The Harms of Negligence & its Cure
English Bayan, 42 mins
16th April, 2022

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The Harms of Negligence & its Cure There's a very famous hadith and the subject of this hadith, Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala states that I become the eyes of a believer with which he sees, I become the hand with which he holds. And everything about this person, Allah associates with Himself. Think for yourself. How great must this person be. This isn't a specific selection of people which Allah ta'ala is referring to over here. Rather every believer has this connection with Allah. SubhaanAllah. After one brings Imaan, he becomes so close to Allah that Allah Himself says, اقرب اليه من حبل الوريد I am closer to him than his jugular vein. This is the high grade connection that Allah has with His servant. And this is the reality. A servant and Allah and one who possesses Imaan. A human being with Imaan has the closest link with Allah. Everything is distant from the human being besides Allah. And this is a real closeness. Allah ta'ala said its a true closeness. We should reflect over this. Ultimately, what is the reason for this, that despite being so close to Allah and Allah Himself narrates this and He created us, then why are we like this today? We don't have certainty in Allah with regards to asking receiving something from somebody, from request something. We believe in Allah we say and we accept but we believe in such a way that its as if we don't believe. A man's connection becomes so weak. Extremely weak. He stops doing sujood to Allah. He stops asking from Allah. He becomes involved in shirk and becomes so distant from Allah. What is the reason for this? And the reason for this is very clear my brother. The reason for this is Ghaflah. Heedlessness. Heedlessnes and negligence is such a great and dangerous state, due to which a person commits wrongdoing and sins.  He only does it through negligence. Remember this. So when a person becomes negligent, then his greatest punishment and most severe condition is that he becomes distant from Allah. Despite being close to Allah in reality, he becomes distant. What causes him to become distant? Obviously we are living in this the dunya, you have your circumstances, eating and drinking, needs of life, requirements, etc. But this is not the reality of life if we ponder over it. We say the reason we are negligent is due to our eating and drinking, our businesses, our wives and children keep us busy, this dunya keeps us busy.  Negligence is caused by these things yes, but the true reason is what? That alongside these things which we mentioned, if we cure our issue then these things around us are not the cause of our negligence. Because they are all halal, permissible things. Allah has ordered them for us. These are blessing from Allah which He given us. But the nature and the quality of these things are such that they do create negligence within a man. They can make him distant. For example if you're passing by a place which is muddy or sandy, then inevitably you will be touched with that sand or mud. It will impact you. But will you remain like that? No, you will be aware, you will feel agitated, distressed and uncomfortable so immediately you will cure this condition by washing it off. You will have a bath because you became physically impure. So the difference here is that the world we are blaming for our issues, in reality it is not the fault of the world. We have to live in the world. There is no way out of that. We can't live without these things. However, we fail to analyse and cure the root cause of our issue, our negligence and laziness. And astaghfirullah, whoever does not cure his issues then he departs this world as an ignorant and negligent person. And obviously Allah has mentioned in the Quran regarding the condition of a negligent person afterwards. We dont even ponder regarding this. We are passing through this great and blessed month so don't think this is month is temporary, and we are repeatedly everyday going through this lesson, don't just think that we are fasting and we had food in the morning and the evening. No. This month gives us great lessons and it takes you from one level to multitudes of levels. This month. With regards to negligence, Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala has provided the complete solution and cure for this within Ramadan. Complete solution. What a severe sickness this is and if we were to be removed of this negligence, imagine how much of a perfect person we would be. Such a fantastic person that Allah becomes his eyes with which he sees, He becomes his hands with which he holds, and Allah has kept these qualities within Ramadan and we can sense that fragrance of Ramadan and for that reason Ramadan, a specific month of Ramadan through which the qualities of Ramadan will enable us to practice the right things. The worship which Allah has stipulated in Ramadan is fasting. The action of fasting is the total cure for negligence. The total solution.  