Ramadhan 2022 - Bayan 18
English Bayan, 57 mins
20th April, 2022

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What makes a person's society good? In other words, if there is a lot of wealth, progression and advancement materially in one's society, then it doesn't mean his environment is good. These things are found in society but if there is no peace found in that society, then how can we say that this society is in a good position. If we see a lot of food and drink in one place and life is easy, there is comfort and money is flowing, but in that place there is a lot of crime, theft and murder and no one respects each other, there is no stability, nothing to give a person peace, then can anyone say that society is in a healthy position? No. Totally not. That society is good in which there may be deficiency in materialism and wealth, but there is peace. There is no distress, there is respect and honour for each other, one would say that, "this is a good environment." So a society is formed by a human being and issues arise in society when human beings themselves are wrong. If a person is good then the society will be good. So the component for a good society is rectification. The main thing for a person is his rectification and our deen, Islam, also stresses on this the most. The best person is he who has rectified and improved himself. Alhamdulillah for us, this is the foundation of Islam. Allah ta'ala sent down many Prophets عليهم السلام and with them he sent books for the purpose of what? To rectify the society. If we take a look at any Nabi or any of their books or their Tabligh (preaching), then we see that all the Prophets could not achieve the complete propagation, but only one of them did and he is the Head of the Prophets sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We are very fortunate that we are amongst his Ummah. So all the other Prophets are there but we are with the complete Nabi. We are those who believe in all the Prophets and Messengers and books which came before, but fundamentally, we see that any Nabi who was sent to the people, was sent by Allah for the purpose of rectifying the society. When there was total loss in the society and the people became wild and lost, then Allah would send His Nabi and he would engage in their rectification. These stories are found in various places in the Quran. Allah sent Lut Alayhis salaam, Ibrahim Alayhis salaam, Yunus Alayhis salaam and they all came with a mission. What did they bring when they came? They came with the message of their Prophet hood and the light, which is the book that they brought containing the message. You will not find in any of their books or teachings, the formula of how to earn money or how to become extremely wealthy or how you can become successful materially, not at all, rather they all came with one message of how to improve your character and become a good human being. So they would rectify the people and until one does not undergo the process of rectification he cannot be correct. Fundamentally, every man is in need of something and that is Islaah, rectification. Evil is present and bad people are present but to turn evil into good isn't difficult. The way to do this is to do one’s Islaah. Then a person becomes good. He becomes high in status. My Hadhrat used to give an example regarding this that there was a river with a boat crossing it. There are people sat in that boat, there is weight, and there is turbulence in the river, but they are all traveling with ease and the passengers hope to reach the bank with safety. So these people are trusting in that boat to deliver them. Then there's a large piece of wood which has come from a tree and it is also floating down the river. Due to the waves and turbulence, sometimes the wood goes up, sometimes it goes down but the boats are travelling nicely. The wood came close to the boat and said, "I’m thinking that you are made out of wood and I'm also made out of wood, but you are sailing with ease despite having passengers on board and I’m being tossed here and there. What is the reason for that?" And the boat said "yes, what you are saying is correct. I'm also wood and you are wood but I have been touched by an expert craftsman and due to that, I was prepared for this. I don’t only float well by myself, I can also carry others safely. SubhaanAllah. And this is also what a human being is dependant upon. Until a person has undergone rectification and guidance, he cannot succeed and become a complete human. You can't become a human being through wealth. A man does not progress and advance through this. A man is promoted through the elevation and improvement of his character and when he recognises Allah and one can't do this himself. Look at this. The Holy Prophet sallallahu sallallahu wa sallam's hadith, الْمُؤْمِنُ مَرْآةُ أَخِيهِ وَالْمُؤْمِنُ أَخُو الْمُؤْمِنِ "A believer is the mirror of a believer" [Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 238] Nabi sallallahu alayhi alayhi sallam's complete message lies in this statement. SubhaanAllah. He gave the example of a mirror. What is the purpose of a mirror? You place the mirror in front of you when you want to improve your looks. You don't always go in front of the mirror to look into it. But when you want to make your appearance look good, or rectify something, then you will go in front of the mirror to look. Isn’t this the case? So you ask the mirror, "Am I right or not? Am I looking good or bad? If the mirror says to you, "yes you're looking good," then you will go on your way. So it’s the mirror which holds this capacity. SubhaanAllah the words of Nabi sallallahu alayhi alayhi sallam are very weighty. Such is the