrect, I don’t accept his deen." Then they rebel. Come I'll show you a list of Muslim children over here who have gone astray. Those women, those daughters who have left Islam in this society. Those who have gone astray. Who? Those in whose hands were Bukhari Sharif. Those who graduated from Darul uloom, the boys and the girls, forget normal people. Just for this reason that the children were sent to darul uloom and were given bukhari shareef, and the parents themselves watch TV and enjoy themselves in the world. The children say, "How can we be like this? This means their deen is wrong. Come let's take a look at Christianity." I swear by Allah I can give you examples of this. Who's fault is this? Hypocrisy. We don’t do anything but we want it all to happen. We don’t want to do anything but we want the Ummah to improve. How will the ummah improve if you're not corrected? No one will change unless you change. We want everyone to adorn the turbans and the beards when we don't adorn them ourselves, then how will they adorn it? What Sunnah are you referring to? Just to eat roasted chickens? Is this the deen? Pick up the first Sunnah and act upon it that when they see you and they say "he's an ummati." Dont be that sufi who claims to corrected from the inside without it being reflected upon the outside. The pirs and the sufi who are drama's and say "im a Wali Allah, im a peer." They gather the people. This is what they do. They say everything is inside. Our salaah is inside, our beard is inside. We don’t need to show it on the outside. Everything is in the inside." No its not all inside. First correct your deen externally and present it to the people. When you show your deen outwardly, Allah says, "you have corrected your outer self. Now I will correct your inner self myself. You make your external features like Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you wear the Imaamah, you imitate him, no matter how dirty you are inside, Allah's promise is that He will illuminate you inside. يخرجهم من الظلمات الى النور Say SubhaanAllah Yes, I was talking to about Laylatul Qadr but I have arrived here. Its a good discussion. Tomorrow don't wake up and say, "we are this and we are that." Go and first look at your own practices. If you want to correct your children, present yourself before them, experience it for yourself. Begin wearing the turban inside your own house. I swear by Allah when your child is born, he will say, "where is my Imaamah?" I'll show you. When the father wears Imaamah, then his children will wear Imaamah. He doesn't need to tell them. The father goes to work in imaamah, he goes to buy the meat wearing the imaamah, and the child is holding on to his fathers finger and he is well aware that this is the deen and everything else is fraud. Say SubhaanAllah. Yes this is our life. Just like Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "prepare oh Fatima!" Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "you Fatima, you are going to go in your grave. So remember one thing, that only one thing will be useful, practice." What a great status of a woman she was who was being told this. "By action, life may become both, paradise and hell." So with practice tonight, your Laylatul Qadr will be attained. So shall I continue or shall I stop? Are you tired? No okay listen then. Laylatul Qadr has only just began. Jibraeel Alayhis salaam has just descended and only one flag has been placed and he hasn’t even arrived in Madinah yet. So then he went to Mount Tur. We were discussing Musa Alayhis salaam's story. And then one flag is planted there. Why are the flags being placed? Because they are places of memory. Memorandum. These are the places which will be remembered for the believers through which a person's deen is illuminated. Why do we place the minaret in a masjid?. These are the signs and the memories of Allah. Whenever there is a memorandum of a wali Allah, that place will be illuminated where he used to do dhikr. Our Hadhrat Zakariyyah Rahmatullahi Alayh, his Kurta, top, is shown in Masjid Zakariyyah sometimes, I used to hear this but I haven't seen it myself. And what is in that top? It was an old thin cloth top. And mashaaAllah even I have a pious elders Kurta. I look at his qamees. SubhaanAllah and he said himself. He was a great Naqshbandi shaykh and he said, “when I pass away, Hadhrat Asif Hussain Faroqui Daamat Barakaatuhum will come, please give this kurta to him.” Allahu akbar. And I have looked after that kurta and I take their name and I look at it and kiss it. SubhaanAllah. What a great memory they left behind. And my heart becomes alive. And I used to think, "why do people ask for the shoes of the Wali Allah?" One person came to Hadhrat sahib and said, "take a hundred thousand rupees, please give me these old shoes." Hadhrat sahib smiled and said, "this is a cheap transaction." Right now, my wealth isn't worthy of being sold. It is priceless. SubhaanAllah. The glory of the Awliyah Allah! So we've come to the flags were planted. So