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Which Are The Three Baitullah?
English Bayan, 40 mins
24th August, 2017

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22nd May, 2018
In these blessed 10 days of Dhil Hijjah, try more worship, in both day and night, and leave sins. Ibadat in night, get reward for whole year.
Hajj - we all want to go. This desire in our hearts, due to 3 baitullah - kaabah, baitul-mamoor, heart of mumin. In all, Allah's mercy (tajalliaat) decend. Kaabah - idols, purified by Rasoolullah (saws), remove idols and clean with zamzam. Same for heart. Need shaikh to purify. Zamzam = your tears. Cloth = Quran.
Kaabah pulls you, and heart of waliullah also pulls you! Mujaddid alf Thani - world revolved around them, ie their faiz spread round world. So, why are we not like this? Don't do sins next to kaabah, so how can we do with our hearts?
Hajj : Even no money, if Allah's invite, you'll go. Story of Hadhrat Ibrahim (as) and Hadhrat Haajarah, told to call people. From desolate area to over-crowded, Allah's guests. All sins forgiven.
BUT, even for those not going Hajj, still get mercy in these days. If imitate haji, who are beloved to Allah, not cut hair etc, even not waajib, get their reward. So, how about imitate Rasoolullah (saws)?? Imagine! More follow the sunnah, more the forgiveness. Don't say "only" nafl, sunnah or "not necessary" etc.
If leave waajib Sunnahs - Allah's wrath. Do taubah
31st Aug, 2017
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