What is the Purpose of Ramadhan?
English Bayan, 21 mins
3rd April, 2022

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What is the purpose of Ramadhan? The person who has Imaan, it is laazim that he will definitely attain paradise because paradise is for those who have Imaan. Imaan is such a sign, it is such a status, it is such a nur, that Imaan, it takes a person into paradise. And people will enter into paradise and they will be people with imaan but only those people of Imaan, of belief, will be those who will enter into paradise and only those people, along with Imaan, they will also need to have a certificate. And that person who doesn't have that certificate and he doesn't have the attestation, the stamp, then he cannot go into paradise. Yes. If he then goes through those challenges and goes through the path, the test, the challenge, where then he is accepted, then he can go into paradise. But only that person can go into paradise who has the certificate on top of having imaan. It is essential. In the Quran Hakim, Allah mentions that Jama'ah in high quantity, rather most of all, Allah ta'ala mentions that group of people who are going in to paradise with that certificate. In many places Allah ta'ala has mentioned that Jama'ah, that group of people. Allah ta'ala has mentioned in the Quran. Allah ta'ala  has given examples in the Quran. So which Jama'ah, which people will they be? Which group of people will they be? What certificate will it be? What reward is it which the Quran has given to them? Think about it. Who will be those people who will be Jannati who will go into paradise? Will it be those people who pray salaah? Obviously they will pray salah but only that namaazi will go into paradise who has that certificate. Will there be Haaji's who will go into Jannah? Yes there will be Haaji's but only those Haaji who will have this certificate of approval. They will go in to Jannah. Salaah takes him to jannah. Every good deed will take a person of Imaan into paradise but alongside that in parallel, he must have the certificate of approval, the additional certificate. Only then can he go into Paradise. It's a unique point if we study it. So what is it? How important it must be if you think for yourself, how important it must be that many times Shaytan, he takes a person off the path. Shaytan deviates a person off the path and he stops you from going on the right path. My friends, this is a great month that we are passing through and we are grateful to Allah that until now Allah has given us health and well-being and He has entered us into this month. So in this month Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala, in this month of Ramadan, He has given us the taufeeq, the ability. Allah has given us permission, such an ibaadah that we can sit down and analyse and have concern about our situations. So what is it that will take a person into Paradise?Just that certificate of approval. What is the name of that certificate? The Muttaqeen. The certificate of the Muttaqeen. There's many places in the Quran Allah has mentioned just one Jama'ah, one group of people will go into paradise, for whom paradise was Manufactured, the hur's were created, the palaaces were created, the good news has been given. They will see the sight of Allah. Who will those people be? The Muttaqeen people. The Muttaqeen. Such a person who prays salaah who is a Muttaqi. Such a Haajji who is a Muttaqi. In other words all of the qualities of islam you can practice the deeds but you have to be such a fasting person who is a Muttaqi. So this is that Jama'ah. That special group of people who will go into paradise, alhamdulillah,  praise be to Allah and they'll get the rewards of paradise. The Muttaqeen, they have been addressed, defined, who are the Muttaqeen? Those people who develop taqwa within them. So the Muttaqi is a person who develops taqwa. We don't know about these things do we because we don't pay attention to these facts. How many times we have read quran, all, everybody, nowadays especially in Ramadhan, you can count how many times Allah has mentioned Muttaqi in the Quran. Shall we bypass this definition? We cannot go into Paradise until we become a Muttaqi. So we must understand that a person who isn't a Muttaqi, then in opposition to that is the sinful person. So these are the 2 opposites. The opposite to a Muttaqi is a sinful person so obviously if you commit sins, if you do good deeds and you commit sins at the same time, Allah ta'ala says that first I will clean your sins, after then due to your imaan you will go into paradise. If you're sinning. But the Muttaqi, the Muttaqi alhamdulillah he will be pure from the sins. Pure from the sins. And thats the definition of Taqwa. That is the definition of a Muttaqi. Who are the Muttaqi people? Those who are pure from the sins. Clean from the sins. That's the meaning of taqwa. The muffassireen, the commentators, have defined the meaning of the person who has Taqwa; a person who has such fear of Allah that whilst he is about to disobey Allah, he stops himself and this is our test, our challenge. Our nafs, our ego, our inner self, it drags us and invites us towards sins. Disobedience. This is our test and challenge in life. We are not angels. If we say we are forced to do wrong. We cant help it. "Oh I've done a sin what can I do. I can't help it." We keep saying that. But this is the challenge and the test