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What Message Does Roza Convey? - Majlis 1
English Bayan, 28 mins
27th May, 2017

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22nd May, 2018
We make the body fast, it starts struggling during Roza, but we take care of it, we give it an easier time during Roza. But how about the ruh? It's the soul that we need most, it saves us from sin, whereas the body does the reverse. Starving ruh like fragranceless flower. Why we sin? Weak soul.

We can do more Ibaadat in Ramadhaan, since fasting feeds soul, and soul responds. Taraweeh in Ramadhaan, but can't do fardh in rest of year. So strengthen soul, give three nourishments:
1) when any sin, eg speak bad to someone, do istighfar straight away
2) when we get any benefit, deen or dunya, do shukr. And there's no limit to the nimats we have
3) remember Allah, whether you feel like it or not, whatever your dunya situation, whether happy or sad. Even tired, do in heart, which never tires. Each heart beat without Dhikr is blank sms to Allah

The more you feed body, more lazy you get, but the more feed soul, more you go to heavens
31st May, 2017
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