great quality of the mirror that it silently rectifies a person who is looking into it. Number one quality, the mirror itself is shining, free from blemishes and it identifies even the tiniest of a person's defects, equivalent to the size of a hair. Number two, a mirror is extremely truthful, it doesn't hold back in identifying errors and defects, regardless if the one looking into it becomes pleased or displeased. It says you are looking bad so improve yourself. This is its truthfulness. Number three, is a beautiful quality, it looks and explains the errors and defects of the one looking inside it, but it doesn't spread it to others, that so and so has this error, so you have high confidence looking into the mirror. When another person goes in front of the mirror it won't complain or narrate to you about the first. That “so and so came, he was like this, his face was like this, his mouth was like this, his nose was like this.” It does not expose your defects. So the Ulamah say that the example of a mirror in this society is in reality, that of pious righteous people. If a person doesn't go and sit with a righteous person, and doesn't request for his own rectification, then he cannot be rectified. If a person wants to have himself improved, then this is compulsory upon him! Look at the difference in those people who go to the Wali Allah and those who don't. The difference between the two is like the difference between the heavens and the earth. Just like that wood which was floating wildly. The hadith teaches us this. So, you'll see the difference. One man ties his turban himself, the other person goes in front of the mirror and ties it. When they come out, you'll notice who's turban is aligned and neat and whose isn't. So you know that he has a mirror at home and he doesn't have a mirror at home. One man applies surmah to his eyes and he has applied it messily with the black stains going here and there and the other applies it smoothly and effortlessly. You will clearly know that the former does not have a mirror at home and hasn't looked into the mirror. Your external state itself speaks out. So your good character depicts whether you have taken the guidance. The most important thing that Islam has prescribed to us is that we should have concern for our own rectification. If a person doesn't do his Islaah, he cannot he rectified and improved. If Allah has commanded us to rectify ourselves, then most definitely he has also taught us the method of how to do so, isn't it? Allah has told us the method. يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ ٱتَّقُواْ ٱللَّهَ وَكُونُواْ مَعَ ٱلصَّٰدِقِين The way to rectify ourselves and the way to reach the destination, and what is the destination for a believer? Taqwa. The purpose behind all the worships we engage in is to become a Muttaqi through them. The objective is to attain Taqwa. Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Taqwa will come when? The Quran says Taqwa cannot be attained through any act of worship. It cannot be attained through reading a book? Why? Because Allah has given us the method on how to attain it. So through which thing may we attain taqwa? كُونُواْ مَعَ ٱلصَّٰدِقِين When you adopt the company of a righteous person and until you adopt this company you will not be able to attain Taqwa. When you attain the company of a righteous person, then you can attain Taqwa. You are learning and seeing knowledge, and that's fine, but you cannot attain Taqwa through learning knowledge. Remember this. The defects will remain within you and you will be incomplete. You will not be a complete believer so it is compulsory upon you to do your Islaah at the hands of the teacher. We have countless defects within us that we can't even imagine. Sometimes, the human thinks he has great qualities within him, but when he stands in front of the mirror then he realises that it is his biggest defect. So unless a person sees his defects in front of a mirror, and goes to a Wali Allah and presents himself before him, then in any situation he cannot be rectified. And this is the most important thing for us in our life, remember this. And that is the foundation for our Hereafter and every stage of the Hereafter. And if a person departs this world as a Muttaqi then he is successful alhamdulillah and if he departed without attaining Taqwa, then he is unsuccessful. Where is Taqwa attained from? It is attained from Company. It isn't necessarily attained via a Sheikh, remember that. The word "Bay'ah" بيعة hasn't been used. Rather which words have been used? كُونُواْ مَعَ ٱلصَّٰدِقِين You will have to adopt the company of the Sheikh. You have to regularly have the company of the teacher. You will have to find him. What is Company صحبة ? The example is that of the mirror. Present your defects in front of the mirror and when the mirror tells you, “do this, do this, improve yourself,” and when you do this, then you're successful. If you're sat in front of the teacher all life long , that is not attaining the company. You will not attain the success. But when you present yourself correctly in front of the teacher and say “I'm like this, These are my faults ” it doesn't matter how big a person is, or high in status, as part of the principles the student should expose his defects. "I have no knowledge. I have nothing. This is my situation." Then the mirror will give you the response with affection and with the correct methodology. It won't inform you suddenly and make it burdensome, rather, lifelong it will explain to you. It’s never occurred that you've gone in front of the mirror and you've put your turban on and then broke the mirror after that. No because you'll need the mirror again. If