Even for one day a person observes fast for the entire day, then in the evening it is announced that, "I have become this person's eyes. I  have become this persons hands." SubhaanAllah. Why. Because he did that action through which heedlessness and negligence is removed, distanced. Let me explain to you. what is the Cure for Negligence? What is in opposition to negligence? Focusing on Allah. Directing ones self to Allah. These are two opposites. When one is overtaken by his negligence then what should he do? Turn to Allah. This is the best cure for this. Negligence will never allow you to obey the commands of Allah isn't it? For example you're sinning your heart is heavy, in distress. You're depressed and depressed, a strange situation. You don't feel like doing anything and your heart is dark. Then consider that this is the effect of negligence and negligence, nothing else. Then the one cure for this is, turning towards Allah. Direct yourself to Allah. The Quran has stated hasn't it, that those who have committed indecency and sins and have wronged themselves, then the first thing they do is, return to Allah. Why do we return to Allah? So we can remove that sickness due to which we are committing sins. For example if you see that there is a person who doesn't pray Salaah, you see that he is sinning and not practicing upon the deen, then speak to him, rather, try to bring him towards a Allah's nearness. Help him return back to Allah. What do we do? We forcefully bring them to pray Salaah. He will go. Lecture, advice  and advice but after a few moments or days or times he will turn back because his negligence hasn't been cured. The real cure has not been implemented. The real doctor analyses the root cause of this sickness. Why is there a sickness present? What caused it to occur? This is the greatest wisdom in deen. So who knows the cure for this better than Allah? SubhaanAllah. So Allah has kept a cure for that in Ramadan for the human beings. The more solution and cures are appearing, the more the masaajid are becoming full, you will see. The Quran recitation begins, righteous habits are formed within the human being, he desires to engage in every righteous action, he desires to pray Tahajjud Salaah, he desires to sit in the company of the righteous people.  What is the reason? Even though no one preaches to him. No one advises him. But rather. He is being rectified and improved. So this is a great thing which we have understood that In our society, we have our wives, our children our relatives and we need to educate them. And we should educate them like this. We shouldn't be firm and harsh with them or beat them. Do one thing. Encourage him to turn to Allah. Let his heart incline towards Allah in this way. The opposite thing to negligence is what? Becoming close to Allah. The more you become closer to Allah, as the Quran states, as soon as you commit a sin, when a person has destroyed themselves through that sin. But then he does a very good thing and they understood the cure for this. They understood what the cure was. Dhikrullah. SubhaanAllah. They directed themselves towards Allah. What is the name Allah has kept for the action of turning back to Allah? Dhikrullah. SubhaanAllah. So look here, turning back to Allah is the real solution. In regards to this I will explain to you now. You have observed the fast. You have kept it. Everyone has kept it. The sinner, the one who prays, the one who doesn't pray, now for as long as he is in the state of fasting, his focus and attention remains on his fast. Experience it for yourself. Even though whilst observing this worship, Allah hasn't presented you to do any worldly activities has he? Has he ordered to close your shops, don't go to the office, don't do such and such? Don't educate. Close the Madaaris, close this and that. Has Allah ordered such? We may chose to do so, but has Allah hasn't stipulated this as a condition. He has stipulated it for Salaah, that as soon as its prayer time, close your shops and immediately go for Salaah. End your trading. He has stipulated this hasn't he? But for the action of fasting Allah has not done so. What a great wisdom there is behind this. SubhaanAllah. This is to explain to us that when a person returns to Allah, directs Himself to Allah, then in reality all the permissible actions that he is doing, earning a living, trade, then this is not an obstacle for him, rather it is a reason for his progression. When he directs himself towards Allah then even these worldly things He is rewarded for. Do you understand this point? Look, so these things will also be reward for him. Thats why on this worship, Allah is enabling us to, say, what he is enabling us to do? Rujoo' ilallaah. To turn towards Him. Say SubhaanAllah. How? So the worldly activities, you wake up, and you've kept the fast and whatever worldly things you do, for example you go shopping and in your heart you got a thought that let me get some food for tonights dinner, we need to open our fast. You remember your fast. "Let me sleep for a bit, my fast will break soon so let me rest now." "Come on yaar let's do such and so thing, we're in the state of fasting we need to get this done." Through every action of the day he is reminded of his fast and it revolves around his mind until the evening. What is that thought? Your fast. I am fasting. Even your thirst, what does it remind you of? Your fast. Hunger too, reminds you of? Your fast. So this fast, when you keep it in the morning, it continuously reminds you of the fast until the evening and even for a minute, the fast cannot be forgotten from your mind.  