of life because we don't have the fear inside us that what does Allah's Quran say? That Allah says one day you will come infront of me and there will be the day of judgement. And you will be presented to me. And Allah says successful will be that person that when his nafs, it drags him towards disobedience, then he rejects invitation of his ego and his nafs due to Allah ta'ala's fear and khawf. He says, "yaar, I have to go to Allah after death. How can I commit this sin?" How can I disobey Allah in this way. In other words when Allah's disobedience invitation comes, right at that time when he is feeling strong, he wants to sin, then due to Allah's fear, he gives a biggest sacrifice that "no I'm not going to commit this sin, I'm not going to commit this sin." That's the enjoyment. That's when a person becomes the true person of Imaan, the Mu'min, about whom Allah ta'ala has given good news. So this looks hard, it's easy to pray salaah, we pray salaah and it's easy to keep the fast because it becomes a habit, it becomes a habit to pray salaah. Every ibaadah becomes a habit, tahajjud, you think it is hard. If you start praying tahajjud for a few days, then after a few days you will become habitual in praying tahajjud alhamdulillah. But the true success for a human being, the big achievement is to save himself from sins and he saves himself from sins due to Allah's khawf. Not due to the fear of the dunya, even then he will leave sins due to the fear of dunya. Remember this point aswell. Due to people looking, a person leaves sins. "Ooh no, my wife, what will she say? Oooh I won't talk to women, I won't talk to girls anymore, what will my wife say if she sees this." Or "I won't do this wrong anymore, what will people say, so who are we afraid of at the time? We are afraid of human beings so due to human beings, you can leave a sin, but this is not a big achievement to leave the sin due to human beings. If you're invited towards sin, there's an attraction, you can do it, nobody's looking, you have the means, everything is prepared to sin and then you say "No my Rabb is not happy, I'm not going to commit this sin." That is the achievement. That is real imaan. That is taqwa. Look brothers this is the life, this is the challenge of our life and if we make our life like this then alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. So how do I make my life like this? That's what I need to think about. Allah with His grace and mercy , with His fadl, He can allow me to come into this position. So brothers do we want to live a life like this? Do you want to be a Muttaqi or not, tell me? Yes we do. So Allah has said in the Quran. يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الصِّيَامُ كَمَا كُتِبَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ  SubhaanAllah Allah says don't worry, don't be scared, don't be afraid. I will give you such a month, Ayaam, such days, such an ibaadah I will give you, a worship, an action Allah says, that is unique and seperate from all the other worships that you do. This ibadaah in this month, it will be ajeeb and unique ibaadah and the special quality of this ibaadah will be such that the whole year long, 11 months before this month you won't do ibaadah and you committed sins before this month came, you committed sins, you didn't pray salaah, you didn't do good but Allah says , "I'm your Rabb and I love you for one reason", Allah says. "I looked over your sins, your deficiencies, your downfalls." Allah says, "I knew everything what you were doing was wrong. Alongside worship and even without worship, you committed sins. But even despite all of that Allah says, "but because you are people of Imaan, and you believe in me Allah says, doesn't matter what level of imaan you have. Allah says, I have prepared for you a solution. Such a month I've given to you Allah says and in that month if you observe this ibaadah in the right way, لعلكم تتقون , then taqwa will come in to you for a fact. Most definitely. Amazing. Such a great ni'mah Allah given to us. So who is saying this now? Allah is saying this to us. Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala is giving us a solution. Allah says, it's my Jannah, my world, everything is mine, so what a great statement that the fast, what does it do to human being? What a great reward it gives him. What does it make him? It makes a Muslim a Muttaqi. The fast does. So do you understand the definition of Muttaqi or you don't understand? Let me repeat now. So a Muttaqi is that person who due to the fear of Allah, He doesn't commit a sin. That is a Muttaqi. A very simple. There are many lengthy definitions, explanations, tafseer, but I'll summarise this ocean in one statement for you. One statement. Yes. So if you want to see that you are a Muttaqi, a Muttaqi doesn't have horns on his hand, he's not a Qutub or a Ghaus or a Wali Allah, every normal muslim is a Muttaqi who due to Allah's fear, he leaves the sins. He is the Muttaqi. Say SubhaanAllah. SubhaanAllah. That's the fact. So how does a fast make me a Muttaqi? Allah says, I have given you the ibaadah of fasting that it will for sure make you the Muttaqi. If you observe the fast in the style Allah ta'ala tells us to. Allah says, He has given you the reward. So this is the reward of fast. Everyday we will attain Paradise. In the hadith it is stated, "everyday Jannah is decorated." Everyday. And Jannah is one thing and