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مشیتِ حق انوار سے جس گھڑی
Mashiyate Haqqe anwaar se jis ghari (9 mins)

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21st Sep, 2018
Abd Al-Razzaq Has Reported With His Chain Of Transmission From Jabir Ibn Abdullah Al-Ansari رضي الله عنه That:
"I Asked: Ya Rāsul'Allāh! May My Father & Other Be Sacrificed For You! Tell Me Of That Which Allah Created Before Anything Else? He ﷺ Said:
"O Jibreel Verily Allāh Created The Light (Noor) Of Your Prophet Muhammad ﷺ From His Noor, Before He Created Anything Else. And This Noor, (Of Your Prophet ﷺ), Remained By The Power Of Allāh As Long As Allāh Willed And At That Time There Was Neither The Tablet (Lawh), Nor The Pen (Qalam), No Paradise (Jannah), No Hell (Naar), And Neither Any Angel. None Of The Heavens And Nor The Earth, Neither The Sun, Nor The Moon, Nor Human Or Jinn Existed. 💚
11th May, 2017
Jazakallah for the upload and Subhanallah
29th Apr, 2017
Subhanallah. But the original one is missing

Maah ka noor taaron ki zupaashiyan
Chehra e ufaq pai noor ki laaliyan (this sentence is missing)

Unki zulfon se raatein banaayi gayein
Unke anwar se din sajaaya gaya (these are also missing)

Gul ki ranaaiyan maah ki tabaaniyan
Aakhiri shab mei taaron ki angraaiyan (these are missing too)
19th Apr, 2017
Subhanallah. So deep
30th Nov, 2016
Where's the full version original one?
19th Sep, 2015
SUFI.ORG.UK @ 2018