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Punishment For Those Who Don’t Perform Salah
English Bayan, 54 mins
12th October, 2017

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21st Sep, 2018
all creation has role in helping man - sun for heat/light, animals for food, even cure in leaves etc. Man also has only one role/duty - run to Allah 5 times a day, ie salaah. Do it whatever your situation, with wife/kids, in argument, etc. And there's a system for this - to go to the house of Allah ie masjid. Missing salaah is biggest sin, more than zina, theft etc. No salaah = kufr. Not regular (even though consider themselves namazi) - sometimes qaza, or even does 5 times, but not in Masjid = bring serious azaab. Life full of misery, disobedient children etc. One cure - not jinn master, aamil etc, but go back to Allah. Taubah. Do your salaah. Every moment where you do wrong, you should ask for forgiveness.

Example of event where Allah shows this azaab. Someone rejected his friends advice to make salaah (Keep such good company - they'll help you do salaah properly). Pushed his friend away. Became ill, vomit faeces and died. Put in grave. Dogs digging his grave. Alim told them to dig up grave and man HAD BECOME A PIG.

So someone who leaves salaah, homes without salaah, worse than pigs. Not go masjid due to Nafs, won't cope on judgement day. Hardly any real shariah excuses. In Saudi, shutters close. We make excuses all the time. Asr in Masjid, not Maghrib etc.

Piety not Dhikr, but salaah in jamaat. No jamaat in Masjid, no barakah. No such thing as deeni Gathering where no salaah in jamaat in Masjid. No compromise, like Imam Hussain (ra). Successful Dhikr = salaah in Masjid.

HUZOOR HAS JUST BROKEN THE BAYAT OF ANYONE WHO DOES NOT DO PROPER SALAAH. Only one way back - restore 5 times salaah in jamaat in Masjid. No salaah, Dhikr meaningless.

This prostration was the downfall of iblees. Any earnings done where you leave salaah in Masjid, no barakah. Ask proper ulema whether you have any real shariah excuse. Accept your mistake, Taubah, and Allah will forgive you.

Child - first step is salaah. Not even food, or hafiz etc, all this fraud and deception without salaah. How can you really love such disobedient child?

This country full of masjids, easy for us to go to. Don't let us lose them due to our negligence, like what happened in Spain.
13th Oct, 2017
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