What an Ibaadah Allah ta'ala has given to us! When you prevent yourself from a sin, you say, "No yaar I am fasting." When you want to do a good deed, you say "let me do this good deed because I'm fasting, i will receive more rewards." You don't usually perform salah in congregation, "no yaar, lets pray in congregation today, I am fasting." "I'm going to pray taraweeh, I was fasting, it is Ramadan." Fasting is such a worship that even for a minute, it doesn't allow you to become negligent." SubhaanAllah. What a unique worship it is. Infact, it enables you to do more good. It enables you to do more good without any excuses that, "oh I'm fasting I shouldn't do this work." Do you have a proof based on the Shariah for this? Tell me. No none. So we understand that it is an extremely great worship that it is enabling us to practice and exercise something specific. Do you understand now? What is it training us? What thing is it making us exercise? This worship continously reminds you throughout the entire 30 days not to forget your Lord even for a second. A person doesn't forget. Tell me. Hunger will remind you of Allah. Thirst will remind you of Allah. "Do you want to go to your wife?" "No yaar, I'm fasting." Dont oppress him. "I am fasting." Every second it will constantly revolve around your mind, because you're physically in that state aswell even if you're not thinking about it but physically you keep the fast and it slows you down. And you know physically spiritually that you are fasting. "Quickly go home i'm fasting." "Let me rest for a while I'm fasting." Do this action, I am fasting. And you're coming home from the shops and you will say, "Let's take some fruit home, the children can have fruit when we break the fast."  You say "Hurry up, don't let the petrol finish from the car, we need to pray Taraweeh, I need to keep the fast in the morning." Tell me Have you forgotten about the fast? No you haven't. So what has been eradicated? The negligence and laziness has been cured! This has cured the negeligence. And what is the cure to negligence? That in every moment you remembered Allah. And this is the condition that Allah kept. That "I will become his eyes. I will become his hand. I will become his feet." Who are these such people? Those who remain close to me all the time. SubhaanAllah. So no matter how much of a great sinner he is, from the morning until the evening, what has he done? He has become closer to Allah. He didn't forget Allah for even a second. Every moment this circulated in his mind, at the time of sleeping, at the time of awakening, at the time of sitting, inside the home, outside, with his children, with his wife, one thing he was constantly being reminded of that, "you are in the state of fasting." You are in the state of fasting. And he becomes such a great person that when Iftar time sets in, he become that complete person about whom Allah ta'ala has stated, I have become his eyes, I gave become his hands, I have become his feet." SubhaanAllah. Every person. And this is what Allah has said and the reward then is so great! The reward for this closeness is that, immediately an announcement is made, that you've been forgiven, your sins have been eradicated. You go, paradise has been prepared for you! SubhaanAllah. If a fasting person passes away after Iftar, then imagine the glad tiding and the good news he departs this world with. Tell me. SubhaanAllah. That his sins are forgiven, he would've attained the special closeness with Allah, and alhamdulillah alhamdulillah he would've reached such heights of closeness to Allah that his, eyes, mouth, hand, everything, Allah ta'ala says im with that person. SubhaanAllah. So brothers, look how great a person becomes. And when one becomes a great person like this then Allah ta'ala says that if such a person raises his hands infront of me, to request form me then I feel shame that before his hands drop, I accept his prayers. That's why it is said that at Iftar time, every dua is accepted. One should most definitely not be negligent at the time of Iftar. Rather, during the day he should keep in mind all his needs, so he can supplicate for them at Iftar time. This is his logic what I have just explained to you. Its not that oh I've kept the fast and I've done such an amazing high- class thing. This poor soul, like I say, fasting, this is like the sick person who would've also not eaten for 24 hours. He wouldn't have drank water too. You try and feed him and he still won't eat. So not eating and drinking is not something fantastic and amazing, in fact it is the sign of a sick person! A person becomes ill so he's not eating and drinking. This is the sign of sickness. So we haven't achieved a huge task here. In reality, this worship didn't allow us to become negligent and heedless from Allah for even one second! SubhaanAllah And it raised us in our Remembrance of Allah to the extent that we have been protected from sin. Look. Refrain from sin. "No brother, no," it was extremely hard for us to sin. We have taken full control over our nafs. So Allah made us practice this for 30 days. Allah made us practice this for 30 days repeatedly and Allah ta'ala says that if you spend your life like this then you are living your life