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What Else Does Roza Teach? - Majlis 15
English Bayan, 31 mins
10th June, 2017

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21st Jul, 2018
We should just follow Allah's orders without question. Allah will test you with something you love. Eg story of Ibrahim (as) and his son (as). We have been ordered to shariah and sunnah, yet we make excuses. Main message of Ramadhan, follow Allah and you'll be successful, not dunya, but close to Allah. People enjoy Roza, all over the world, even fasting 20 hours - enjoyment in this order.
If you break fast even minute early, whole fast ruined. Why? Break Allah's order. Same way, if your life full of breaking these orders, life ruined and jahannam.

Allah love fasting "bad" breath like musk. Why? Mother loves baby, despite soiling. Same way, Allah loves fasting person since obeying ONE order. Love, love - get it by following ALL orders, following blessed sunnah. Ramadhan explaining that no flexibility in following orders, just like none for when fast starts/ends. Whether in Saudi or America, have to follow sunnah. Follow it with love, like sahaabah.
17th Jun, 2017
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