Jibraeel Alayhis salaam calls all the angels. And what order does he give? He said, "the night has come, start the work. What do you need to do? What is your desire? "We feel like visiting." "Go to every village, every street, every person, go you have permission. Ring their bells, enter their houses, sit with them to your hearts content. You can continue meeting them until Fajr salaah." سلام هي حتى مطلع الفجر Stay there until the morning. But why until fajr? There is a point here, shall I tell you? Because after the adhaan for Fajr is called, these people become busy and immersed in their worship. You dare not disturb them. They begin their day with Fajr and they don’t care about anyone or any angel, they flee from their houses. They don’t remain in their homes at that time. Is it? Yes they don’t remain in their houses until Fajr. You won't see them in their homes. Their beds are empty, houses are empty, the streets are empty. You won't find them. Where? In the darkness? "Their foreheads are illuminated with light at that time." SubhaanAllah who are these people? The Nation of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. A unique nation that when they commit sin, they commit so much, like bandits without a limit. But when they become pious, then even the angels are amazed that even we worship, we also perform sujood, we also do dhikr, what creation is this that we are told to leave?" "How dare you, only until fajr you have permission.'" This is a point which I shared with you. This is not tafseer. So it was told to the angels, "go let them start their worship, you have enough time." So they'll say, "we will do this huzoor." Who are the angels speaking to? Hadhrat Jibraeel Ameen Alayhis salaam. "There are 2 things you need to do." "What’s our task?" Task one, "Keep on observing them and whatever they do, you do as well." So what do we need to do in this night?" Da'wah? Eating? Noise? Clamour? Lectures and advice? What should we do? Let me tell you what to do. This is the enjoyment. Lets go to the house where the deen came from. Let me end this story, then we will do dhikr. Let's go to Madinah. Let's go to the Holy grave. Let's go and witness the blessed House of Aishah Radiyallaha Anha. SubhaanAllah. Have you reached? Yes. It is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam's time. The night of Qadr has arrived. The Holy Prophet sallallahu sallallahu wa sallam is present and the mother of the believers, Hadhrat Aishah Radiyallaha Anha is sat there next to him. What night is it? 27th night of Laylatul Qadr. Aishah Radiyallaha Anha is looking at her beloved and her beloved is looking at Allah. You are my beloved and He is my beloved." It's a dark night and they are sat and Aishah Radiyallaha Anha asks a question and he is listening. "Oh my beloved husband," The one who brought the deen, the head of the Messngers and look at the Glory of Aishah Radiyallaha Anha and look at her blessed house and she sat there and what blessings the Ahle-Siddiq, the Household of Siddiq gave to the Ummah. The ease that the Ummah attained, came from the house of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq Radhiyallahu Anhu. سيد البشر he wasn't for nothing. All the comfort and the ease of the Ummah came from Hadhrat Abu Bakr Radhiyallahu Anhu and his family. If we were to start counting, you'll be amazed. "Where did this come from?" The Tayammum which we quickly perform. Where did this action come from? It came from this very household. Yes. Look here such a great night and how it was summarised by Hadhrat Aishah Radiyallaha Anha. It was made easy for us that that she sealed this night and made it brief. She made us attain this night of Laylatul Qadr in 1 second. What question did she ask? "Oh Rasulullah, can I ask you a question?" "Yes." "Is today Laylatul Qadr?" "Yes tonight is Laylatul Qadr. "Is it the 27th night?" "Yes it is the 27th night.” “so can you tell me that the 27th night of Laylatul Qadr which I have attained, what shall I do so that I may attain this night?" SubhaanAllah. That person is the most deprived person from this nation of Muhammad who doesn't attain this night of power. I swear by Allah that even a child can attain Laylatul Qadr tonight. No one can be deprived. How can the nation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be deprived? How easy she has made it that, "don’t go towards anything, I will tell you." Why? She knew that in whose court she was asking a question, a person never remains empty handed. He will reply immediately, you just need to ask. You don't need to knock on the door. And she asked Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam herself and said, " I want to attain Laylatul Qadr. I want to give it out." So she wasn't just worried about herself, she was worried about the Ummah too. So Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yes attain it immediately. This Laylatul Qadr is yours. Why?" Then say with me," اللهم انك عفو تحب العفو فاعف عني يا كريم And this is the dua. What is the dua? "Oh