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What Deed Should We Do For Arafah?
English Bayan, 43 mins
29th August, 2017

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22nd May, 2018
Such great days these are. Some of us are guests of Allah, some not. The guests are meeting the kings of kings in dress of humility (ihram) with labaik. Guests include sinners - no differenciation. La-shareekalak : guests believe and accept Allah. And host, Allah, accept and look after all guests - granted forgiveness, send them back pure. Arafat - Allah frees people from jahannam more than any other day.

This reward also for non-haji wherever they are, since imitating haji. On arafat, main ibadat for haji is Taubah, so that's what we must imitate, and it will be accepted. Other ibadat, like fasting, is secondary. Just like going for Hajj is such a big deal, so is attending Dhikr majlis.
So, Taubah. Without this, all is lose. The more practising Allah allows you to be, the more Taubah you should do, else pride. Honest and sincere taubah - accept your impurity, that your deeds means nothing, that you are full of sins and have nothing to your name. You've done Taubah with Sheikh and still bad? Hypocrisy, playing games. Renew your vows with Allah - replace your desires with Allah's ie follow Sunnah. Need remorse, shame, tears, pain in heart - that is dhul-Hijjah. Do this, you'll be forgiven like Haji. Continue this Taubah until death. And death is near - before you know it, your body will fail. Just like you don't look for ease in last few hours of journey, do the same for last few days of your short life
Do one tasbeeh istigfar after every salah
31st Aug, 2017
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