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The Source Towards The Nearness of Allah Ta’ala
English Bayan, 19 mins
23rd May, 2017

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22nd Jul, 2018
Dhikr takes you closer to Allah and pushes you away from sin. Thieves come to steal from you on this journey - whispering of shaitan that you're not benefitting, weaken you trust in your teacher. In this case, do more Dhikr to push past it. Finally, have patience to see benefit.

The more negligent/lazy you are for Dhikr the further away you get from Allah, until you become the forgetful, hearts dead. Don't understand shariah, deen. Soulless.
Story - mureed prepare to see his Sheikh. (Better, the more humble the prep, the more the faiz. Need to take vessel of desire and adab to fill.) Heard from birds that his sheikh passed away. Devastated. But saw his shaikh alive, but shaikh told him that he neglected Dhikr last night, so name put with dead people.
26th May, 2017
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