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What is the Spirit of Ramadhan? Majlis 12
English Bayan, 42 mins
7th June, 2017

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19th Aug, 2018
Need to purify soul, tazqiyah. Desire sins means not purified. End goal is sabr - stop yourself at point of sin, ie self restraint. Eyes, anger etc. This sabr saves you from darkness, saves you from pull of nafs, massive reward in jannah, palaces. Every second is invite to your desires, to sin, make intention to fight it, be brave.

We think what people will say if practise deen. But reality is that no issues, everyone friendly. Those who do haraam, amass haram wealth, just lead to stress and trials, not ease. Don't go to haram family Gatherings.
Ramadhan means sabr. Sabr from food etc. So, need to have sabr from all sins this month, else no Ramadhaan. If can't even change in Ramadhaan, then when?? 30 days of opportunity.
If pious eldar gives us advise, full of barakah, so how about Allah's advice?

13th Jun, 2017
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