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What Is The Wisdom In Fasting? Majlis 11
English Bayan, 25 mins
6th June, 2017

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22nd Jul, 2018
Fasting is benefit from Allah, not burden. Any of Allah's hukm, no need to understand, just love and obey.

Fasting brings taqwa and thus jannah. Ramadhan is environment of Jannah. Also, teach HOW to be mutaqqi. Sign of taqwa - not fast, but taubah, live without sins and Nafs. Otherwise other deeds waste.

After ramadhan, we all say went quickly. Not much effort. Same way, in afterlife, think this life went quickly, no effort! You'll forget all difficulties. Happy on Eid, not due to fast gone (shawwal fasts), but Allah happy with you, and vice versa. Same in jannah! After ramadhan, some haram (eating, wife) becomes halal, same in jannah.
12th Jun, 2017
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