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Why is Ramadhan a Gracious Month? - Majlis 4
English Bayan, 33 mins
30th May, 2017

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22nd Jul, 2018
Ramadhan is greatest month because it's Allah's month. Same with house - Kabah greatest. Same with person - Allah's friends. Become Allah's. Messages of Ramadhaan:

1) don't sin. Main fast is fast from sin, which you need to continue always.
2) care and sympathy for others. Allah's made some people poor and needy so that richer people can help them. Do whole year, you're accountable

3) month of patience, like Rasoolullah (saws). Whatever difficulty you have, always follow sunnah.

4) connection with quran. Not about reading, but your life is a reflection of it.

5) Don't ruin Ramadhaan by earning haram.

6) main Ibaadat = Dhikr, get you close to Allah. No limit to closeness
8th Jun, 2017
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