like a true believer like I desire to you, which is why I created you to. Allah says truly you are close to me and you will stay in my Qurb. And this will occur just like in Ramadan it occurred. Then in the state of fasting you did all of the good things. Allah says, When you remain in this state, then all the things which are halal, going to your wife, sitting with your children, that things that you were prevented from doing, all these things are halal for you, and when you do these things , it won't make you negligent but they will be the cause of reward for you and you will receive extra progression and advancement. So when one attains Allah's closeness and His negligence and laziness is removed, then he becomes such a person whereby Allah makes even his sleep a form of worship. When he goes to his wife, Allah makes this a worship for him too. His work and occupation becomes a high-grade worship for him. He has given him a great worship. And Allah has mentioned great rewards and blessings for all acts of worship. Why? Because whatever he was occupied in, all the halal permissible things, he didnt perform then in the state of negligence, rather he acted the same way as he would in the state of fasting. SubhaanAllah. He had his focus on his fast but he was occupied in the world. And this is the thing. In the same way, one's focus and attention should remind upon Allah despite being occupied in the world. SubhaanAllah Where does Islam prevent you, that you can't do this thing, you can't do that thing. This is Islam. And Allah likes the Islam of that person who earns with his own hands and feeds his wife and children, And when a person becomes like this then alhamdulillah Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala enables him to do this for the rest of his life, that he doesn't bring up his wife and children with Haraam unlawful earnings, he doesn't run here and there but he loves to earn a halal income. He says however I can, let me earn with my own hands, I dont want to buy or earn the wrong things. I dont want wealth from the wrong sources. But the one who is negligent, he wishes to remain at home and keep receiving money and let his matters continue and that's it. He wishes to Enjoy himself and he considers himself a pious person. This is the sign of negligence and laziness. So fasting hasn't prevented us from this despite being such a great worship. Allahs could've said, a person is tired and hungry. Consider this too,  then we are sat here, it's cold mashaAllah it is raining, we are wearing clothes, sometimes the sun appears, sometimes it rains, sometimes its heat. This is fluctuation and enjoyment of the climate here in this country . These are Allah's blessings which He has given to us. We are happy with that. He has sent us here in this area and we are fasting too. But there's also other people who are fasting, that man who with difficulty, has dry chapatti, and some chutney or yesterday's leftover vegetables, onions. And this is the majority of the believers who are living the life of poverty. You will hear this when people come and ask you for help that back home people , there are people who are poor, they are in need, they say that don't they? We should be extremely grateful that Allah has given us all the rewards of the deen and he has given us the dunya at the same time in parallel. Tell me. And ontop of that we make a fuss. We complain and we are not grateful to Allah for the situation Alah hasn't given us. But Allah hasn't reduced our Ibaadah or our reward. He has not reduced our reward. This is also trial for us. A challenge for us in the environment that we are in. What a great reward. Yes but look at those people. The poor souls who come from the other parts of the world saying, please give us money, there is difficultly, we are in need , we are desperate. In our country, in Burma, in Bangladesh, Pakistan, the floods comes people are dying of hunger. Afghanistan, look at the situation now, people are selling their children. Are they not doing this? But has the command of fasting been lifted from? Are they exempt from it? No. We have kept the fast in temperatures of 100 degrees fahrenheit. We are from the desert environment. Alhamdulillah mashaAllah. Our city is like this. Multan is the hottest city. But we are not exempt from fasting. And even over there in those environments and places, have they been told not to fast? Have they been told to leave their work and trade? Don't go to the shop. This is the thing. We are practicing that no matter what situation a person is in, whether you're in a cold country or a hot country, they are there now, it could be that tomorrow we are there and they are here. So whatever condition a man is in, if He wants to become close to Allah, then not even for a second, should he remain negligent from the Remembrance of Allah. SubhaanAllah. Do you understand what I'm saying? Not even for a moment. The effects of negligence begin to appear on one's heart immediately. He begins complaining to Allah, his love for the world increases, his greed increase, he does Haraam and wrongdoing. What is the reason for all of this? A person does this due to heedlessness and negligence. And what is the cure for it? To return to Allah. Just like how Ramadan has made us proper human beings. SubhaanAllah. So