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What Should We Do In Shab-e-Barat?
English Bayan, 32 mins
8th May, 2017

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22nd Jul, 2018
Jazak Allah Khairun . Very informative and inspiring . Thank you
10th May, 2017
Lailatul baraat. To benefit, don't be on blacklist. No need for anything else

1 mushriq

2 enmity. Pleased when people who did bad against you suffer. Revenge to extent they wronged you allowed, but better to forgive. Ask Allah, hajat salaah, if struggle to do this

3 disobey parents. Door to paradise. Do their khitmat. Not just live away, and attend janazah. Serve them, help them - better than any other ibadat. Only disobey if against shariah, eg divorce, but nicely

4 break ties with relatives. People won't go a masjid cause relative there. Solution, persevere with relationship. They fight or break, you join. Ask forgiveness if think someone unhappy with you, even to younger.

5 consume intoxicants. Drugs, alcohol. Death coming, awake yourself. Taubah.

6 shalwar, thobe etc below ankles. For men. For women, cover. Not other way around, like today.

Those off this list, do Dhikr, jannah compulsory. And destiny can change - make dua. Allah prefers non-fardh worship in solitude, with tears. Even moist eyes will give salvation. This is not night of lectures etc
10th May, 2017
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