My lord, you are the one who forgives," What does this mean? You ask Allah for forgiveness first. This is Laylatul Qadr when it comes. You are surrounded by sins. You haven't done no sujood, you haven't finished a Quran, you haven't engaged in any worship, that angels are sitting besides you, and what you saying? اللهم انك عفو "Oh Allah, I’m so useless. I am the most wretched dirty person from the creation who has come to you , but I want to attain Laylatul Qadr and whoever attains it, has received the entire paradise. He has received the certificate of Jannah. Then Allah ta'ala says, "whoever I give to, I don't take back. My Mercy is not such that when I put money in someone's pocket, then I take it back, so don't go empty handed today my friends. Laylatul Qadr won't come again tomorrow. And Aishah Radiyallaha Anha has told us one action, اللهم انك عفو "Oh Allah you are vey forgiving, you love to forgive," اللهم انك عفو تحب العفو Now these are the words between Allah and His beloved Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He is telling us the secret. What a great secret Allah ta'ala has told us. "Oh sinful person, you commit the sins and Allah says I like that as well in a way and it will elevate your status, and it will make you come close to your heart. Allah, your Lord will seat you next to Him because you are doing such an action which Hadhrat Jibraeel Alayhis salaam can't do, which Hadhrat Mikaeel Alayhis salaam can't do, which Hadhrat Isrãfeel Alayhis salaam can't do, which all the angels can't do. What a great action you are doing that they don't have the capability of committing sins. I have immersed you in sins and you have got desires and you have needs and you are in such an environment where there is immodesty. But SubhaanAllah this is the secret that after all of this, "Allah, you love to forgive." Say SubhaanAllah. So destroy all the sins and then you get the success. Tell me. Within a second what can we attain. "Allah, you love to forgive" why? The fact that you love to forgive is the reason you have given us the ability to sin. You have given us lust and passion, we look at women, you have created things. Where does it come from ? Its not in the angels but you put it inside us. The angels are in Jannah but we have been thrown upon the earth? You have placed all the attractions in front of us and that's why Allah ta'ala says, I am proud of you," when He mentions us amongst the angels. This is why Allah loves us and loves our repentance. Allah says, "the most beloved servant to me is he who repents and I forgive him. I don’t like that my servant just does worship, for I have many creations who do just this. Jibraeel Alayhis salaam does this, Mikaeel Alayhis salaam does the same, I observe them and how long can I keep observing them? They are unlike those people who disobey me, and they love me and they run back to my court. This is what I love, Allah says. And I have shown this scene to the angels and I have sent them down to the earth. This is that nation who had the appearances of dogs, cats and pigs just a month ago. Yes. This was our appearance. Shall I tell you the punishment of sins? What is the punishment for abandoning Salaah? What is the punishment for abandoning Salaah in congregation? What is the punishment for abandoning the Sunnah? What is the punishment for abandoning Quran recitation? What is the punishment for abandoning dhikr? Shall I tell you the punishment for consuming interest? What is the punishment for lying? What is the punishment for backbiting? What is the punishment for eating Haraam things? What is the punishment for fornication? What is the punishment for one who commits adultery? What is the punishment for the woman who leaves her home with immodest clothing? What is the punishment for the woman who leaves her home with perfume? What is the punishment for the woman who leaves her home with make up on? These punishments change a person's appearance. They are not humans. They come in appearance of dogs, cats and animals and when they are put in the Hellfire, they'll enter with the appearances of dogs and cats and when they will be resurrected from their graves, they will have the appearances of the animals. It has been witnessed. A cat was seen running after exiting a grave. A dog was exiting from another grave. A Wali Allah passed by and said, "what is the matter?" It was said, “The dog was the person who was greedy. The cat was the person who would backbite.” They take the form of the sin of a person. The one who holds malice. The one who wrongs others. They say, "were they this nation? Who changed them?" Allah says "This is what I like about them. That I gave them one month and I called them with love saying, such a beautiful month, leave your sins and come to your Lord." And how this nation come running to the masjid.” Has iftar time come? What time is iftar today? 