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Beautiful End - Majlis 9
English Bayan, 41 mins
4th June, 2017

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22nd Jul, 2018
Mumin worried about their end, their state at death. Else defective imaan. If we worried about any major journey in life, how about biggest journey, death. Your last action, when death comes, will prove whether your end successful. Actions we had habit of doing in lifetime will overwhelm us at death, whether sin or good.

Best deed at death is Dhikr. (Term "need Deen and dunya" false, do former, get latter.) But do Dhikr without sins, without dunya in heart. Dhikr should be always on your mind, then come at death. Any good deed, quran, salah etc, is mainly for its affect at death. BE CONSISTENT with it for this affect. Then death enjoyable, lovely angels. Be consistent with what sheikh told you. Dunya, work, wife, kids, will try to stop you from consistent Dhikr. Gatherings of Dhikr, happen regular, even in Jannah.

Leave sins. Consistently. Else no benefit in Dhikr.
DUA - let not our hearts swerve from truth after you have guided us.

Aside. Disrespect to Sheikh. Eg say "what's he doing?" Or do something without ijaazat. Story of student who questioned if his sheikh mad, went mad himself. Quran says don't talk loudly to Rasoolullah (saws) - lose iman. Good manners = good destiny. Bad manners = finished in life and death. Student who put foot on quran, graduated, but called people to kufr.
12th Jun, 2017
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