Ramadan is enabling us to practice this for 30 days, and after 30 days it will send us out. The moon will bid farewell and a new moon will appear and we will be happy. It is sad to say that Ramadan has trained us up to send us into the battle ground. That where it picked us up from, it will throw us back in that place. He will send us back to those months. But the intellectual people SubhaanAllah, they have understood the message that Allah ta'ala has enabled us to practice and we shouldn't keep ourselves heedless from the Remembrance of Allah even for a moment otherwise we will be destroyed. So those who have understood this message become very concerned when Ramadan departs. They are not merely occupied in preparing sewiyan and other sweet dishes on Eid day. They have concern within them and on the first day after Ramadan your heart will no longer experience that same feeling and emotion of Ramadan. The effects of good company remain with a person forever. SubhaanAllah. The effects of good company remain with a person forever. I remember a hadith narrated by Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah Radiyallahu Anhu which I will present to you a few words. I think this hadith is in Mishkat. Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala narrated that when you see a person who has 2 things inside is him.  زُهْدًا فِي الدُّنْيَا وَقِلَّةَ مَنْطِقٍ [Ibn Majah] He is in this world but doesn't love the dunya for the sake of it. He is abstinent from the world. It doesn't mean that he's not eating and drinking, he's not sleeping, the love of the dunya is that he's not running after the world whilst he is ignorant of reality. He hasn't got negligence inside him. Rather all those things Allah has commanded him to do in the world, he is doing it proportionately according to his need but he's not running after the world. This is called zuhd. Whats the second thing that has been mentioned? قلة He speaks less. He doesn't gossip a lot and engage in alot of conversations. 2 qualities have been mentioned. A person who has Zuhd, he is detached from the world and doesn't talk much. وَقِلَّةَ مَنْطِقٍ He doesn't like taking nonsense of wasteful talk, and talking for the sake of it. He has these 2 things and 2 things compel him to do those things. Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, فَاقْتَرِبُوا "Go close to that person." And this the command of being in the company of such a person.  Immediately go close to that person. When you see these qualities within him and you become close to him, then within you, the ovens of hikmah will be transferred. SubhaanAllah.  يُلَقَّى الْحِكْمَةَ ‏ This is the company of the Sheikh. So as soon as Ramadan departs, the ones who have understood this message that I will spend the rest of my life like this and not remain negligent because negligence is a very bad, severe thing. What a beautiful hadith this is. Then a person immediately runs to find such a person who has been praised in the hadith. He doesn't run after the world. He is not greedy for the world. He is not occupied with gossip and wasteful talk or nonsense talk. He doesn't have these qualities, then immediately run after him and adopt his company. SubhaanAllah. He will remove you negligence and he will also teach you the methods and techniques so you also run away form negligence. So my brothers the thing that today Ramadan is teaching us, alhamdulillah these same things you will learn after Ramadan. In the Khankah you will find these things. Totally the same education. Ramadan teaches you to run away from negligence, immediately go towards your teacher and he will cure your diaseses and maladies. Because when we came into Ramadan we were in a bad state, our hearts were full of negligence. We didn't remember Allah for even a second not we remember Allah for the entire day. For the entire day we are reminded of Him. SubhaanAllah. Our fast doesn't allow us to forget Him. The fast doesn't allow him to forget Allah. Similarly when he goes to his Sheikh, the Sheikh doesn't allow him to forget Allah. SubhaanAllah. The Sheikh teaches you, trains you, pulls you together, but Shaytan says I dont want you to go to the Sheikh. When you go to you Sheikh, i'll make you go far, I wont let you sit with him. Go there, go over there and don't go to that person who has Dhikrullah with him always. Shaytan will make him distant from this person. "So and so's lectures are good, go to him, he does good tafseer, go to him, he narrates good hadith, go to him." Shaytan will send him  every where but remember that you will be wrapped in laziness and ignorance if you don't have focus on Allah. If you heart isn't turned to Allah. Do you understand what I'm saying? So Shaytan does an action, he says go here, go there, look there, look at the learnings there."but what do you need to see? What Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that you need to find the company of that teacher where there is no nonsense talk, no dunya, there only is Allah, go close to that person. فَاقْتَرِبُوا Stick to that Adhere to that person. If someone says to you, why do you go to that person? Say I go for this reason because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instructed us to. Otherwise why do I have a need. Has a scorpion bit me that