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Islam Teaches Good Ethics - Majlis 14
English Bayan, 30 mins
9th June, 2017

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19th Mar, 2018
Ramadhan re-energise our deen. Not just salah, quran etc, but akhlaaq. Care, sympathy and regard for others, Muslim and non-Muslim. Not just lip service or friendly word, but true regard. Illness, short of money, no clothes - should help. Hadeeth on neighbours - good treatment, help debt, ill, congratule, take away difficulty and worry. Problem to neighbour (eg loud noise etc) means no jannah. Story of someone helping huzoor with car. Rights of your helpers - make dua for them. Rasoolullah (saws) visit woman who threw rubbish on them. Story of Sheikh who didn't get rid of rats, since would go to neighbours
14th Jun, 2017
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