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What Shall We Do In Ten Days of Forgiveness? Majlis 10
English Bayan, 37 mins
5th June, 2017

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22nd Jul, 2018
First 10 days, rahma, attained if Taubah. Second 10 days, same. Shaytan always taking us to sin, but Allah assists us, due to dua of Adam (as) - forgive us, angel to help fight Shaytan, encourage by good deeds have 10x reward, door of Taubah always open, never despair of forgiveness however much your sins. Shaytan tries to remind you of your sins to stop you doing good.

Story of Abu Hurayrah and zaani women. (We can do zina today easily, smartphones. If today's youngster leaving such sins, big deal.) When she told that any sin forgiven, prostrated and free slave. Same way, after Taubah, 2 rakats shukr + give some sadaqah. Eg zina eyes, ears, tongue, Taubah + sadaqah

So do Taubah, get these 10 days, not with salah, quran etc. In Roza, Nafs suppressed (fasting) and Shaytan suppressed, so no Taubah purely your fault. Today, homes full of sin - no excuse for you to join these sins. Taubah not verbal istigfar (this for small sins) but present yourself on Allah's Court and ask for forgiveness. Pay back huqooq-ul-ibaad. Lower ego, ask people for forgiveness.
12th Jun, 2017
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