Shaytan deceives you once, that "I have been cured," he can deceive you again and then you'll have to appear in front of the mirror again. Will you not need to go in front of the mirror again? Yes. So similarly, you have to keep going to your sheikh time and time again for rectification. As a student you are dependant upon the teacher. It is extremely necessary for believers to have the company of the sheikh in their lives, just like food and drink is also necessary for a person in his life. Alhamdulillah we have faith. We have concern within us, "that how do I become good? I want to be good. I want my children to be good. I want my family to be good. I want such and such to become good " And there is only one path to achieve this. What is that? To adopt the company of the Wali Allah. There is no other way. Here Allah mentions in the verse, كُونُواْ مَعَ ٱلصَّٰدِقِين this world will continue until Qiyãmah so Imam Ghazali Rahmatullahi Alayh said, this verse proves the point that the Awliyah Allah will continue to come until Qiyamah. As long as we are in need of Taqwa, then until Qiyamah, this remains a necessity. What is the formula Allah has given to become a Muttaqi? The company of the righteous people. So obviously this company will continue until Qiyamah. Wallahi there is no other cure. Righteous company has an effect on a person because anything which Allah ta'ala has placed cure inside, that will cause an effect and one cannot reject this fact. Undoubtedly, it has an impact and the improvement takes place as Allah mentioned. For example, Hadhrat Saadi Rahmatullahi Alayh in his poetry couplets, he made beautiful points and in one great couplet, he wrote in Persian, that “I was going and splashes of mud came upon me and I thought it was just mud but then from the mud, I could smell a fragrant, sometimes the scent of musk, sometimes the smell of Amber. I was very surprised that this is dirty soil, where has this fragrance come from? I asked the soil. That, "you are mud, you are dirty and you came onto my hand and now I have to wash it, but there is fragrance inside you. How did it get inside?" It replied, "I am nothing. I'm worthless and I am dirt and mud but I am unique and different from normal soil because a flower grew on top of me and I stayed in the company of the flower and the fragrance that was on the flower also spread over me and that is the fragrance that you are smelling. So I stayed in the company of the flower for some time and Allah instilled the fragrance within me too," said the mud.” So this is compulsory upon a human being, especially with society around us, it is extremely necessary that a person seeks and adopts the company of the wali Allah and it can never be that Allah commands this and there isn't a wali of Allah present in the world. They are present in every place when the human being has the desire, he tries, he seeks to attain that, then Allah ta'ala will deliver that resource to the human being. In every region you will find this resource. Different types, but you will attain it. You have the desire that I want to become a good human being so the defects can come out of me, I want to be good. So the way the world is progressing today, especially our children, our family, very simple formula Allah ta'ala has given and that is to instil the love for the Wali Allah in their hearts. They need nothing else but this is what will correct and improve them. The assistance at the hands of the Wali Allah and don’t take support from anything else thinking that it will make you good. The Wali Allah tell you the errors within you so try to remove those instead of rebuking or showing your distress or anger, "this happened or this happened and its too hard." Know that the defects which the mirror displays to you is totally correct. Without this you cannot succeed and you'll be deceiving yourself. Good company is what changes a person. "One moment in the company of the Awliyah Allah is better than 100 years of voluntary worship without ostentation." Someone recited this couplet in the presence of Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alayh and they said, Hadhrat I see a defect in this statement." He said, "how? What is the defect that you see?" He said, "how can it be that he engaged in 100 years of worship and even that is without ostentation and then he goes to sit in the company of the wali Allah for a moment , then how can this sitting be better than 100 years of worship." Then Hadhrat Mawlana Ashraf Alif Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alayh said, "I'll explain to you the meaning of this. He says it is 100 years, but I’m saying, “to sit in the company of the Wali Allah is better than a hundred million years of worship, not just better than 100 years." And he gave the reason and said "first I’ll give an example to explain this." He said "what is the reason? Listen to the reason." He said, Where do you want to go? London. What is your destination? London. How long is the travel? 