5 minutes left? How long? Okay we have a bit of time. Yes one action my Ummah does, Allah says, تحب العفو "Who so ever does the action that I like then I forgiven this person until his generations. I have made him a Ghauth. I have made him a Qutub and whatever he asks for, I will grant him. Oh angels, bear witness that those people I sent to the earth," Its a lengthy hadith, I will summarise it for you. A beautiful hadith was coming in front after this. In the end I will say one statement. When the angels returned to the heavens and they were asked "what have you done? Where was you? You came from the earth?" They'll say "Don't ask where we are coming from, what enjoyment we witnessed and we are coming back with!" Then the second heavens will ask, "where are you coming from, Jibraeel Alayhis salaam is with you?" They’ll say, "Don't ask where we are coming from." So the first heaven asked and the second heaven asked a question. They all begin to engage in dhikr with passion and enjoyment. There is only one worship which the whole universe engages in and what is that? The dhikr of Allah. And this is the action which we don’t do but we want to engage in everything else. Where the gathering of dhikr takes place, "sssh quietly, scarper." Like there is someone dancing there or doing something wrong. They'll sit downstairs and start doing something else. SubhaanAllah. The entire world likes dhikr and you oh foolish man, have hatred for it and you say you are bigger? و لذكر الله اكبر Allah ta'ala's dhikr is the greatest. Whoever does dhikr, they are the greatest. Everyone else is a waste. What did they say? Second heavens. Dhikr. Third heavens, dhikr. Forth heavens, dhikr, until voices from the heavens of Allah's remembrance were raised and Allah made an announcement, "what is it? What has happened? Why are you rejoicing? And Allah ta'ala knew everything already because the drama began from there. Allah ta'ala asks the throne first, "what has happened to you that you are engaged in dhikr so loudly around the heavens? It will say, "oh Allah such an action happened today!" Allah will say, "What an action?" He replies, "Jibraeel Alayhis salaam told us some unique news today!" "What?" "He said that we went down and saw that nation below on the earth and at that time I done dua and I told Allah everything." Listen to this one statement, the words from the hadith and what Allah ta'ala said about the ummah. The angels report back to Allah don’t they? so the angels said, "when I presented the report to Allah, then Allah ta'ala said after hearing your report, I will make the decision. "I have forgiven all the righteous people from that nation." Listen to the next sentence. MashaaAllah it will affect your life so absorb it and imprint it upon your hearts. But from amongst the sinners, those who consume intoxicants, disobedient children of parents, those who fight with their relatives, those who hold hatred and malice." "What about those?" Listen to the following statement. Allah says, "They won't be forgiven." Then what happened, when I came and gave the report to Allah then Allah ta'ala said, "oh Jibraeel, I have forgiven all the righteous people and due to their prayers and intercession, I have also forgiven the sinners." Do you understand the benefits of sitting by the Wali Allah? لا يشقى جليسهم Even if someone sits by a Wali Allah for one moment, then tomorrow he will intercede for him on the day of Qiyamah. Even tonight on Laylatul Qadr, Allah ta'ala has announced that "you will only be forgiven due to the righteous people, sit in their company and earn their duas. Sit in their gatherings." Why? Because they are such people who care about you more than themselves. They have the concern and the pain for the Ummah. They go in sujood and ask Allah to rectify the people. They pray for your generations, they pray for your children. You don't even supplicate for yourself as much as they supplicate for you. Today they will be beneficial to you. Tomorrow they will be beneficial to you. In Layla-tul-Qadr they will be beneficial to you and inshaaAllah if you adopt their company today, then tomorrow on the day of Qiyamah, you'll be successful. SubhaanAllah. I will summarise with these words of these hadith. اهدنا الصراط المستقيم Understand these points. What is it? There are 2 things. The conclusion of Ramadan, what is the message, number one, only that person will be successful who repents. Only that person will be successful who does dhikr. The whole essence of Ramadan and every where you will see this, every angel witnessed these 2 things. This is the hadith I'm sharing with you, the summary. The angels will shake the hands of that person who did 2 actions, one is repentance and the other is dhikrullah. اهدنا الصراط المستقيم Oh Allah show us the straight path. The path of the Nabi, the Truthful, the Martyrs, those who repented and those who did dhikr. It must be time now? What is the time? Is it time for Iftar? There are 5 minutes left? We'll do Muraqabah. Actually, we will do some loud dhikr first.
30th Apr, 2022
And if i reach there, I will ask for the Jannah which Hadhrat Sahib are in inshaaAllah.
29th Apr, 2022