I'm going there for the cure? Why don't you go to the other places to listen to the speeches? Your family people, "why you don't you go to other places?" Your wife will say to you, the woman mashaaAllah who has good understanding, a good wife and good relatives, they guide a person. A pious righteous woman. Then they train their husbands on the right path if they have intellect but this hard today. They shouldn't be animals or beggars. The animals kick the person. For example if you put your hand on the back of animal then he will kick you, the donkey with the leg. Its a horse. And if you show love, it hits you. In the same way when you try to teach your wife the deen and go to the deen, she will kick you, getaway she is a pain, but the good woman she will have pain that, "there is dhikr happening, go, go there." Shaytan will try to deviate us. For example i don't know if what I'm saying is pestering somebody but when the words come from Allah and He gives us the message then there is rectification for the human being. That's when the cure comes for a person. And this is His grace that when a person is rectifying you, he speaks those words which are benefitting you. He cures you. This is His mercy. It could be that someone here is being cured through these words. If not here then wherever they are listening from. So what is the advice given? That beware! Don't dare, Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrates, that don't run here and there. First and foremost go to that company where your heedlessness will be removed. Where you go to, the other gatherings, there are stories and drama and enjoyment. Rmemeber this. There will be everything there but there won't be dhikr taking place there. If it will be, then, الا قليل they say that they do dhikr but very less amount. 5 minutes. So you receive this in the Khankah. What is the light of the Khankah? The friends of Allah, the Wali Allah. SubhaanAllah. What is the light of the masjid? The minbar, pulpit.  In that mosque where there is no pulpit, then you cannot say that the light is there. The pulpit is there so it illuminates the mosque. The pulpit is there. You put the carpets out. You put lights and then after that they say the masjid isn't complete. First and foremost what will you say. You will look at the pulpit. Why? Because Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the mosque is such a place which spreads the deen to the entire world. So it became the root of the mosque. In the same way, the khankah. You're going to the mosque. How do you know if this is a Khankah or a mosque? How do you know what it is? To determine this, because mosques also have the Khankah within them,  theyre combined. Yes in the mosque there is a pulpit and in the Khankah there is a pulpit. So yesterday, what can I tell you? MashaaAllah the scholars come to the masjid and they give speeches and after that Mawlana Hadrat Qiblah Sheikh ul Hadith Ahmad, he gave his name. He has come here. And yesterday he came to this masjid and my honour and Allah's grace that I was given the opportunity to shake his hand. And he met me. And I was grateful to Allah that he automatically came by himself to meet me.  And I remember one of his statements and im sharing that statement with you. I immediately embrace good things. I remember them just like I'm saying. Every masjid cannot be a Khankah. Remember what I'm saying. Every masjid cannot be a Khankah because the light of the Khankah is what? The friend of Allah. Where a Wali of Allah sits then that Masjid of Allah becomes a Khankah so this mosque is not a masjid only, but ontop of that it is also a Khankah where we are now. I am telling you the rightful things. I dont talk nonsense. Right now there are 2 qualities of where we are. The man who comes here, he will pray Salaah and also wash his heart and his inner state. Here he will come, he will pray his Salaah and solve the issue of his negligence. He wil learn new things, good things. Not just stories and great speeches. He will come here and his eyes will continue to open. First he will sit reclining lying down, soon as he learns more things, he will sit up alert and his eyes will open wide. "Oh where have I come? This is exactly what I needed!" SubhaanAllah. What is it? What is that light? What is the illumination of the Khanakh? The Wali Allah. So the scholar said a statement. He said, I have gone to many masaajid." This is his statement not mine. I'm not saying this. He said this. You can ask him.  He said, "I even asked Idris Sahib that I've been to many mosques but what is it in this mosque that I've been to big mosques, here, centres," because he is Sheikh ul hadith. He must go everywhere, India, he must wander around to so many places. And he is saying this. I've been to many mosques but I swear by Allah the sukoon, peace, contentment and enjoyment that I found here I've not found anywhere else!"  