then to decorate Jannah subhaanAllah. Imagine somebody is beautiful, yes, so why do you need to improve the beauty of that person by applying more make up? Men and women do that. Even though the person is handsome and beautiful already, the beautiful person, Allah says I will decorate. Is there anything more beautiful than Jannah? There's nothing that can compare to Jannah already. Allah ta'ala says that everyday for the fasting people everyday I decorate and make jannah more beautiful and Allah says, "do you know that in this Jannah those people will come who fasted in ramadan. SubhaanAllah. So we think that the fast we are keeping, that we have just left food and water. No. Allah says لعلكم تتقون. He who observes the fast as a Muttaqi. Not a fast where you are fasting and there is music, singing, you shave your beard, cut your beard, there is no purdah, the women are not observing hijaab and there are sins and we are looking at women and girls and the girls are looking at boys and men. And everything is happening and haraam, we don't know. And we dont know about halaal. And we think we are fasting. No. And we are all happy. "Oh we are fasting, we are going into paradise!" Brothers, islam is a straight forward deen, straight forward religion. Very simple. Is it not the case that that's why the previous nations of the previous prophets, they followed their deen according to their desires. They said where has Christmas come from and all these celebrations? Where have all these things come from, these traditions and the cultures, where have they come from? Just like in this religion of Islam today thousands of new things have come. Thousands of new things. Wrong actions, wrong practices, traditions, cultures. Am I right or am I wrong? Tell me. Yes. Islam thats all we got left to. Our deen, its just a small bit of practice that we do and the rest is traditions and cultures. All traditions and cultures. Do this do that, you're forgiven if you do this, you're forgiven etc. In other words, all the things you do which are cultures and traditions, the previous nations used to do this. Allah says, "no, Allah says,  Hadhrat Adam Alayhis salaam, it started from him, and until this Ummah, the deen has come. Through the generations and this one message which will take us into Paradise. It doesn't matter whichever Nabi's Ummah you belong to, but it is a condition first that you must have Taqwa, that a person who disobeys Allah can never go into paradise. It doesn't matter which Ummah he's from, Isa Alayhis salaam, Musa Alayhis salaam, any Prophet's Ummah can not enter paradise. The same thing, the same message has continued until today to this Ummah. That fine you are a big qawm, Allah says you are a big nation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but my condition is the same from Adam alayhis salaam until now Allah says that if you are Muttaqi's and you have Taqwa, then the doors of paradise are open for you. But in this Ummah Allah has given the fadl and the grace that the way we have been given Ramadan, the previous nations never got Ramadan like this. Remember this. This gift of Ramadan. You understand my points what I am making or you don't understand? So this is not a minor thing the month of Ramadan. That's why it says in hadith that the person with Taqwa, who is a Muttaqi and he spends the month of Ramadan, then just this Ramadan, It doesn't come with the message of Ramadan for him. Rather, the rest of the year to come after that months will be Salaamah for him, will be safety for him. In other words Allah has given a big guarantee that the rest of the year after Ramadan aswell alhamdulillah I am giving you the good news of Paradise, Allah says. So Ramadan goes then you get the good news of Jannah but the condition is don't waste Ramadan Allah says. Don't waste Ramadan. How does a person waste Ramadan? Do you understand what I am saying? How does a person waste Ramadan? The person who doesn't have Taqwa, he wastes his Ramadan. What is Taqwa? The person who saves himself from sin due to the fear of Allah. What do we do? Ramadan comes and we think, let's put the prayer mats out, pray our salaah. Look brothers understand this point. Salaah we can pray the rest of the year. We pray in Ramadhan. Dont you pray salaah the rest of the year? You can recite Quran the rest of the year. We recite Quran before Ramadan aswell. Tahajjud we pray before Ramadan. Ishraq we pray before Ramadan. Allah's dhikr we do the whole of the year before Ramadan. We do dua's. So what's the special quality of Ramadan? Ramadan hasn't come for these worship, actions. Say SubhaanAllah. Yes I am trying to explain to you in a simple way so you understand. "Oh my friends i have prayed so much Quran and I have prayed so many nafils because Ramadan came." My brothers! Say SubhaanAllah. I promise to Allah that I will not sin ever. I will not lie. I will not backbite. I will not consume haraam. In my heart I won't have enmity towards anyone, I wont have malice againt anyone. I won't have enmity against anyone. I won't consume anyone's rights. I will observe the rights of my mother, of my wife, of my children. My muslim brother, I will consider him as my brother, I will fulfil his right due to Akhlaaq. This is the name of Ramadan. This is the definition of Ramadan. Say SubhaanAllah. Whoever passes Ramadan like this, about him is the good news, that this is the person who passed