2 hours or 2 and a half hours. You go on to the motorway and you took the wrong turning and you missed the sign and you continue to travel. It's taken you 10 hours but London hasn't arrived. Then you phone and they question "it's been 10 hours but London hasn't come?" "I've been travelling and the car is going smoothly and quickly but London hasn't come yet." And the person you are phoning, says to you, "are you sure you took the right motorway?" He replies, "let me check." He said, "go to so and so number and check," and he guides him. The other person checks and realises the motorway he took was incorrect. His route was wrong. So what was the reason that he travelled for 10 hours and didn’t arrive at London? His direction of travel was wrong compared to that person who took the correct direction and reached in 2 hours. Do you understand? So he said the one who engages in hundred years of worship, even if he is performing it without ostentation, he can continue for a few hundred years, but if his direction isn't correct, he cannot reach his destination. But with the company, his direction will be correct. He will be guided with precise direction and will be notified when his direction is wrong. And when his direction is corrected then within a moment, he reaches his destination. "A moment in the company of the Awliyah Allah." So he said it is compulsory. A man is travelling and he looks at the time and realises his direction was incorrect. So like this, a person works hard and makes the effort but until he receives the guidance from the master, that "are you making the correct effort? Are you doing the right things for your rectification? Then he can’t be corrected. It could be that you deem yourself to be correct but you're wrong. Your method could be wrong. You stand up and pray. You have prayed and then after praying, you pray a good amount of nafil salaah, and then someone opens the light and you realise that you were not praying towards the direction of the Ka'bah, but rather towards another direction. So will my prayer be correct? No. Because when the light came on, you realised that your direction was incorrect. It wasn't towards the direction of the Ka'bah and your prayer will only be correct when you have the correct direction. In the same way, the human being travels and thinks he is taking the correct route but when someone informs him that he is on the wrong route, then he realises that all his effort is going to waste. As soon as he corrects himself and is upon the right direction, then he is doing the right thing at that time. So my brothers, until you don’t have someone to correct your direction, and obviously when he informs you that you had the wrong direction, "the Ka'bah was this way", then you'd change your direction to the Ka'bah wouldn't you? So this is rectification in the company of a Wali Allah. Until you don't have a guide and if you don't obey and practice what the teacher tells you, then you will be wasting time because that is not company. Adopting company isn't just going to sit and look at his face. No. The pious predecessors say, adopting good company is when you are being prescribed that this thing is wrong for you and you remove it from your life, that is calling adopting company. And it is not necessary for you to be close to that person physically. Perhaps you can't get to the teacher physically. You can't sit with him or be with him. So the noble Mashaikh, they do another thing, they write some kitaabs. They publish some books or they speak. Its not that they want to print some books and make money. That's not their objective. Why do they publish books? So those students who are far and cannot come close to me, they will receive the same company when they read these books. That’s why the pious predecessors say that a student should never be empty handed or think he is far from the teacher. And we are in that generation now alhamdulillah where many things Allah ta'ala has created or exposed to us and given us that knowledge and that person should continue to read those things and keep those in his heart and with those he should keep listening to the voice of his teacher. He should keep listening to the statements of his teacher through the resources. We say, "our sheikh is too far, how can I get the guidance?" I'll tell you today, there's many people that are ahead of you today and have progressed beyond you, but they are not present here. I'll tell you this clearly. Many womenfolk who are not here, womenfolk are behind the purdah naturally anyway, they can't sit here in the gathering. So do you think there is a difference in status between you and the women? Its not like this. The statuses in paradise are for both men and women. Look at the verses of the Quran, إِنَّ ٱلْمُسْلِمِينَ وَٱلْمُسْلِمَٰتِ وَٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَٱلْمُؤْمِنَٰتِ وَٱلْقَٰنِتِينَ وَٱلْقَٰنِتَٰتِ وَٱلصَّٰدِقِينَ وَٱلصَّٰدِقَٰتِ وَٱلصَّٰبِرِينَ The men who engage in abundant Dhikr and the women who engage in abundant Dhikr. So they don’t come and sit in front of me. They don't physically come and sit here. Does this mean they are not getting the company. So what we realise is that ‘company’ is not that you physically sit in front of the teacher, you sit close to the teacher, keep on coming, keep on looking, but alongside this, do your Islaah. You should have the passion to obey and absorb what the Sheikh is saying and if you have that, but it is hard for you to come and you can't arrive, then that same blessings and virtues you'll receive as if you are sat here. The amount of benefit you will take and more than you those womenfolk will receive who have the passion for obedience and practice. Not just that we are sat here infront and we are doing dhikr here. Why has Allah granted us progression in science and technology today? We are looking at it in the light of Imaan. Why do we have the telephone and the speaker? Why do we have a microphone and the sound waves? People in the world use them in different ways but we look at it from an Islamic point of view that these are available for us today because so much evil and vice has spread in the world and in every house there is evil and vice. Hence, Allah says I want my message to reach every house. In the previous generations and even in my generation, Hadhrat sahib themsleves didn't come to me but in the time that I met