SubhaanAllah. Im not saying this. From their tongue Allah ta'ala makes them speak those words. Why shouldn't he come? Why shouldn't he have that feeling when Allah ta'ala has selected this mosque for His Remembrance. SubhaanAllah. The cure is given for which Allah ta'ala has sent such a great month Ramadan wa created and Allah announced 2 months in advance that the month of blessings, a great month is to come. And what will you see? What is hidden in Ramadan? It will teach you that not for a second should you remain heedless from your Lord otherwise you will be ruined. Destriyed. So Ramadan teaches us this. So imagine the mosque in which this message is reiterated every morning and evening that, "go far from negligence, dont be lazy, turn to Allah, do the Dhikr of Allah!" I dont speak nonsense to you. I speak words in the light of Quran, Hadith and from my experiences, I share that with you. That, "oh he's given us the learning," and those word penetrate your hearts dont they?" Look at the difference in the people who give you value and benefit. Sometimes you sit here and there. Look at the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if that man is alive with the Dhikr of Allah then فَاقْتَرِبُوا dont leave his company. Why? Because he will transfer the wisdom and the abstinence of the world, يُلَقَّى الْحِكْمَةَ ‏ the splash of wisdom will be transferred to you. Thats the words of the hadith. In other words, Just like he is, he will make you. SubhaanAllah. What a great learning Ramadan is teaching us through this. Alhamdulillah. Its time for dhikr now alhamdulillah. So its time for us to do that action which will make our laziness go far from us. So you've understood now? Your time is not being wasted is it? Are these not the rewards of Allah. People from far away, A big Sheikh ul Hadith from India who has travelled around, came running to me saying that "the enjoyment i get here, I have not found anywhere else." SubhaanAllah. I said to myself in the heart, "Hadhrat, the actions that we do here, they are not done anywhere else. That's why you feel this." SubhaanAllah. Is this happening anywhere else? No. Look at this. How my Hadhrat sahib was a great Wali Allah. Hadrat Ali Murtaza Rahmatullahi alayh. May I sacrifice my everything for him. Millions and millions of blessings that we cannot repay the favour. SubhaanAllah. Where we are sat here, he made us alive. Our hearts were dead. The human being. He made the masjid alive. Not just the human beings. But the masjid alive. He made a differentiation. That this isn't a masjid. This isn't a masjid anymore. Wherever a person is doing dhikrullah that masjid is alive. Wherever the dhikr is done, it is alive. Wherever there is no dhikr then they are deprived.  Hadhrat Marhum Mawlana Mu'min sahib Rahmatullahi Alayh, I remember his words that, he was connected to our silsilah. He was connected to this faqeer. He has the relationship. Once when he had a place which said we cant do dhikr anymore then we put our things together and we wrapped up our bedding and we left there and he didn't know. He came. And he used to come every year. When he came and met me he said, "Hadhrat I used to go to that masjid and there I dont know what has lost from that masjid, the feelings." These are his words. And he said, "they have lost something. I don't feel like sitting on the minbar anymore in that masjid. When I speak I dont see that illumination anymore. I dont feel that peace. Its like something is been lost from this masjid!" I said, "Hadhrat, it is clear, it is right what you are saying and you have confirmed it. Nothing has happened. There is carpet. There are Quran there. There is speeches there, everything. But one thing they have lost and expelled from there which Allah loves is the Dhikr of Allah. They have lost the zikr." He said, "yes today i agree with you, wherever there is dhikr, only that place is illuminated." He said this. Becuase Allah said, :I have established mosques for which action? The Remembrance of Allah." Nothing else. And the oppressors are who? Those people of the Masjid who prevent dhikr from taking place. Who compete and say, "no you can't do dhikr here." Those people most beloved to Allah are those who host and do dhikr in the masjid. And the biggest losers are those who don't allow it to be done. So will we do dhikr? Yes. We won't just do it, we will invite others towards dhikr. Not that you run away yourself. No no. As I told you. Whover runs away, he is lazy and negligent and whoever is negligent, he will go into Jahannam. This is the sign. Shaytan will not allow you to come to dhikr. Give your life but don't leave dhikr. But Shaytan will take you to Jahannam and he won't leave you from dhikr. A negligent person is destined for Hellfire. And the Dhaakir, the one who remembers Allah is destined for paradise. Who is the dhaakir? A dhaakir is the one who turns his attention to Allah. That's why he's Jannati.  I gave you this lesson today. That the fast that you have kept until the evening, what will it make you? Such an elevated status and high position due to turning to Allah such that Allah says, I have become your eyes with which you see, your hands, your legs, ask from me what you want and I will give it to you. Every man. Whether you have belief and certainty in this or not but Allah ta'ala is saying it. Allah is saying you have become my friend. Try this. If you have the desire, pass away and see which condition you wake up in. So many angels will come to welcome you, and paradise will be decorated for you.  SubhaanAllah. So may Allah grant us the ability to pass this month of Ramadan in a great way. Come lets do the dhikr of Allah. Recite Duroof Shareef.
18th Apr, 2022