Ramadan correctly and for him it is guaranteed that the rest of the year, even if he passes away, he is a jannati. Why? Because this year he passed Ramadan correctly and the title given to him is the Muttaqi. لعلكم تتقون SubhaanAllah. So shall I explain to you another point, you will say what type of Ramadan is this? Yes Ramadan makes a person a Muttaqi. I'll give you the definition of a Muttaqi again. Who is a Muttaqi? Due to being afraid of Allah, you do not commit the disobedience to Allah. That's the definition of a Muttaqi. Allah, I won't do this because you will be unhappy. For that you don't need a witness, not that 4 people are looking at you and you do not sin. Or due to someone looking at you, "If I smoke here people are looking at me. Let me go into the corner and smoke the cigarette." No this is not the case. Whether it is a corner, darkness, light or in public, Allah's khawf, I am not going to do this. I am not going to do this. Do you understand the definition of a Muttaqi? So now how do we commemorate our Ramadan? Now all of us have kept the fasts, even the small kids have kept the fast. You can try your best, even if the child is alone, the child will not eat the toffee sweet. He will not consume the sweet because "I have kept the fast" the child will say. He won't drink water. Why? Even the sinful, most sinful of the people in the world, he has got Imaan, he has kept the fast, he never prayed Salaah before. You can try and force him, even if he is sat alone, doesn't matter how bad he is feeling, but he says, "Allah will be unhappy. Im not going to break my fast before the time." Is this not the case? The biggest quality that the fast creates is what? What does the fast create? Allah's khawf. The fear is generated and due to Allah's fear he won't commit the sin. SubhaanAllah. That's why it is defined that the fast makes a person a Muttaqi, develops a person into a Muttaqi. How? That when a person alhamdulillah, when he thinks, and in this style the whole of the month of Ramadan he passes in that way, that today Ramadan has come, don't run after ibaadah. Okay thats fine, there is reward, but don't just run after the worship, he will get more reward remember, the whole of Ramadan, the reward only he will get who generates Taqwa in his life. Not that person who listens to music, singing, immodesty. The person who commits sins, he won't get the reward of Ramadan, no way. No way.  Already they're sinning, so how can they be Muttaqi. Only that person will get the reward for extra worship who is careful. Like a person who is a sinner, "Oh Ramadan has come now, now I won't commit a sin, and then he tries his best, during Ramadan, during the fast, the question doesnt even arise. Ramadan is here. I'm not going to break my fast. I dont want to spoil my fast. The person who is passing Ramadan with this caution, he will develop a quality that even after Ramadhan, alhamdulillah, Taqwa will come into that person. Taqwa will come into that person. So my brothers, we have to do dhikr. The time is short. This is a very good topic. I could tell you more detail, so I'll summarise and explain to you so we understand that don't waste this Ramadan. So understand now the message of Ramadan inshaaAllah you'll have understood, that only that person will go into Jannah who has taqwa in him and for that Allah has given us this month of Ramadan, so we can generate Taqwa inside us. Allah says don't keep any fast that is mixed with sins. No. Immediately when you want to sin , say "no way!" Bring khawf into your heart, develop that fear inside, totally this way that Allah ta'ala my Rabb is watching me and I cannot commit this sin. I can't commit this sin. Then inshaaAllah during Ramadan you can do ibaadah. The rest of the year will come. Hajj, umrah. We run. We purchase flight tickets.  Someone is running for Umrah. Hajj. Brothers, make one promise. Everywhere, whether its hajj or umrah, your hajj and umrah will be accepted, but don't commit the sins.  Learn to shun the sins. First do this. Definitely do Umrah, do hajj, do i'itikaaf, do ibaadah. But the base, the start is;  do those deeds which you can get benefit, so you attain some reward. So what does Shaytan do? He decieves us. "Ramadan has come and let us run after ibaadah." Do this and do this ibaadah. Everywhere you will hear people say. Is this not what you are hearing? As soon as Ramadan starts, Shaytan tricks us. But this faqeer, this humble servant tells you another message. This faqeer's words , whatever has come into my heart, I have shared with you. May Allah ta'ala give me the taufeeq aswell because I am the person in need the most and those brothers who are listening, here, wherever in the world, anyone is listening. Understand the message of Ramadhan. If you want to earn and attain Ramadan, then the guarantee is coming that for the rest of the year, for the rest of the year you will be a Jannati aswell. What is Saalamat? Salaamat isn't that you will get something else. What is salaamat? The rest of the year you will be Salaamat. You are a Saalim. You have got Salaamat. You are safe. From what? From the Hellfire.The rest of the year you attain Jannah and you can openly enter into the doors of Paradise. One year. One year after Ramadan. This is if you pass this month of Ramadan in the correct way. May Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala grant us all the Tawfeeq. Ameen
4th Apr, 2022