them, there were less tapes and reels for tape recorders and this was 60, 70 years ago. In his era, you had to travel to the Sheikh, you had to make sacrifices, alhamdulillah, nafs and money and physically everything. Khair, I didn't make any effort but I had to go and leave everything. I had to leave my shop, my home, my business, my children, my family and not just once. As long as My Hadhrat sahib was alive I continued to do this. You come and sit here for a little while and you complain saying, "why haven't I become pious? Why haven't I become Junaid Baghdadi yet? Why haven't I become Bayazeed Bastami yet? Why haven't I had any dreams? Why haven't I become pious yet? Why am I not a Sheikh? MashaaAllah those who have the sincerity, they become pious. I'm giving you the example, people that aren't here, many people, in fact womenfolk too, are on high Maqaam, high levels. Alhamdulillah. Why? Because they have the passion inside them that just like Hadhrat sahib is doing dhikr, they sit immediately in the morning and they pay attention. The womenfolk stop their tasks and they say, whatever we hear today we are going to implement. So Allah ta'ala will also send them to paradise. So its proven here that Suhbat is defined as what? I'm removing a big deception here amongst us. Subhat is to have the great passion and desire to obey and practice. The person who has more desire. Not that you go physically and you sit in the company, ten, fifteen years you are sitting but not one of the defects you are being told, has been removed. Forget two, not even one has been eliminated. The faces, the appearances, the clothing changes, this is not why you come to the sheikh? You go to the sheikh so the dirt within you can become clean. A person comes to become valuable. Allah says, "I purchase the lives of the believers." Yes Allah says this in the Quran. And if Allah, the Lord is purchasing, then how valuable should you be when Allah is the one purchasing! How precious and valuable you should make yourself that it is no normal person who is purchasing you. If you find out that a very wealthy man is coming to your shop to buy some goods and merchandise, would it not make a difference to you? You would clean the shop and your business premises. You'd put up good decorations and make your goods look shiny and your staff will be alerted that this customer is coming. We want to give him a lot of stock today. We want to sell our goods. Will you not be alert? You'll be alert that a wealthy man is coming to buy things at your shop. So if Allah says, "oh believer, be ready I am your purchaser," then what will his status be in paradise. So will Allah ta'ala purchase a person who is not worth anything? A cheap person? No. You have come for Islaah so rectify yourselves. The first step of the Kalimah is that faith has come in to you, so now you must have concern for your rectification. Where will you get Islaah from? This has also been told to us. You will receive Islaah from the company of the teacher. Suhbat-e-Sheikh. Nabi sallallahu alayhi sallam has narrated and what a great example he has given. In a hadith he narrated, "the example of good company is that of good fragrance." If you go to someone who sells fragrance and you sit with him for a while and you didn't purchase any perfumes from him nor apply any, but when you return, the scent of the perfume remains lingering on you. Emanating from you. That is the example of good company. SubhaanAllah. And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, " if he sits in bad company and didn't do bad, the stench of the bad smell will come inside him." The good company takes effect and the bad company takes effect. So this is its example and company is important for a man. Bad company changes a person and good company changes a person. Let's look at the example here, we are passing through Ramadan and the message of Ramadan has been delivered to you and that same message I am giving to you again and you can decide for yourself if you feel any difference within you from before Ramadan until now. Tell me. It has brought a change hasn't it? You begin to have good emotions and feel nicer and lighter isn't it? You heart feels inclined to worship isn't it? You begin to feel pleasure in prayer isn't it? You begin to engage in more dhikr and Quran isn't it? Tell me. You begin to engage in more nafil don't you? You pray 20 nafil in the night. Do you find it hard to remain awake at night now? What makes this difference? Why couldn't you do this in the previous months. 11 months prior to this, why couldn't we achieve this when they were also months? What is the reason? Allah says that I have kept this month different and unique from the other months. This is the month of piety, a month of mercy and it has come as a Sheikh. A teacher. And you are sat in its company. The month of Ramadan. And due to coming into its company, you have changed and been rectified. These are the changes within you. So the greatest thing which Ramadan has given to us is Suhbat, the company. And if Ramadan didn't come, then the previous months would be the same for us. They are also the same. They also have Islamic names. So this month has a special quality within it. And what is that quality? It serves as rectification for a person. It has rectified our habit of lying, backbiting, our character, our nafs. Has it not? It is rectifying everything of ours. So it has come as a Sheikh and Allah has revived and awakened us just like today due to Ramadan we have improved then keep ongoing concern for your rectification because without rectification the human being is worse than animals. Remember that. He doesn't have manners. He doesn't have