Sins of the Eyes
English Bayan, 65 mins
23rd December, 2021

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Sin of the Eyes- 23/12/21 We all try to please Allah but how will Allah be pleased? Just with one sincere sujood, our sins may be wiped away. Just one sincere prayer could do that for us. But we cant depend on our worship for this. We cant depend on the light of our worship. Because its only if we have that light our deeds may carry some worth. We must also ensure we are abstaining from sins and from earning His disobedience. This is the real thing with which we may attain His pleasure. This is because as soon as we sin, we waste our deeds. The light of our deeds we carried out, become extinguished. In hadith,  “Verily, when the servant commits a sin, a black mark appears upon his heart. If he abandons the sin, seeks forgiveness, and repents, then his heart will be polished. If he returns to the sin, the blackness will be increased until it overcomes his heart. It is the covering that Allah has mentioned: No, rather a covering is over their hearts from what they have earned.”  We continue doing good deeds but without refraining from sins so what are we left with? Nothing. It means we are imbalanced. (Sins and deeds) Our sins are made to seem significant in our eyes by the work of shaytan so we become decieved in believing we have done x amount of worship. Sins are dangerous because they eradicate our good deeds whilst we are unaware. Focus more on eradicating sins, instead of carrying out many good deeds. We engage in sins and don't even consider our sins to be sins!!!
24th Dec, 2021
Some sins are performed so easily and are the cause of heavy punishments but shaytan has beautified them and made it easy for us. That is the sin of having a loose gaze. We dont protect our gazes. We engage in great good deeds daily but we don't ever consider the importance of protecting our gazes. It only takes pulling out our mobiles phones before we are faced with something our eyes should be protected from. Do not think it is difficult for this generation to protect themselves. We just don't try and put the effort in. We must remember that the greater difficulty we face, the more reward we will receive. The sahabah were surprised when they heard the reward kept of 100 martyrs in return for acting upon a single sunnah. What a great reward has been kept for us. But we are so distant from these things. We dont even know how to put our shoes and clothes on in the correct sunnah way. So ulamah say perform good deeds but also ensure your deeds are being protected and you're not under the attack of shaytan from ruining your good deeds. Ibn masud hadith ..“The glance is a poisoned arrow of Shaitaan. Whoever lowers his gaze for Allah, He will bestow upon him a refreshing sweetness which he will find in his heart on the day that he meets Him.” *[Ahmad, Al-Musnad]* An arrow is sufficient to kill a person but here poison has also been implied to show that its definetly destructive. Because when you allow your gaze to roam freely, it affects your spirituality, you are spritually dead. This is why you're depressed today. This is why you don't feel the pleasure of worship. Remember, The first gaze is forgiven but not the others. Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم said Whoever protected his gaze out of fear he will be given the best faith and will also taste the sweetness of that faith.
