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14th April, 2021

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​Wednesday’s Bayan after Asr

​Everyone has the knowledge and awareness, alhamdulillah, that Ramadhan has so many mercies – it is filled with mercies for us. And due to this, alhamdulillah, everyone tries to spend this month accordingly. Even though we do try, however, we can become neglectful, and this is something that we should be careful about. In this month, everyone should be careful to try their hardest. The Rahmahs of Allah are so numerous that we cannot count them – there is no way of accounting for all of them - so an individual should take care not to waste any of these mercies in order to avoid any regret after the month has passed, when you may realise that you missed out on doing some action.

​Look, Allah ta’ala has set aside very great rewards in this month; without doubt, every fast comes with good news for us that our sins have been forgiven and the doors of Jannah have been opened for us. The message of Maghfirah comes every day in this month of Ramadhan. But this is not the end point for us – Allah ta’ala has given us more than that in Ramadhan. It contains a very big opportunity and outcome, which is that for the individual, it is not a matter of just being forgiven in Ramadhan, and not just that Jannah is opened only during Ramadhan, but rather Allah ta’ala makes Ramadhan a preparation so that throughout the rest of the year, your sins can be forgiven, SubhanAllah. Allah is offering Jannah and Maghfirah for you – that is how great an effect Allah ta’ala has placed in Ramadhan.

And Allah’s Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam has announced this in a Hadith where he says “Man aslama Ramadhan, sallama lahu-s-San’a”, meaning that if Ramadhan is passed in a sound, nice way, then the rest of the year will also pass in a good way. SubhanAllah, so Ramadhan does not just give success in the month itself, but the rest of the year will be sound and good. So alhamdulillah, this is a fantastic point for the human being - he should know that this result is on offer to him for the whole year. We can earn this result today if we spend Ramadhan in a sound, good way. In this way, Ramadhan will not just become the means for our forgiveness, but rather the benefits will remain for the rest of the year. A person could pass away anytime, but he will feel so much security within, saying ‘Ya Maula, we spent Ramadhan in a good way, and You promised us that Jannah would be the result.’

​Alhamdulillah, Allah has favoured the Ummah so much this year – we can see this. A person cannot imagine that someone who has Iman could go into Hellfire. If a person starts to select the rewards of Allah, he will never head towards a bad result. Today is the second fast, so in keeping with this Hadith, we need to spend Ramadhan in a good way, in a peaceful, careful way. So what have the pious elders explained about what this means? If I say to you, for example, that I want to you pass me a glass, but to do so in a safe and careful way, then safe would mean that you bring me that glass with care, without any mistake, delivered without any crack, not having been dropped on the way, without anything hazardous inside. You need to deliver this glass to me in a safe manner. You will try to ensure that there is no crack or defect or fault in it, so that when you deliver the glass to me and I see it for myself, I will say ‘Yes, you have delivered this item to me safely and securely.’

​In the same way, Allah ta’ala is saying ‘I have given you Ramadhan, and you need to spend Ramadhan in a safe and secure way. There should be no defect in the way that you spend Ramadhan, and there should be no dirty or impure elements.’ This means that there should be no disobedience to Allah ta’ala in this month. This is the point. Allah ta’ala is saying that we should spend this month ensuring that the fasts are not spoiled because this brings great news of security if we were to die in the coming year. And who knows whether he is going to die this year? Allah ta’ala has given a guarantee for the whole year, and all we need to do for this is to ensure that in this month, we do not commit any sins. This is what we must try to do.

​MashaAllah, we do many acts of worship, reading Qur’an, doing Dhikr and other Ibadaat, but pay attention to this, and don’t just restrict this to Ramadhan, but rather stretch it to the rest of the year with the Fadhl of Allah. Allah ta’ala has given us this opportunity to make our whole year fruitful. For this, what we need to do is to keep every day of the fast sound and good, and this means that we must not commit any sins of the tongue, and we must not commit any sins of the eyes or of the hands or any part of the body. In every moment, we should do Dua to Allah –‘Oh Allah, do not allow me to do any sin – protect me from committing any sin.’ We must be very careful to control the tongue and control the eyes and the hands, and look at all of our actions. We need to make this Ramadhan fruitful for the rest of the year, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that if we spend this Ramadhan correctly, then this will give a positive effect for the rest of the year, not just for that day.

​So now, alhamdulillah, let us pass this month of Ramadhan that we are in safely and securely. Look out for backbiting, look out for lying, look out for bad actions – stop all of these negative sins. What will be the reward? Alhamdulillah, if I stop my tongue from backbiting today, then I will leave backbiting for the rest of the year with the Fadhl of Allah – this is Allah’s promise! Allah says ‘I will purify your heart and your tongue due to Ramadhan, and you will become careful in regard to sins.’ Allah ta’ala will bring your tongue under control so that you will not commit sins with this tongue, and you will pass through the rest of the year safely. If you stop yourself from lying today in Ramadhan, then alhamdulillah, for the rest of the year, you will not lie. If you prevent your eyes from sinning, then you will keep this habit for the rest of the year.

​Here, there is a big point for a human being. If a person has a bad habit, if he smokes cigarettes or takes drugs or does other bad actions, and if he is stuck in this habit and wants to leave this trap, then he can do so by spending Ramadhan in this way. If he has a defect in him, like a dirty habit, and there are thousands of dirty habits that people have in their lives, where they watch TVs and screens and look at pictures – these can become dirty habits for people – if he wants to try and leave this, then let him declare in this Ramadhan ‘I won’t do this action!’ Let him promise ‘I will die rather than doing this action in Ramadhan!’ If he leaves such an action for this month of Ramadhan, those dirty habits that a person gets stuck in,that he can’t stop doing, then Allah ta’ala promises ‘For the rest of the year, I will purify you. I will purify you!’ This is a fantastic cure that Allah ta’ala has given to us, because if we do not lose these worst of habits, which are not small matters, things like backbiting or lying or envy or malice or anger, those things that a person finds that he cannot rid himself of, then we cannot be successful. If we don’t control these things and if we keep doing them, then the fast will not be kept safe until the evening - in which case how could our Ramadhan be safe and secure?

​So we need to take hold of this big news, this good news, and realise that Allah has given us Tawfeeq in this month. We emphasise on Ibadaat, and it is also good to do a lot of worship, but we should also be careful to prevent ourselves from committing sins. Save yourself from sins and try your utmost as a human being. Understand that Allah subhana wa ta'ala has set aside this reward for us for the rest of the year. Don’t just look at Ramadhan, look towards the rest of the year. If we are lying today, we will be affected for the rest of the year; if we are backbiting today, we will be affected for the rest of the year; if we are doing any dirty action, we will be affected for the whole year to come. So make a lot of effort in this regard, and strive hard to keep your fasts with safety and security. He who spends his Ramadhan with safety and security, then alhamdulillah, his whole year will be spent safely and securely.

15th Apr, 2021