Islamic qualities within him so he's like an animal. Just like animals eat, drink and sleep, they eat the grass Allah has given them and then they die and we bury them. That's their objective of life but not ours. If we want to have a high status in paradise and attain Allah's nearness, then we must implement this in our society and save our children as well. This is our responsibility. In regards to children, just do one simple thing. Make them adopt good company and if it is not happening then read the books to them. Allow them to hear the speeches and the words of the teacher. Implement upon it yourself and then it will have an impact upon them. Say "I heard this from my teacher, Hadhrat sahib said this today so I'm going to do it. He said pray Tahajjud," and then you read Tahajjud while the children are watching. And with love and affection, tell them that a Wali Allah is a great person. There is enjoyment in their words." If you adopt this method inshaaAllah which the Quran has given, then the revolution will take place in your house and there will be love. This is a complete message to improve the society. You will be improved yourself and the environment and society will also be improved. Allah has given us such a great blessings of the morning and evening gatherings. This is light upon light because you have the Sheikh and the Sheikh's company. SubhaanAllah. Those that are far are not looking at the Sheikh are they? They can't see the Sheikh but they are benefitting from the Suhbat. But you are looking at the Sheikh and taking his company. There is a difference isn't it? So should you keep your children hidden at home? No result will occur in your life without adopting pious company I'm telling you. You know the chicken, it lays an egg and you eat the egg which it has given. But if you go to the shop, that same egg, when it's within the feathers of the chicken, it perseveres it, protects it and warms it and it is there for many days and suppresses it. Then after 40 days, the same egg hatches and another chicken comes out. Similar to a human being when he goes in the company of the teacher and he is protected under the shade of the teacher and he spends time there, days and weeks there. Then he graduates as a new human being from that company. This is how great the company of a teacher is. But we don't appreciate this do we? Allah has given us great blessings. So inshaaAllah just like Ramadan has given us the message and changed us, we need to adopt good company for ourselves and for our families according to the Shariah way. Society is becoming really bad and when you see someone who is not correct and he is becoming worse, in some way or another, bring that person to the company of the Wali Allah and seat him in front of the Wali Allah. Don't be disheartened. He will run away but bring him back again. Don't lose hope. His heart will feel like he doesn't want this and he will run away but there's no other way. Otherwise you can give up and relax, accepting that he will be a wild person, an animal and let him be like that. Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that bad company will have a bad effect and all the evil and sins will come into him just like the bad company he has adopted. Don't cry tomorrow then. Don't complain. We need to seek the other path for this, the right path. There is another path and it is correct. I'll explain to you what I'm saying. After seeing other people, we have adopted another path. "Oh make him a Haafidh of the Quran. Make him a scholar. Make him like this. Teach him the knowledge. That's fine but understand that the child will not be rectified through those if he is spoilt already. No example has been given of this in the deen. Allah has not written anywhere that by sending your child to institutes, he will be corrected and rectified. Those who want to do these things can do these things, but if you want to be improved and become a proper human being, then you need one thing, which is to adopt good company of the Sheikh. Keep returning them to the company, otherwise he will remain a monkey and a animal even after all that knowledge. What is that verse in Surah Jumuah? If you put books on top of a donkey, will the donkey become a scholar? What is he? He remains a donkey. So don’t put the burden of books on your children, nor put the burden of Quran upon them, rather instil the concern for rectification within them. That even if he is a scholar he is in need of rectification. And if he isn't a scholar he is also in need of rectification. Success is based on what? Rectification. Here you can't say, "he’s a scholar, he's got knowledge." No. He will not succeed that way. I'll give you an example here. I'm often visiting children in the masjid. I kept watching one boy who graduated, he was walking around, he stood on the prayer mat for salaah, and I watched his style. Ahamdulillah I'm nothing and he's a scholar. And he was giving lectures. You know it happens sometimes. Poor thing he hadn't had Islaah. So you can say my heart felt inclined towards him. One day I met him on the pathway and obviously it is just me. There is a difference between me and the Wali Allah. My work and their work. Look at their style and their methodology mashaaAllah but I thought ill try the way the Wali of Allah do. So he was going and he passed me and I greeted him with "السلامُ علیکم" and you know like the scholars, he gave a very faint response. And I think a year hadn't even passed since he graduated. So I passed by and I said, "please you walk in front of me, you're a scholar, I’m not a scholar, so please walk ahead." So he walks ahead, and we were speaking and alhamdulillah I explained to him a few