24th Dec, 2021
When you mark a sin down on your sheets. Feel bad over sending it to your shaykh and feel bad that the wealth (deeds) of that day has been wasted. You do dhikr but you also do these sins. People think you're pious you wear burka, you keep a beard, but in reality you engage in backbiting. The thing is we are not even conscious of this sin. (Lowering gaze and backbiting) Why do we have a sheets system in place? The comming times are very severe let me tell you. We will be accountable for every single thing. We think our salaah will save us. But do we even have our salah or not? These sins transfigure peoples faces into animals. As the hadith mentions.  You think you havent been transfigured. But you have. Shaytan always seeks to destroy our gazes because he knows if he succeeds in that, it will affect and pollute our minds and hearts. It will become the cause of other sins. And it ends up making a person a zaani (adulteror) and then he engages in this sin regularly. When one sins in this state, it implies that he is performing dhikr and quran and tahajud but in state of disobedience. Allah has kept these sins for our 'taraqee.' (Advancement ..success...improvement. Progress. ) Because It is the fear of Allah which prevents us from sinning and we then abstain from them and attain jannah through protecting ourselves. As believers we should cut off sins from the roots. We are the ones who take Allahs name! Allah's pure name which has the power of purifying the whole earth. (So dhikr can purify you) Remember, Allah doesn't abandon the one who tries because such a person is a mujaahid and strives to stay away from sins. You're better then thousands of people who find pleasure in their sinning and never even consider to stop them. If you pray 5 times a day and you havent committed any sins during the whole day, you will recieve a high class jannah. Because you spent the whole day in fear of Allah and in abstaining from sins. Thats why our mashaaikh don't emphasise on much worship like extra nafils etc. In khankah's, they focus more on sins. Some shaykhs who have kashaf can recognise  when a person has committed a sin by his facial appearance. So first ask for forgiveness and then come to a dhikr majlis. So how can we be prevented from loose gaze? By Having Allahs fear. If we have fear in our heart we can be prevented and protected from any sin. Whenever you sin and mark it down on your sheets, punish yourself for it and you'll find yourself not repeating it again the next day. Allah says ..."Fear Allah and Be with the truthful ones." So dont become afraid. No matter how corrupted the generation becomes, nothing can corrupt us as long as we follow His commands. As long as we go with a true heart to a shaykh for our rectification.  In His company the first thing you will recieve is fear of Allah.
24th Dec, 2021
You cant attain Allah by yourself. When we travel in this world,  its sunnah to take a companion with you. So will you not take a companion on your journey to the akhirah? urdu poetry 'You cant travel alone to the journey of love Come with me, we'll go together' So when we look in history of our buzurg (pious predecessors) even though they had all the knowledge, none of them travelled alone to reach Allah. Books and knowledge didnt save them from sins. But the dervaishs (shyookh's) did. Seek a guide as is mentioned in the Quran. And in his company you will develop taqwa and steadfastness. The same sins you developed a sweetness for, in their company you will find hatred and distaste for it. You wont even need to keep a niyyah of leaving the sin. Just go to a Wali Allah and see yourself change. You will develop such a love for your shaykh where you cry in their remembrance and your heart is restless in their absence. 2 mureeds who are lovers (of their shaykh) get together and remember their shaykh. Thats true love for the sake of Allah.  Go on this journey with love and you'll be able to bear every hardship. The true lovers will swim through every difficulty. My way is the way of love. Its not a peeri mureedi relationship. Have your eyes ever shed tears out of love for your shaykh? This is the pathway to Allahs love. - So whenever you walk outside, keep your gaze on your feet.  Shaytan observes every one of our gazes.. He ia aware that when our gaze is corrupt, then our imaan is corrupted and the sweetness of our imaan is removed.  Control what you see on your mobile. Feel the remorse in your heart when you mark off the sin you committed on the sheets. Dont think I'm single and I'm young so I can look. It may be even harder for you to control your gaze but that's how much reward you'll get. When its difficult for you to lower it, difficult for you to keep a beard but you still keep it.. You will thank Allah in the hereafter that you gave me such an easy way to reach a high status in the hereafter. When Allah wants a person to reach a high status he puts him in a certain difficulty. When you're steadfast and persistent even in that trial (you are successful). Dont be upset and displeased with your shaykhs words. Have so much love for him that even when he reprimands you, you're still attached to Him. This is love for Allah's sake. Make dua this love is a means to have your sins removed. May Allah allow us to act.
24th Dec, 2021
Tonight the Most Beloved questioned.. Have your eyes ever shed tears out of love for your shaykh? Whilst the mouth of the lovers remained silent and their hearts were deeply moved, their streaming tears responded in firm affirmation; revealing a constant flow - having by now formed an expansive ocean in sincere love and remembrance of the Most beloved. The same oceans which have swam lengths and back awaiting the day the longing is quenched - when the gaze of the unworthy eye falls again upon its Most beloved and the flow may then be ceased in satisfaction.
24th Dec, 2021