words and he stood there. It affected him a little bit. Then he began standing by me and we reached the place and then I shook his hands. And then when we met again, now I wasn't meeting him, he was trying to meet me. That's the difference that came about after. So then we were walking. I'm telling you this experience to show that it does have an impact on people. So he began walking and whilst we were talking, he stopped and stood and began speaking to me, explaining to me all his matters and then I spoke and he departed. Then it reached that stage where I would be walking and he is running after me, looking for me. And then the scene came where he said, "Hadhrat I don’t know what it is, but I feel such a pull and attraction that I’ve even started listening to your talks." MashaaAllah. Then he became beloved and the guest of the heart. So it takes time sometimes but the company always has an effect on a person. Hadhrat Najmul-Hassan sahib was a pious elder from the Mashaikh of the Deoband, he was Shaykh-ul-Hadith but his style was very unique like I've seen a few Wali of Allah like this. He was sat in his room and he would stay in his room and wouldn't propagate the deen much but he was a great wali Allah. He would be silent. Everyone has their own style. So his style was that if someone came, he would speak to them. If someone didn't, he would stay silent. There was a child who was very corrupt. This is a true story which I have heard from the pious predecessors. The child's father went to meet the Sheikh and left his pen there, like a person who accidentally leaves something behind. So he said to that son, "I've left my pen with the sheikh, go and get the pen." "A moment in the company of the Awliyah Allah." So that child said, "no I’m not going." The father said, "why." He said "I’m just not going." The father said, "you only need to get the pen and not do anything else. Go and get the pen, I can't go and get it." So he went to the Sheikh to get the pen and it took Hadhrat some time to search for the pen, how long? Probably 2 or 3 extra minutes longer it took. So he gave the pen in his hand. Allah ta'ala has placed mercy in the heart of a Wali Allah so he sat there for a little while and Hadhrat said to him gently, "do you not pray my son?" He replied, "no." Hadhrat said, "that's not very good, you should pray salaah because there is a bad ending for the one who doesn't pray." So he gave a few advice like this. And when the boy returned, he started to pray Tahajjud. SubhaanAllah. And his father understood, "A moment in the company of the Awliyah Allah. So why will the effect not take place? That if the soil had the fragrance from the flower which gave it company, then will the fragrance of the Wali Allah not come into the human being? In fact, the fragrance of a flower is confined to the garden, but the fragrance of a wali Allah travels up to the heavens. You sit on the earth and it goes to the other realm, to the Arsh, to the heights. Can you not smell the fragrance of Hadhrat Ali Murtaza Rahmatullahi alayh around us today? Remember this what I'm telling you. That the work of reviving the deen and the work of Islam is not some minor thing. The one who does the work of the deen, he knows. They say, "we want to become a Sheikh." But a person is in fact given the permission to be a Sheikh, my Hadhrat sent me didn't he, a person cant be a Sheikh just like that. So first of all opposition and swearing takes place. Even until now, but in different ways of opposition. You get opposed and sneered at. You get sworn at. The opposition and situations which arose with this humble servant was extreme, ajeeb. But the revolution came in such a way that the scholars of that time, the Hadhrat of Bury, when I came I think Daruloom Bury was established. I remember an event. Hadhrat Yunus Rahmatullahi Alayh. He was a great Sheikh ul Hadith and me and him became friends in Madinah Munawwarah. We didn't know each other at all and we were in I'itikaaf together and I liked him. He was young at the time and he would sit here sometimes, there sometimes, and once I said to them, "I like your company. I like sitting with you. You have a blanket in your hand and sometimes you sit there, sometimes you sit here. How come you don't stay in one place. Why is that?" He said, "you have asked a good question, where have you come from?" We started talking and our friendship was made. We had love for each other. I didn't know of how great a Sheikh-ul- hadith he was. So I had the effect of my Hadhrat sahib upon me at the time. So I sat him down and I said, "sit here." And I started telling him about Hadhrat sahib and then he started to become closer to me to the extent that the love increased and he used to keep a space for me that "you sit here next to me." I'm speaking about Sheikh Yunus sahib Rahmatullahi Alayh. Everyone knows who he was. I'm speaking the honest truth with you today. The Darululoom topic came into the discussion. I said, "Hadhrat why are you sat here, come with me and I will introduce you to my Sheikh." He said, "I feel so much love for your Sheikh that I really want to meet your Sheikh." These were his words. But he said to me, "you are a unique person." I said, "why." He said "You are leaving Madinah to go to your Sheikh?" I said, "Hadhrat you haven't understood, we have been talking but you haven't understood. That's why I want to take you, come with me." He said, "I promise I will come with you and meet your Sheikh but at this moment in time I cannot go with you." I said, "I’m leaving I’m about to go." Alhamdulillah we remained good friends. And he said, "okay where will we meet?" I said, "you tell me, where shall we meet?" He said, "tell me have you come from England?" I said, "yes." And he said, "I have a student there." And these were his words. "Yusuf Motala, do you know him?" I said, "no I don't know him." He said, "is there a place called Bury there? He has established a Madrassah there. And he is trying hard and there's one book left, I need to teach him that kitaab. And before coming here he said to me ‘come here and then my book will be complete.’ Anyway I am his teacher. So I need to go, and I'm going there after this so come. Will you come?" I said, "I'll be very happy." He said, "You do one thing for me." I said, "what shall I do?" He said, "come to Bury. When I go there people don't leave me. So as soon as you come, "say he's someone I know and then I’ll say I'll come with you and then you take me with you." SubhaanAllah. So this story came in between. May Allah grant him Jannah. However I couldn't do that because when I returned, I became very occupied in propagation and my situation was very severe at that time. There was a storm of opposition which I couldn't get rid of and people were against me. And there were so many enemies around and at that time I couldn't go to Hadhrat to receive him. So I didn't get the chance to meet him. Anyway, we had friendship and Bury Darululoom was established at that time from all corners mashaaAllah. But the work of the deen. From there you get the call aswell. Hadhrat sahib. You could hear, "who is this person? He has brought complete revolution around our region. What was that revolution. It was not the Madrassah revolution. It was practical revolution where the women had adopted purdah, the menfolk adopted the Amaamah, the TV were thrown out of the house. From the eyes people saw this. Why? Because this was the effect of Hadhrat Sheikh Ali Murtaza Rahmatullahi alayh. You are sat here today in Khankah's environment. Where did this colour come from? This effect. From the company of the teacher. Do you understand what it means by company now? He was there but we practiced upon his words here and we received the effect of his company. And this company will not stop. Imaam Ghazali Rahmatullahi Alayh has a great book on Tasawwuf and he writes in the conclusion of his book Ihyaa-ul-Uloom that the most important thing in a human being's life is rectification and the greatest destination is Taqwa. Without Taqwa no believer can go to Paradise. Write this down. It’s not for no reason that Allah ta'ala gave us a whole month to become Muttaqi. Allah ta'ala knows that we are Murtad, towards disbelief, hypocrisy, shirk and we won't be able to go to paradise. These human beings are not Muttaqi. They are a drama. Their worship is a drama. It's all artificial. So Allah ta'ala fixed a month for us to clean our inner selves and all the defects within. Allah ta'ala doesn't teach us Salaah or Quran in this month. He teaches us Tazkiyah and inner purification and then after that, Allah announces, "I've made you Muttaqi's and I have made your nation Jannati's." This is why Imaam Ghazali Rahmatullahi Alayh says, "a person cannot go to paradise until he is a Muttaqi and he cannot become a Muttaqi until he adopts the company of the Sheikh" Imaam Ghazali Rahmatullahi Alayh says, "that's why I say search for the company and keep searching and until Qiyãmah, you will always find it." Because Allah ta'ala wants to fill Paradise, not Hellfire. So I've explained the definition of Subat, company to you now. It is not to sit and look at the teacher but on top of that, it is to listen to his words and obey them. Implement them. This is what Ramadan has practically gave us the learning for. Have we kept the fast or not. It said "leave food." Have we left food or not? It said "drink food." Have we left drink or not? I said "leave your wife." Have we left the wife or not? Have we done it? We have obeyed Ramadan practically. We have taken the company of Ramadan. We have accepted all the orders of Ramadan and then Ramadan says your company is complete and you have become Muttaqi. Alhamdulillah لعلكم تتقون Same thing the Sheikh says. That when you come to me oh student and you have obeyed my words, then you become a Muttaqi. Now you are a person of paradise. Do you understand what I'm saying brothers? This is the real message of the definition of company and the objective of going to a Sheikh. There is no way out besides this. "Oh I don’t feel like going to a Sheikh. I'm this, I have no need to go into the company of the Sheikh." All lifelong you will not be successful. You have to go. You must meet the GP and you must do your Islaah through him and you'll have to implement what he says. When you go there and you don't follow his orders, then you are worse. The Quran has mentioned threats against such people. Such a person will be from the proud and arrogant people. He will be from the ignorant and heedless people. Punishments have been mentioned for such people. Now what the Quran says, is that true or false? Despite having the company of the Wali Allah, he didn't attain Taqwa. Taqwa cannot come without Islaah. It is essential. If anyone wants to be safe from Hellfire and attain Jannah, then he won't receive this through Dhikr and Quran. It will be attained by Taqwa and Taqwa comes with the company of the teacher. May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to understand these points.
22nd Apr, 2022
Alhamdulillah Hadhrat sahib speaks the haq and everything is said out of love, hadhrat sahib wants everyone to succeed and attain the akhirah. None of us should be offended or upset with what is said because it is for our own good. Alhamdulillah for hadhrat sahib who speaks the haq. May Allah protect our sheikh ameen.
21st Apr, 2022